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UFO Update

Posted by dandare on January 26, 2008

Ok.. the usual weekly update, has gone out the window, with the present Stephenville ufo sighting taking up most of my time. This update is following on from the last one – 13th january (i think).


 To start us off, the dorito UFOs are back again (labelled by the local media, need i say more) in “Shape of things to come?” which were seen in Dudley (expressandstar.com, posted 11th january,2008).

However, by the 16th january the same media put out this article “Is there plane truth behind the UFOs“.In the article, it mentions, that a sonic boom was also heard in the area, and there were reports of a Typhoon Eurofighter not working properly, making the pilot drop 30,000 ft (which is why the boom was heard).

The aircraft is similar to a triangular shape… many people rang the police, but of course the MOD denied that a fighter plane was in the area. The article then goes on to mention previous sightings.

The stockportexpress.co.uk mentions “Lantern lights caused UFO mystery” (posted 16th january 2008).

 yorkshirepost.co.uk features “The truth is out there….but its a bit of a let down” (posted 22nd january,2008). it says “The Ministry of Defence is about to open its UFO files, but the contents threaten to reveal more about Cold War blunders than extraterrestrials” (extract from article).

The baycitytribune.com talks about “Asking UFO question produces some anxiety”  (posted 21st january,2008).

It mentions “Unless something out of this world landed on the front lawn in the middle of the day with scores of people observing, most of us would be loath to face the public by saying you believe in UFOs.
Discussing UFOs and aliens also tends to make people feel like they’re crossing a forbidden theological topic.
And, finally, some folks would rather say no to UFOs and avoid giving the subject much thought.
Unless the aforementioned example of the front-lawn spacecraft landing applies, UFOs are out of sight and out of mind for many” (extract from article). How true….
 At chad.co.uk there is “Balls of fire UFOs caught on video” (posted 15th january,2008). The video is below…. i’ll leave it up to you; what do you think this is? from shirebrook.

Also worth a look -although the video is from the tv(with a camcorder), at an angle, it is worth listening too

From ufoinfo.com there is “UFO sighting report- Puerto Rico” (posted 19th january,2008). Giant ufo over Guanica (seems to be the in thing at the moment).

Whilst searching the internet, i found this interesting video “Chupacabras:Fact and fiction” from   http://inexplicata.blogspot.com/ . The artwork for this is outstanding.

Ok… i couldn’t do it; the next article is “Texas UFOs reminescent of Pheonix lights of 1997” (posted 21st january,2008).

“Report a ufo sighting” (from MUFON) a quick video

Next we have, “Extraterrestial beings caught on tape” they cry; i cry for another reason? (posted 18th january,2008 -by that reliable source Pravda RU;i think not). 

The video is below…. oh dear!

On a more serious note, the BBC has “Help sought over bright light” (posted 17th january,2008).

At wired.com “Lake erie UFOs are stars on you tube” (posted 11th january,2008). Related videos to this article, can be seen below. 

Although caution, must be made… for instance, the second one could be a hoax; and anyway, what are they? if not. My gut instinct, says that it is a hoax, but that is all.
Finally “Life on mars, the proof” (posted 23rd january,2008). I’m afraid it is not; the process of taking the photo is a long and complex one…. it takes at least 2 minutes to do (as it is a panoramic view), and this shot from the article, is only of a small part of the overall scene.

ufo online


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Ufo Update

Posted by dandare on January 7, 2008

Hello and welcome to this weeks updates…..


Remember, not long ago, we had the “Dorito” ufo, well the same local newspaper has another catchy (not) article entitled “Mystery arrowhead UFO spotted” (posted 3rd january 2008 – although for a minute, i thought it had something to do with Alien Archeaology). It mentions

 “Householders described the object as looking like an “arrowhead” with three orange lights arranged in the shape of an isosceles triangle”(extract from article); oh well, at least the headlines are becoming quite entertaining…. cannot wait for the next one!


hfxnews has “Lots of speculation, still no explaination for ufo” (posted 4th january 2008); it says that “A video of an object trailing a dark, spiralling plume behind it and plummeting toward Prince Edward Island’s Northumberland Strait remains the focus of intense speculation” (extract from article). The incident took place on 29th december,2007.


We are back to standard reported articles again; in the eveningleader.co.uk it reports “More people report seeing UFOs flying over county” (posted 4th january,2008). They are all of the orange light variety, and give mention to quite a few different witness accounts. I’ll leave this up to you, as to what you think these are.

ufo online

The eveningleader is back again (7th january 2008) with “Residents line up to confirm UFO sightings“; what makes me smile, about alot of these type of reports, is that they all categorically say, that they are teatotal or did not have a drop to drink at all….


Fox6.com has “Could the UFO in the San Diego skies be sky lanterns?”  (3rd january 2008).


The observer has “The truth is out: X-Files go public” (6th january 2008)…..with no mention of Nick Pope in the whole article… Basically if you are unaware the ufo files held by the MOD will become available to the public (online) starting from spring 2008; but will take 3 years to complete.  


In theargus.co.uk “Ufo spotted zooming over downs” (3rd january 2008)…. its back to the mention of “little green men”…… they say it might have been similar to that seen in cornwall (i’m pretty sure they do not mean of the feathered kind, sighted by “the sun newspaper”).  Not much to go on in this post.


Northantset.co.uk claims “Amazing ufo footage” (2nd january 2008), but i wouldn’t hold your breath on this one however.

Also in the news

countywidenews.com has “Will a new year bring new visitors” (3rd january 2008).

We have at Associated Content “UFOs, spirits and mind control” (7th january 2008). 

Lastly, “Explore alien worlds at Catawba science centre” (2nd january 2008).


Website of the week  

http://www.uk-ufo.org/ An outstanding resource, with loads of UFO information on the UK…. 

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Update to recent “Dorito” ufo in the UK

Posted by dandare on December 20, 2007

The videos of the ufo, have now been posted on the internet; (the full details can be found on my previous article here , made on the 12th december).

As was mentioned, not much can be seen, if anything….. so cannot comment on it really. Will try and slow down and look at it though? not sure if this will help however. 

I must still thank craig for posting this for us too see…..

Also of interest from the birmingham area;



dated 16/6/07

I’ll leave you to decide on what you think these are….  

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Recent “Dorito” UFO sighting (UK) = triangular ufo…..update

Posted by dandare on December 4, 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The recent sighting, is in fact a possible triangular UFO, and not a “dorito”….. mmm i was admittedly a bit slow on the uptake of this, and the description of a dorito does not help anyone positively identify it. The newspaper must be being sponsored by the company?

Anyway, there is a recent article about this dated today “ufo fan tells of dorito sighting” (posted 3rd december,2007). The earlier posts can be found here and here with  Belgium triangular photo, accompanying the article, for some reason?

Paranormal enthusiast Craig lowe, says he took video footage of the ufo, at Halesowen, where he lives. He saw three red lights, and an object the size of three football pitches.

There are quite a few comments made after the article (quite a few mocking the sighting of course), and it could be nothing, but there again it could also be important. Craig does comment later on, after some requested that he show the footage that …..

“As reported in the actual newspaper the footage is inconclusive as a black object against a black sky could not be seen, camera was not of professional standard. Too many witnesses to say its hearsay. Will try and post footage on utube but convinced that you can’t see image on footage”. 

Hopefully he will post it on you tube, so we can all have a look.

However, in the earlier articles, other witnesses say that there were 3 orange lights (not red), which were close together, but others say they saw something quite big….. so some conflicting evidence here then! 

Update 4th december,2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The birmingham UFO group has more details here .

Of course, the reference to orange lights has the possibility of Thai lanterns about them; it has been known for the lanterns to be tied together and then released into the sky…. I do say only one possibilty, although someone usually comes forward by now and says so, and that has not happened… of course there are other possibilities! hopefully we can get more information on this!

It does say that the quote in the paper (ie a dorito) was made, after it was stated that, “the ufo at arms length, was the size of a dorito”… Craig mentions that the triangular ufo, moved from his house (birmingham city centre) towards stourbridge/Redditch.

The ufo group also has two other witnesses …. one witness  (an aviation enthusiast) says he watched the ufo, using binoculars, and it was darting around the sky.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Another witness, seems to have seen a similar ufo,  in the morning (at 6.30am); whilst taking the dogs for a walk, in Walsall (pleck).The witness says, that there was a large black object, being closely followed by 2 fighter jets. That witness rang the local radio station.

So far the event took place on the 28th november,2007… one witness saw the event, in the early morning… the majority of witnesses saw the ufo in the late afternoon/evening.  Hopefully, i  have got that right, but if not i will amend it in later updates.    

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