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Britain’s Closest Encounters – Berwyn Mountain Mystery 1 of 3 – YouTube

Posted by dandare on April 30, 2013

Interesting series about the Berwyn incident (1974) gives various theories as to what this was……this is part 1 of 3.

Britain’s Closest Encounters – Berwyn Mountain Mystery 1 of 3 – YouTube. from ufohunter.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Back Online…once again

Posted by dandare on October 11, 2009

ufo online soapI apologise for not posting on here, since the end of June, but several things intervened, but i am back again, to blog about all things UFO related.

PD*22591058Thanks for the e-mails that have come in, and i admit that many have not been replied too..sorry. Thanks also for all those enquiring when i will be blogging again….and no i have not been abducted, or subjected to MIB interrogation….emm, yet.

I am not sure how i will try to catch up, from July up until now. Probably put up blog posts for the months concerned, and add too them, when i can. I will i’m afraid have to lump UK and World sightings together…

The most significant thing to happen since i’ve been away, is more UK UFO Files being released..in August see here for the file download details. They now charge for them, but you can, if you have missed the downloads (when they were free) go here and download for free. You can also download the other UFO files from the previous releases too…very useful.

I leave you with a few videos i have stumbled upon whilst i have been away, that might be of interest.


The Halt Tape recordings- Rendlesham Forest

Britain’s close encounters Part 1

Britain’s close encounter Part 2

UFO Out of the blue (not stumbled upon recently, but a classic)

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UFO videos definately worth watching (more to follow)

Posted by dandare on January 23, 2008

Probably the most outstanding documentary on ufo’s “out of the blue” (a must watch video)   Please be aware that the page might take a while to load, due to the amount of videos on here…however, they probably will be fine…lol 

UFO The greatest story ever denied : a half decent video, however quite a few, must have ufo incidents are missing..

The secret NASA transmissions- the smoking gun : this will be debated for a long time? makes you wonder though.

Segment from ABC’s Peter Jenning’s broadcast of “UFOs: seeing is believing” (2005).

Dan Ackroyd and UFOs on CNN (june 9th,2006); he shares his views on UFOs- he inspires you to know more. (not sure after this interview- extra footage not of interest to me). The whole thing is just over 9 mins though.

Dan Ackroyd Unplugged on UFOs : a must watch video, which will get you thinking.

The case for NASA UFOs (part 2) unable to find part 1 : ufos captured on ultra-violet sensitive cameras, worth watching.

Fastwalkers : ufo and alien disclosure (2006) some of the interviewers are questionable? some inaccuracies, and some over the top remarks…. however, still worth watching; just keep this in mind though

Stan Friedman on UFO Frauds and Bob Lazar (2001)

UFOs and ETs encounter with 62 children in South Africa,1994 (on right hand side, is links to read about this) length of video 4minutes… (have no background information on this, so will read up on it)

UFO over montreal downtown- Canada (1990) video 1; picture quality not excellent, and a bit jeaky but worth watching; multiple witnesses (some suggest northern lights) 

Video 2

Although these videos can be seen at the present time, there is no guarantee that they will be there in the forseeable future… so if videos are unable to play, then i will endeavour/do my best to find new links to this, but may not be able too. Hope this opens your mind too all possibilities…obviously, yes videos are good to watch,but ideally, if you are really interested; then to get all the facts, try to seek out documentation and papers on the subjects involved…. I will be over the coming months try to add links to reliable sources….

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