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A history of UAP research at CNES – CNES

Posted by dandare on May 5, 2013

A history of UAP research at CNES

From Gepan to Geipan

In 1977, the CNES Director General set up the Gepan* research group to pursue studies initiated by a CNES engineer as a personal project.

Its mandate was simple: conduct research into UFOs (as they are commonly called). The group’s work was overseen by a scientific advisory board.

Gepan continued its research until 1988, when it was superseded by Sepra**. As well as UAPs, the new unit also monitored artificial atmospheric re-entries, i.e. debris from space missions falling back to Earth.

In 2000, Sepra refocused on the original mission of UAP research, albeit with limited resources. In 2001, the Director General requested an audit to help decide on the future of this CNES department.

via A history of UAP research at CNES – CNES.


CNES (Photo credit: f2g2)

However in 2005 there was a:

New unit, broader mandate(cnes.fr)

On the basis of the audit recommendations, UAP activities resumed with a
new CNES unit called Geipan, set up in 2005. This unit reports to
senior management at the Toulouse Space Centre and is overseen by an
independent external steering committee, which guides and monitors its

Information is made available to the public here (in french).

Their news can be found here .

Richard Lelancette started translating reports into English on his blog.


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channel Island UFO sighting (april 2007) – Large report now available

Posted by dandare on August 17, 2008

A detailed report about the Channel Island incident  (in April 2007) can be downloaded  

Report on Aerial Phenomena Observed near the Channel Islands, UK, April 23 2007

 by Jean-Francois Baure, David Clarke, Paul Fuller & Martin Shough

The report is an excellent example of how a report should be done, and

alot of work was put into it, with deep discussion and analysis.

It is well worth a read, and there is much data to take in. 

If you would like a recap of events please see:

https://dandare.wordpress.com/2007/04/25/pilot-spots-ufo-over-guernsey/ (with videos)


https://dandare.wordpress.com/2007/05/22/channel-island-ufo-update-23rd-april2007/ (with MOD file: interesting)


https://dandare.wordpress.com/2007/06/26/channel-island-ufo-update/ (with video)

Please be aware, that not all links on these articles will work…. (they might have now been removed, and i find it hard to check every link-sorry).

Or if you would like them all on one page:

https://dandare.wordpress.com/category/ufo-research/ufo-documentsarchives/channel-island-incident-2007/ (with the last entry first, and the first entry on the sighting at the bottom of the page).  

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Channel Island UFO Latest…..Update

Posted by dandare on November 20, 2007

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A detailed report about the Channel Island incident  (in April 2007) will be with us soon….. please see  https://dandare.wordpress.com/category/ufo-research/ufo-documentsarchives/channel-island-incident-2007/ for all the information about this incident so far.

A small team (from both UK and France) will be giving their results soon (they are at the writing up stage), and it will be interesting reading (after much hard work on their part)….. I will post the information as soon as it made available.

Also GEIPAN, is conducting its own research on the incident, but it is unknown when this will be coming out?    

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French govt release files (English translation)

Posted by dandare on April 19, 2007

-Update2 – French govt ufo files (English Translation)

Silly me;  Google can translate this site for you into English (as i have been struggling with the French translation, until someone pointed it out to me about google today).

(Translation here from the post above).

Please click the link above, and take a look..all links translate except the documents link, as when you click on the document(main index page translates), it opens a new window with the original documentation in french…..

There are also some English translated pages about the site here and other links on that page….

Original posting below……28th march 2007

The french government has released ufo files  to the general public online (although when i tried to get on the server was down).The files span over 50 years of ufo sightings, mainly from police officers. This is a new initiative, as most countries, are on a case by case basis (ie you have to ask for each case at a time).UPDATE April 10thHas over 100,000 documents, 58% remain unexplained, and 9% are identified…

See the Canadian National Post for more details

UPDATE june 16th

I have noticed a website, that is very kindly starting to translate document files into english…. the link can be found here .

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