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Jodrell bank campaign..we will not go without a fight!

Posted by dandare on April 20, 2008

As an update to a post i made at  https://dandare.wordpress.com/2008/03/11/jodrell-bank-faced-with-closure-sign-10-downing-street-petition-online/

The Jodrell bank campaign is alive and kicking…. see this video below.

Basically the observatory could be closed if the funding for MERLIN is cut; now a campaign is starting to try and save it; started by both the manchester evening news , and silk fm.

The song is to be released on april 21st, 2008 as a download only single.     
Also in relation to this please see the video below about saving UK Astronomy


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Jodrell Bank faced with closure – sign 10 downing street petition online

Posted by dandare on March 11, 2008



Jodrell bank, in the North West (Cheshire, UK) is being faced with closure …..In the Times online (posted 6th march,2008) “World leading telescopes face being shut down to save £2.5m” .

It mentions “Merlin’s strength comes from having seven telescope dishes, including the Lovell telescope at Jodrell Bank, linked to receive signals from space simultaneously. Because they operate in tandem up to 135 miles apart they offer unrivalled detail on distant gallaxies” (extract from article). 

This is a disgrace, and i urge you to sign the 10 downing street petition (closing date september 6th,2008). see here . Last time i looked here, there were over 3000 signatures.

There is also an interesting article by the telegraph.co.uk (posted 7th march,2008) “UK astronomers to broadcast adverts to aliens“.

It says “The cosmic stunt marks a small step for man, a giant leap for advertising hype and underlines the desperation of British astronomers to find new sources of funding as they struggle to cope with swingeing cuts that now threaten institutions such as Jodrell Bank, the world famous observatory in Cheshire” (extract from article).

And “Alongside the risks to these and other projects is a 25 per cent cut in the STFC research grants to universities that will see numbers of postdoctoral researchers in space science and astronomy fall to their lowest level for seven years” (extract from article).


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What to do, if you see a UFO?

Posted by dandare on February 11, 2008

ufo online

If you believe you have seen a ufo, try and do a sketch of what you saw, at the first opportunity. Also write down/even put it on video/ect all the details you can remember about this sighting.

Probably the most important thing here (apart from a sketch/video/photo) is the date, time of the event, and the exact location…. so you do not then forget at a later date. If you have a camera, it might be an idea to take photos of after the event, and a daylight photo as well (if it happened at night).


Try and eliminate any IFO’s (identified Flying Objects) from the equation, before you carry on; Then send this information to a resource which can handle this well… I would suggest MUFON as the first best source, but there are others (maybe your local UFO group) … many on the website,  now have online forms you can fill in, to simplify the process.

Some people also call the police, airports, ect (but it is only recommended if you are sure it is not an IFO). They usually have limited time, and you probably will not get much out of this anyway.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

If in the UK, you can log the sighting on the MOD site database, but that will probably be all that will happen. Still probably worth it, to see if anyone else saw the same thing, and for statistics.

Where to report:

MUFON,    NUFORC,    for instance.

Some other places that welcome reports are: ufo casebook , HBCC .

This is only a rough guide, but i hope this gives you an outline of useful tips if you see anything that you question. Remenber though, alot of the time many of these sightings are indeed IFO’s and nothing more…. 


 “What should i do if i see a UFO

10 things you should remember if you see a UFO

How to video a UFO

    alien tag

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UFO Update

Posted by dandare on November 25, 2007

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Greetings to this weeks update………The website Unexplained Mysteries has a nice article on “Defining Ufos in Turkey” (posted 23rd november,2007). It mentions that the recent ufo sightings in november, where covered by the major newspapers; it also goes into a brief dialogue about past Turkish sightings. Also, mentioned in todayszaman.com, (posted 23rd november,2007) is “defining unidentified flying objects in turkey“.

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In thisishertfordshire.co.uk ,”the Mystery lights explained” (posted 22nd november,2007)….. and you’ve guessed it, the cause put out by the paper is lanterns.

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Similarly, the Copenhagen Post mentions that a ufo sighting, was also lanterns in “UFOS: the truth was out there” (posted 21st november,2007).

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In thisisgloucestershire.co.uk “Silent lights are a Ufo puzzle” (posted 22nd november,2007)…the witness mentions seeing a bright red light moving across the sky, followed by others.

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ripleyandheanornews.co.uk has “UFO sightings over the town ” with “unexplained orange lights sighted for a second time over Ripley” (posted 20th november,2007).

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The American Chronicle has a piece on “Desire to Debunk” (posted 23rd november,2007).

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In thepilot.com “Teens Report spotting ufo” (not sure when posted but within the last week), in which they report that “it was fizzling, falling like it was on fire”. However, at the time of the sighting, the leonid meoteor showers had reached their peak, which could be easily seen with the naked eye.

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From chichester.co.uk, “RAF did send fighters up” (posted 21st november,2007); the sighting was actually observed on the 4th october, 2007 over Felpham seafront, “….with unofficial confirmation from the Ministry of Defence that two RAF planes were sent up to investigate the phenomenon”. They were shaped like two round football shaped objects, that changed into “multi-faceted diamond shaped discs”; they observed that RAF fighter planes were soon in the area ten minutes later.

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 At the tpmcafe.com “More young people believe in UFOs than read a daily newspaper” (posted 19th november,2007). 

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In the canadian national newspaper, “Gnostics reveal why christians deny UFOs and extraterrestrials contacts with humanity” (posted 19th november,2007).

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In inexplicata.blogspot.com, “Argentina: UFO in SE Buenos Aires Province” (posted 22nd november,2007). This took place on 18th november,2007, when fishermen saw a “powerful light aimed at the windshield of the vehicle”, and used a cellphone to take video; however, it is of poor quality due to it being nighttime and pitch black.

Other news of interest:

UFO sightings reports” at about.com

Cool tool: Emblems from the Pentagon’s black world

Do black budget trillions support a secret american space program?” Earthfiles.com

Exopolitics: Discipline of choice for public policy issues concerning extraterrestrial life” ufodigest.com

***(new feature) recommended website of the week:

blackholesandastrostuff     for a wealth of knowledge on the topic, an excellent site well worth a visit. 

Projects in the pipeline:

A look at uk ufo sightings  in 2007 + ufo sightings around omaha (a history of).

 These will be out within the the next month or so…. if there is anything you would like me to look into, please put your suggestions below in the comments.  

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Interstellar: A Film About Amateur Astronomy And The Search For Extra-terrestrials, by Bill Knell

Posted by dandare on November 6, 2007

written By: Bill Knell

If there is one thankless hobby or job in this world, it’s Amateur Astronomy. Amateur Astronomers are under-funded, underrated and always taken for granted. Yet these little giants of space science are always willing to stretch the bounds of our scientific knowledge without the need to work within the restraints of some established scientific theory or database. Despite the unappreciated nature of this endeavor and often finding themselves at odds with the scientific establishment, Amateur Astronomers are responsible for some of the most significant milestones achieved in Astronomy.

Keiichiro Okamura, a Japanese amateur astronomer, was responsible for some of the best photos ever taken of Halley’s Comet using just his telescope without the aid of computer-enhanced photography. Berto Monard of South Africa was recently honored by NASA after he became the first amateur astronomer to discover an afterglow of a gamma-ray burst, the most powerful explosion known in the Universe. Both were largely ignored or even belittled in the early years of their work.

Michael Oates is a British amateur astronomer that pioneered the technique of using advanced photo-processing techniques to search NASA’s SOHO archives for previously missed comets. Australian amateur astronomer Robert Owen Evans holds the all-time record for visual discoveries of supernovae. America’s own Clyde W. Tombaugh, began his career as an Amateur Astronomer and later discovered Pluto after being hired by Lowell Observatory in 1928.

It took years for Oates to get noticed. Evans is a Minister of the Uniting Church in Australia that has forty visual discoveries of supernovae to his credit, but was initially criticized when he began his work in the 1950s. A young and under-appreciated Clyde W. Tombaugh found his niche at Lowell Observatory. It was founded by Percival Lowell, a businessman, author, mathematician and amateur astronomer that found himself up against the scientific community after sketching what he claimed where canals on Mars. Scientists and Astronomers still argue about what may be artificial structures on the Martian surface.

Enter John Lenard Walson. He is an amateur astronomer who developed a system for photographing and video taping near earth and deep space objects. These objects appear to be huge spaceships or mega-structures built by unknown intelligences. I became aware of Walson through a fabulous new film entitled Interstellar. The film is yet another wonderful creation from eclectic filmmaker Jose Escamilla. UFO researchers and enthusiasts appreciate his work on several films which have documented the evidence for Alien visitations. Jose has once again brought forth a though-provoking, visual work of art that informs as well as it entertains.

Walson represents a new generation of twenty-first century amateur astronomers that have moved beyond merely searching for planets. Unlike most of their professional colleagues, they do not choose to ignore signs of other life in the universe. Instead, they look for and document evidence for those signs. Carl Sagan once summed up the twentieth century attitude of most Astronomers by saying, “I’m looking for stars, moons and planets. I’m not looking for E.T. That’s not tangible science.”

John Lenard Walson’s contraption is unique and his methods as yet unproven, however, he has a substantial body of amazing images. He also has some fans in the scientific community. Astronomers and others from Academia have visited this photographic wunderkind and left impressed with his techniques. Sadly, his work may be the best-kept secret in Amateur Astronomy. I certainly haven’t seen anything about him in the main stream media. However, I believe that will change as the new film from Jose Escamilla takes hold on TBLN.

Interstellar showcases his work and helps make the vast distances of space seem a bit less expansive and empty. The film runs for thirty minutes and is a must-see for anyone interested in space science and the search for extra-terrestrials. It’s fresh air to people like me that have had to endure years of constant skepticism by the majority of Astronomers. Most cannot or will not give credence to any evidence that proves the existence of life outside of our own. Those that tip their hat to the idea of other forms of life in the universe turn right around and claim that it’s just not capable of visiting us.

If astronomers, scientists and the news media are skeptical of John Lenard Walson, he’s in good company. Like the pioneers of astronomy that came before him, Walson is destined to change the minds of many. I hope his work and the film that has done such a masterful job of documenting it will do more than that. It’s my desire to see the direction of astronomy move away from ignoring evidence for extra-terrestrial life forms and back into the business of investigating it.

It wasn’t that long ago that scientists and astronomers believed that the universe was more than just a gathering of lifeless heavenly bodies. Some felt it was “teeming with life.” It’s always been my feeling that a few key scientists and astronomers owing their grants and careers directly or indirectly to government funds or intervention sold out. Being already skeptical by nature, they sold out their profession and lead others along by their influence to a place far removed from the assumption of life other than human in the far reaches of space.

The work of John Lenard Walson and ground-breaking filmmakers like Jose Escamilla provides hope for a more objective tomorrow among scientists, astronomers and the media. Having watched the film, I am not a fan because I research UFOs. I am a fan because no one has given me reason to doubt the amazing images I see recorded from the modest telescope lens of J. L. Walson. Watch and make up your own mind. You can read more about the film and view a trailer at http://Interstellar.UFOguy.com

About the Author:

Bill Knell is a popular Speaker, Author and Consultant. Featured in the Wall Street Journal and NY Times; seen on CNN, NBC Nightly News and Fox; heard on Mancow and Howard Stern; consultant to films like War of the Worlds and Independence Day. Visit www.UFOguy.com

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Useful UFO information

Posted by dandare on October 19, 2007

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To kick us off, there is a handy link to Area 51 (groom lake), from FAS (Federation of American Scientists): http://www.fas.org/irp/overhead/groom.htm  It goes into detail about the imagery available, an overview of the area, handy links to other sites (some now are not working), and images of Area 51 through the years, near the bottom of the article. It seems to have been written in 2000, but still handy for anyone interested in this topic.   Imagery of groom lake can be seen here .
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Majestic 12 has links to document sources, some witnesses, documentary authentication for some of the reports and other links. Recently, the authentication was put into question. 

rendlesham forest files which has documents, new developments and comments.

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The full condign report can be found here (on the MOD site, 32 files).  

Blue Book Archive this is where you can view project blue book on the internet. A valuable resource, it is still ongoing….  it has uncensored microfilm releases, download facility for reports and information about the documents (at this time 10 rolls of film, that are uncensored have been made available).  

The Tornado case (1990) an audio cassette recording between British pilots and Dutch military air traffic control.

The Magoniax Project : “Archiving centuries of Fortean phenomena” including UFO related documentation.

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Roswell proof up to date information on Roswell, with any new information added to the site.

CIA Freedom of information Act web results for UFO/flying saucer…. see here (242 results). Also here (43 results). 

MOD: on UFO documents  <–from 2005 for instance Part one. (it frequently changes the website, so links need finding every so often, to keep up to date). Part 2 can be found here and lastly part 3 here . Also Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) can be found here .

Updated information concerning UFO reports made to the British
Ministry of Defence in 1998 – 2006,  has been added to their website……please  see here .

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NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena), has a wealth of information on UFOs, and is an excellent site.

 CUFON (The Computer UFO Network) who “…..strive to present material relating to UFO phenomena and the search for UFO-related government documents obtained through official channels in a fair and accurate manner” (extract from webpage). Of great interest is the link to verified documents and other documents. In the special reports link, there is a good link to reading available. An article on “Do nuclear facilities attract ufos?”  is worth looking at too.

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MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), also is great for ufo insights/knowledge; articles on Famous UFO cases, UFO weather maps and UFO fast facts too name but a few things on this  site.

CUFOS (Centre for UFO Studies) “The Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) is an international group of scientists, academics, investigators, and volunteers dedicated to the continuing examination and analysis of the UFO phenomenon”. Many articles can be found here. My favourites are “we know where you live?” and government ufo documents on the internet .

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NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Centre). I usually refer to the Latest ufo reports for information- very handy; there of course, is other good links on this site.

bufora UFO information, mainly to do with Europe…not kept up to date; quite a few ufologists do not hold favour with the organisation, and i can see their point of view. 


Stanton Friedman used to be a nuclear physicist, but became very interested in UFO’s from 1958. Goes into great detail about why he believes UFO’s are visiting earth, but covers other areas as well. 

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Flying saurcery….presents The Real UFO Project . A great collection of information from the UK; loads of information here.

Hyper.net has an absolute wealth of knowledge on the subject, and is excellent.

UFO shapes and configurations can be found here .

nick redfern’s blog sites; definately worth searching on….some great stuff here. 

Nick Pope used to be in the British Government’s UFO project, within the MOD.

Frank warren’s blog: excellent for up to date news, and for good articles on older matters.  


UFO Review  for up to date ufo news.

ufo’s at about.com with different links and info

The Anomalies Network for information on the Men in Black

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and also for information on UFO’s 

 breaking ufo news mmm…what it says

PRUFOS A UK Police Reporting database for ufo sightings 

 Useful Astronomy sites

Space Weather Support at  Solar Terrestrial Dispatch . This has links to an aurora monitor. For instance, an hourly activity report here , astro alerts, global flare reports and so on….. useful to know whats up there.

Heavens Above a vital resource if you need to know what is in the sky…ie sateillites, ect. Can give you all sorts of data, from almost any town/city.

Other interesting sites: 

Campaign for freedom of information (in the UK)

This is just a guide to some of the most reliable websites on the internet…… i will be updating this list on the  UFO LINKS page, when i have time to do so- there are many more worthy of a mention here, but as i have said they will be added constantly to the UFO LINKS page on this site.

I hope some of these websites, find you wanting to know more  about UFO’s, if you are wondering were to get the information.

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Detailed Apollo moon photos added to website!

Posted by dandare on August 28, 2007

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On the BBC website, an article “apollo moon photos reveal detail” (posted 28th August,2007) mentions  that:

Highly detailed photographs of the moon taken by the Apollo missions are being made available to the public for the first time in more than 30 years“.

There are a few scans on the website at the moment (15 in total), but they will be adding more all the time….. the archived site can be seen here . There are several options for downloading the files, including the raw scan; there is also photo support documents too, which is a nice touch, and a resources section.

Also of possible interest, is google sky, which is written about here  , with links to the website in the article.

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UFO Update

Posted by dandare on August 25, 2007

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 On the 24th August, American Chronicle posted this article “Breaside Fort Beaufort, Suoth Africa- South African Police Fire At UFO” This event happened in 1972 and there is an extensive description plus added information on the case (HBCC UFO Research are responsible for the information, which is still ongoing).

Also at the American Chronicle (posted august 22nd,2007) “UFO and Alien shoot out in Russia?” it was later know as the gate three incident (see here for article).

At the bucks free press (posted 16th august,2007), the argument still goes on as to what was in the sky see here … extracts explain…

 “In recent weeks numerous sky watchers have been sending in pictures and recounting their tales of red glowing lights and strange unidentifiable flying objects better known as UFOs”. But, in a later development

“However, two teenage party girls have revealed that they believe all the fuss was created by Chinese lanterns they used at two birthday parties in Maidenhead”.

Whoever it was, this is the most likely reason for the sightings i’m afraid. 

At the blog  DE VOID, there is an article on (posted 17th august,2007) ” Richardson: no comment on ufos” in which it mentions “Five weeks into efforts to obtain UFO policy positions from Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bill Richardson, De Void has finally received a reply from the latter”. 

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 Browsing through the SpaceWeather (spaceweather.com)  site i came across the MySKY ; a handheld astronomy helper..you point it at the object in the sky, and it tells you what it is, with added information…. (i think it costs around $399). An interesting device to get to know the night sky quickly/easily, although there are other resources too, such as maps of the night sky.  Another excellent resource for all this is heavens-above.com ; it gives detailed information of satellites, space shuttle, international space station (star chart tracking) and other astronomical data…all are real time generated. This is all valuable information as you watch the night sky.  
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At Space.com there are some wallpapers you can download….. see here for page ; i wouldn’t recommend them for ufo articles however!

Also try Aliens UFOs Proof Sceensaver (zip) it has alot on here “has cool sound effects, beautiful music, photos of space, some DVD screenshots we like, an art gallery, and a mention of our friend’s Web sites. It is very easy to install and doesn’t mess with your PC”! A 3d flying saucer here,  and Objects in the sky here . All these are from zdnet.com.

Please only download these sceensavers if you believe them to be safe; i do not endorse the safety of these links, although i have had no problems with zdnet.com. I will be trying out some of these links myself soon too, however.   

After all that has gone on at airports recently, both in the air and on the ground, i recently came across this google video

After alot of pilots are suppressed from reporting ufo sightings (some have lost their jobs, and suffered intimidation,ect) it proves that events still leak through. Also of passing interest on google video is the washington D.C. intrusion of 2002 (and other midwest sightings)

A useful resource can be found at Internet sacred text archive (the ufo files index)…well worth a look.

At NOTSONEWS.com, there is an article on “The real ufo Phenomenon“, which mentions all the disinformation that is being spread against ufos and ufology…. he is declaring war on disinformation.  

Lastly this week, is the ufo World cup series…. mmmm…well ok of the dog variety, catching frisbees; with throw & catch, freestyle and other categories. Unfortunately my dog isn’t the slightest interested in frisbees? oh well.

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