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World UFO sightings [September 2009] updated regularly

Posted by dandare on October 30, 2009

ufo online55555

Many of the sightings reported are sensationalized, with usually alot of information missing.

Please keep this in mind as you view these postings from the local and national press.

I’m afraid many also fail to follow up on their initial leads, and many reports just remain forgotten.Walton%28reconstitution%29

Some incidents could be UFO balloons (please see:  https://dandare.wordpress.com/2007/05/19/ufo-balloons-what-are-they/ for more details, from a previous article).

There are also many other IFOs ( Identified Flying Objects they could be as well).

However, as i have said before, i am not sure what value they are to any UFO research.

Please be patient whilst i catch up on information/links/articles…. thank you.




Japan’s first lady visits Venus [The Register]


Britain’s most celebrated UFO sighting was a lorry full of fertiliser [Telegraph]


He claimed he had been on his way home after collecting a truck he had lent to a friend when it broke down near the USAF airbase at Rendlesham in December 1980 ” (extract from article). So it’s taken him 29 years to speak about it; i just do not ‘buy’ into this at all.

Fyffe’s UFO days coming to an end? [The Weekly Post]

For anyone who has forgotten, in the late 1980s, Fyffe was the unmatched leader of the free world in UFO sightings — and gained a nationwide fame for it. For awhile, the streets were packed at night with people wanting to see a spaceship ” (extract from article).


Twitter and Facebook flooded with alien theories about Google logo [Telegraph]


The world’s internet voices want to now whether the all-powerful web giant is trying to tell us something ” (extract from article).


Google unexplained phenomenon doodle:mystery solved[Telegraph]

The meaning behind a Google doodle, which featured a UFO and linked to the search term ‘unexplained phenomenon’, has been revealed – it was in honour of Zero Wing, a 1980s Japanese video game ” (extract from article).


Google unexplained phenomenon doodle: The theories [Telegraph]


Several competing theories have emerged about the true significance of the Google doodle featuring a UFO stealing an ‘O’, which was on the site on September 5 ” (extract from article).



Is China hiding the truth about Aliens? [Bild.de + video] I suspect not-also source is not reliable

New book explores Kids’ biggest science question, are we alone in the Universe? [marketwatch.com]

ET meets Carl Sagan in Out of this World, a new book from Kids Can Press that asks whether there is life somewhere out there in the universe ” (extract from article).


UFO or pterodactyl over Argentinian lake? [Telegraph]

pterodactyl_1478494cmmm…my guess (+only my opinion) is neither.

A strange object photographed over a lake in Argentina has been described as either a flying saucer or a flying dinosaur ” (extract from article).

The UFO files [Denbighshire Free Press]

THE UFO pictures in last weeks Free Press are Chinese lanterns, claims a local photographer. Chris Porteous, who owns Chris Porteous Photography, contacted the Free Press after seeing last week’s front page.
“I’m pretty sure that what your readers saw were Chinese lanterns floating across the sky,” he said
” (extract from article).





Not a bird or a plane, but not a UFO either [PeopleDaily.com]

The Daily Mail, however, reported on Sept 7 that China had “confirmed (that) 40 minutes of footage of the object was captured during this summer’s solar eclipse and that research has already started on a year-long investigation to find out what it is”.
The British newspaper quoted Ji as having said: “During the July 22 total solar eclipse observation, China had discovered near the sun an unidentified object, it’s physical nature remains to be further studied.”
Ji said he doesn’t know why his explanation about a bright spot close to the sun, very likely to be the result of some coronal activity filmed during the total eclipse, was misunderstood
” (extract from article).


Mystery of Google’s crop circle and UFO doodle [Telegraph]


A crop circle spelling Google with the “L” missing underneath a UFO is the latest of the search engine’s doodles to baffle web users ” (extract from article).

Google crop circle doodle mystery: coordinates clue [Telegraph]


A new post on Google’s Twitter feed has provided a clue for web users seeking to uncover the meaning behind the search giant’s recent series of UFO-related Google doodles ” (extract from article).

Crop circles go worldwide overnight [National Geographic]

But last night’s crop circles—vast, strange, and often intricate patterns in grain fields—took digital form, as Google’s logo morphed into an alien artwork, complete with hovering UFO ” (extract from article). Also goes on to mention about crop circles in general (+ videos).






Britain’s X Files: RAF suspected aliens of ‘tourist’visits to earth [Telegraph]

Dr Clarke added: “There have been other people claiming responsibility for whatever happened in Rendlesham Forest. There is so much ambiguity about the incident and that is because there was not enough done at the time to look into it” ” (extract from article).

UFO sightings over Britain more than triple this year [US Post Today]

Last year, there were only 118 sightings over the same period. The previous highest number was in 1997 – the first for which figures are available – when there were 331 reports over the same period ” (extract from article).

UFO Blog: The UFO Files-The inside story of real life sightings [ufoblog.com]


HG Wells’ Birthday: Google UFO doodle explained [Telegraph]


Google has admitted that recent UFOs in its logo are designed to mark the 143rd birthday of author HG Wells ” (extract from article).

Google releases Martian invasion doodle to mark birthday of HG Wells [Telegraph]


UFOs this weekend? Nope just NASA having fun [spacefellowship.com]

Reports of UFOs skyrocketed last weekend along the east coast of the US after a NASA launched an experiment to study an unusual phenomenon called noctilucent clouds, or ‘night shining’ clouds ” (extract from article).

UFOs return to Northern Territory skies [sifyNews]

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have returned to the skies of a Northern Territory hotspot, where such sightings have also been reported earlier ” (extract from article).



Formby couple report spotting a UFO [Formby Times]

They said: “It was an orange coloured object in the sky, like a tennis ball. It seemed to have a black line running through it. A small red cinder-like object then fell away from it, like a red hot coal.
“By the time we got the camera phone out the object had faded away
” (extract from article).


UFO photographed over Devon [Telegraph]

UFO_1488257cHe said: ”I couldn’t believe it at first. The shape was about 100ft long and there were four lights coming from it initially ” (extract from article).


Grease actress, Olivia Newton-John claims to have seen UFO [US Post Today]

She has described how she saw a silver object flying across the sky at “amazing speeds” when she was 15.
“I have seen one when I was very young. It was unidentified and it was flying,” she told The Sun
” (extract from article).

Chinese Lanterns behind UFO sightings [Mearns Today]

On Monday Dan Paton and Graham Philip and their respective wives, Marie and Aileen, spoke of spotting a series of eight UFOs as they left the Carron Restaurant at 8.30m on Saturday night ” (extract from article).

Ufos spotted over Mildenhall [Newmarket Journal]

TH1_259200954Picture 453 “Fourteen orbs came from the Barton Mills direction and then shot into oblivion.
“Someone said they might be Chinese lanterns but they would have to have been very big.
“We have never seen anything like this before, they were bright, bright orange
” (extract from article).

Airline Pilot watches three sphere UFOs south of Tucson form Triangle [Examiner.com]

An airline pilot out walking his dogs observed three spheres in the sky that formed a triangle about 40 miles southeast of Tucson, according to witness testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database ” (extract from article).


UFO spotted over Suffolk golf course [Evening News 24]

” The 65-year-old, of Hall Farm Close, Melton, said: “We had only just left home when I saw two orange balls in the sky. I’d never seen anything like it before so my son pulled the car over and stopped. We turned the engine off and there was no sound at all. It was complete silence ” (extract from article).



The UFO Phenomenon and the ‘M’ factor [American Chronicle]

News_Networks_CollageThis conflation of serious, sober UFO minutiae, along with sci-fi, light hearted silliness only tends to dumb down the public in my view. It´s misinformation in the mildest form, and “disinformation” at worst. It´s what I call the “M” factor! ” (extract from article).


Leeds cop is the UK’s UFO detective [Yorkshire Evening Post]TH1_299200929e4-2909-21-2809-092353

He has been talking about his favourite sighting in 1979 when three unsuspecting bobbies parked up for a chat and a cigarette in a quiet country lane at 3am ” (extract from article).


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World UFO Sightings [August 2009] Updated regularly

Posted by dandare on October 11, 2009


Many of the sightings reported are sensationalized, with usually alot of information missing.

Please keep this in mind as you view these postings from the local and national press.

I’m afraid many also fail to follow up on their initial leads, and many reports just remain forgotten.ufo-chinese-lantern-mystery.jpg.display

Some incidents could be UFO balloons (please see:  https://dandare.wordpress.com/2007/05/19/ufo-balloons-what-are-they/ for more details, from a previous article).

There are also many other IFOs ( Identified Flying Objects they could be as well).

However, as i have said before, i am not sure what value they are to any UFO research.

Please be patient whilst i catch up on information/links/articles…. thank you.




‘Hannity’ Investigates America’s UFO Obsession [FoxNews.com]

From big blockbuster movies to amateur home videos, obsessing about these creatures has become an American pastime. Places like Roswell, New Mexico, have become centers to worship alien beings and the conspiracy theories that surround them, with hundreds of thousands of visitors flocking each and every year ” (extract from article).

Bride’s Shock over UFO reports [BBC]

Nirelandufo09The sight of what is now known to have been sky lanterns is said to have left some residents “astounded”, according to the (Dungannon) Democrat newspaper.
Bronwyn Gervin said she couldn’t believe it when she was contacted by friends about the article
” (extract from article).


Oak Island visitors report UFO sighting [StarNewsOnline.com]

Sam Williams, 18, said the object had a single row of colored lights down its side. Davis Williams, 16, said the lights were red, white and blue. They said the object hovered and maneuvered for less than a minute, clearly visible in the twilight ” (extract from article).

Pilot baffled after spotting mystery UFO over Norwich skies [Norwich Evening News 24]

EN24HeaderMr Goodchild said: “The light had a bright central portion with an orange halo around it. It looked similar to a landing light of a helicopter, but bright orange.
“Looking toward the direction of travel, we could see another orange light which appeared further away because it was dimmer and smaller
” (extract from article).

UFO snapped by amateur following RAF Hercules [The Tech Herald]

Retired school teacher John Powell (56) noticed the strange silver orb following the military aircraft while he was gardening at his home on July 17.
“I don’t believe in things from outer space but that thing was definitely tracking the plane,” he was quoted as saying by the UK newspaper
” (extract from article).


North Port family claims to have seen UFO, Aliens in their backyard [Naples.com] At time of checking out this link,video was not available.

They claim more than five alien encounters in the last four months have taken place. Now, an international UFO organization wants to crack the real-life X-file ” (extract from article).

Mystery Chopper Hovering Over SETX is not a UFO – Its the Government [KBMT ABC 12]

t_002Homeowners in Beaumont and Port Arthur may soon notice a white helicopter hovering over or near pipelines, oil and gas production facilities, and other industrial facilities ” (extract from article).


UFO mystery hots up over Suffolk skies [Evening News 24 Late edition]

A flurry of reports have been posted on The Evening Star website after a former soldier said he saw 100 glowing orbs less than two miles above his house near Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire last month ” (extract from article).

UFO invades BBC breakfast [BBC]


UFO spotted during morning TV broadcast [The Telegraph]

UFO_1458060cIn the footage the speeding projectile appears from the lower left hand side of the screen and seems to pass under the wide arch of Newcastle’s Millennium Bridge before disappearing out of the top of the screen.
The clip, which has since been uploaded onto video sharing website YouTube, is eliciting theories ranging from model aeroplanes to potential swamp gas
” (extract from article).










**Britain Publishes UFO files, few answers [ABC local-via Associated Press]

Rendelsham%28reconstitution%29 The National Archives on Monday released the government’s complete file on the “Rendlesham Forest Incident” of December 1980, one of Britain’s most famous UFO sightings.
It was among more than 4,000 pages posted online Monday documenting 800 alleged encounters during the 1980s and 1990s
” (extract from article).

[all articles with ** related to MOD UFO files being released]


UFO sightings: where has all the scepticism gone? [The Guardian]

Put UFO into Google and it reveals 37.5m matches. A glance at the latest videos from YouTube appears to show a wealth of recent UFO activity, or a bit of paper blowing about, in Russia. I’ll let you be the judge ” (extract from article).

Is there anything extra-terrestrial about UFOs? [The Guardian]

ufo.articleYes. This is clearly case for Mulder and Scully 65.6%     No. It’s time to close these X-Files

** MOD’s latest release from its UFO files reveal saucerful of secrets [The Guardian]

This is the fourth batch of UFO files to be released since May last year and it indicates the MoD has been unwavering in its belief there is “no evidence whatsoever to suggest that intelligent life from outer space or alien spacecraft have landed on our planet” ” (extract from article).

** MOD Files: ‘I saw a UFO over Glastonbury‘ [Sky News]

Abducted by Aliens: Believers tell their story [ABC News]

In a small New England town, members of a support group, which boasts a growing membership of 1,500, gather for a “secret” meeting ” (extract from article).


** UFO sightings: The British X-files in full [the Guardian]

British-UFO-sightings-001As the National Archives reveal enough reports of mysterious Unidentified Flying Objects to keep Mulder and Scully in business for some time, here is the list extracted from the reports ” (extract from article).

** UFO sightings: the Will Smith effect examined [the Guardian]

Tommy-Lee-Jones-and-Will--001New Unidentified Flying Objects statistics show the numbers of sightings each year – plus the official explanations for them. So, what is the effect of science fiction in the movies and on TV? ” (extract from article).


Another UFO sighting over Harpenden [The Herts Advertiser]








Germany’s Alien files – 366 UFO sightings this year [Bild.com] They seem to be similar to ‘The Sun’ in the UK, for information.

Werner Walter (52) from CENAP checks up on almost every sighting. He said: “There are no aliens. What people see are normally sky lights or reflections.“
But UFO enthusiast Erich von Däniken (74) disagrees: “There are aliens! They’re watching us!”
” (extract from article).


Alien Baby stumps experts – is it just an elaborate hoax? [Bild.com]

The puzzle has caused intrigue amongst BILD’s readers. Some say it is a mutant, others wonder why aliens would leave a baby behind – and one reader asked why aliens don’t wear clothes ” (extract from article).





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UFO crashed in China in 1947….shows up in declassified files

Posted by dandare on April 27, 2009

images-2I was alerted by Michael Cohen, to an article he has written today entitled ” China: UFO crash at Chengdu 1947 revealed in declassified files

On July 18th 1947 a farmer near Chengdu found unusual remains of what appeared to be a crashed flying saucer or UFO in the fields. News spread and locals congregated to see the bizarre UFO wreckage. The head of the Physics department of the local university, Professor Zeng Zhanhan, was asked to analyse the wreckage along with other experts and a report was written up. The object was declared a UFO ” (extract from article).

_avatar_created1It is indeed both interesting and intriguing, and the reference page given at the bottom(of his article), points to a Chinese account of this…. I have used google to translate the article here (and although not a great translation…an understatement..you can just about follow it..i think).

clipart_scifi_spaceships_003What worries me, is the source of the information, and were it has come from…. can the declassified files be properly verified, and what is the media reporting this like…is it similar to ‘ The Sun ‘ (newspaper), in the Uk…. if so then it will definately have to be questioned.

Of course, if most things check out, then this would be quite significant.

In conclusion, due to (especially) recent hoaxes, and disinformation, we can only speculate on the information given here, however enticing, and hope that more information comes to light…. and then we can reassess it; for now we can merely speculate.

My thanks to Michael for informing me about this….

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World UFO Update [ April 2009] Updated regularly

Posted by dandare on April 19, 2009

Hello and welcome to World UFO Update


Whats happened around the UFO world, in April 2009 (mainly articles that have caught my eye).






LA Times ” The road to Area 51

area51The problem is the myths of Area 51 are hard to dispute if no one can speak on the record about what actually happened there. Well, now, for the first time, someone is ready to talk—in fact, five men are, and their stories rival the most outrageous of rumors ” (extract from article).


Gibson.com ” Legendary Rock photographer Robert Knight on Zeppelin, Jeff Beck and Steve Ray Vaughan

guitar-6usYou’d be surprised how many rock people enjoy doing a photo shoot with me because they get a UFO update. They’re the people who are most receptive to other forms of consciousness. They’re wide open.

When Dave Grohl calls his band the Foo Fighters, and they’re on Roswell Records and they premiere the record in Roswell, New Mexico, you know something’s going on! Jimmy Page has always been interested in UFOs, and Jimi Hendrix was driven by UFO ideas ” (extract from article).  Cool.


NJ.com ” Morris County men sentenced in UFO hoax ” many press outlets covered this story…too many to mention.

large_lights Between Jan. 5 and Feb. 19, Rudy and Russo released helium balloons with traffic flares tied to them on five separate occasions in what they called a “social experiment” to debunk the pseudoscience of UFOs ” (extract from article). They then put up an article on April 1st saying it was a hoax… however, due to a possible fire hazzard they were fined $250 + 50 hours community service.


Device Daily.com ” Another weird UFO over China

ufo-guangzhou Coming in fresh is another UFO report from China, this time from the Guangzhou University area.The UFO seemingly hovered amidst some pretty heavy cloud cover above the university and its surrounding environs.

A reporter in the area managed to get off a low-resolution shot of the activity, but it’s hard really to discern anything significant from his vantage point ” (extract from article).


OhGizmo! ” Visible Energy UFO remote control power strip and colour changing snack bowl




The Star Online “ Graphic designer claims to have photos of UFO images recorded using digital camera

A GRAPHIC designer claimed that he spotted an unidentified flying object (UFO) circling overhead in Taman Dato’ Onn, Larkin in Johor at 10pm on Thursday, reported Kosmo! ” (extract from article).



Raw Story.com ” Former Area 51 scientists break their decades long silence

Thornton Barnes, a former Area 51 project specialist, told Fox’s Bill Hemmer that a secret plane, code-named OXCART, was almost certainly mistaken for a UFO. At the time the OXCART was first brought online, Barnes says no one else in the world had any aero-technology like it ” (extract from article). Will this end all the speculation/answer your questions?…probably not.

a-12The history of the OXCART program can be seen here from the CIA. Also the OXCART articles can be seen again at the CIA website here .



Cryptoworld.co.uk ” Katie Price and Peter Andre ‘Allegedly’ spot UFO (great)

thumbs_price-andreLost in Space?

Just when the whole idea of UFOs was starting to get a little bit of creditable attention, two muppets go and claim that on their very first trip to Area 51 they see, and video ‘weird lights’… ” (extract from article).

Mmmm how true…. OK….please move along to the next news.


Cryptoworld.co.uk ” American made UFO spotted in Afghanistan

April 14, 2009: An unidentified, jet propelled UAV has been spotted operating from an American airbase in Afghanistan. It’s a flying wing design, similar to the X-45s and X-47s built as development aircraft for the U.S. Air Force and Navy ” (extract from article).





Examiner.com ” UFO conference is ‘out of this world’group-450

Want to meet some of the most influential people studying ufology today? Get out to Galena, IL, May 28-31, for the Illinois Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) sponsored conference ” (extract from article).

CNN  ” Former Astronaut: man not alone in the universe


He delivered his remarks during an appearance at the National Press Club following the conclusion of the fifth annual X-Conference, a meeting of UFO activists and researchers studying the possibility of alien life forms ” (extract from article).

Later, near the end of the article [ NASA spokesman=Michael Cabbage]:” “NASA does not track UFOs. NASA is not involved in any sort of cover-up about alien life on this planet or anywhere else — period,” Michael Cabbage said Monday ” (extract from article).


sunday-night-videos-yahoo7-tv_12401636465161CNN video “ UFO believers seek truth

” UFO believers are appealing to President Obama to release government files on extraterrestrial life. CNN’s Jim Acosta reports ” (from post with video).

KASA.com ” UFO believers push for records release “very similar to above article and video.

ufo-believers-push-for-records-release_1240774552484 WASHINGTON – A group of space enthusiasts, and even astronauts, are pushing President Obama to release government documents on possible close encounters with aliens and UFO’s ” (extract from very short article). Main part is video, which is at the link above.

Northern Territory News ” Mum spots latest UFO in top end

ufoaussie2009 I’m guessing that this paper is similar to ‘The Sun’ back in the UK, as in newsworthiness.News.com has a similar article here .

Bendigo Advertiser ” Bendigo UFO a YouTube hit

Bendigo District Astronomical Society education officer Paul Foley said it was highly unlikely the object was an alien spacecraft.
“There are a lot of things in the sky which look pretty strange, that sometimes can’t be explained, but that’s not to say they’re alien,” he said.
“UFOs are not necessarily alien spacecrafts.” Mr Foley said the object could have been anything from a meteorite to a piece of a satellite that had burned up while re-entering the atmosphere
” (extract from article).

The You tube video can be seen below (lasts 2minutes 19seconds):


The Capitol Times ” Man tells police he saw UFO at James Madison Park

”  A 22-year-old downtown resident told Madison Police he spotted a mysterious unidentified flying object Thursday, April 16 at James Madison Park ” (extract from short article).

Gold Coast.com.au “ Comet showers to blame for mysterious light

WAS it a plane, was it a flying saucer or was it a meteor entering Earth’s atmosphere?
That is what two men on the Gold and Sunshine coasts are asking after both saw a mysterious white light shooting through the night sky on Monday
” (extract from article).

SanDiego6.com ” Obama UFO documents request ” (video 2 minutes 50 seconds)

Telegraph “ Are UFOs real? Famous people who believed

ufo1_1389391cThe former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell has claimed that aliens exist and their visits are being covered up by the United States government. Mitchell is in good company in his beliefs. Here we highlight 12 other public figures who believe that extraterrestrials may have been visiting our planet over the last 100 years ” (extract from article).

Braodcast Newsroom ” yU+co. creates main titles sequence for Disney’s Race To Witch Mountain

race_to_wmt_framesThe main title sequence started in the editing room by researching hundreds of pieces of archival UFO footage that would help us tell the story,” says Synderela Peng, yU+co.’s Art Director. “We delineated decades of UFO discoveries, beginning with the 1950’s to the present day. We also spent a lot of time on details like treating the headlines and the film footage so they reflect the time period they were supposed to be from “ ” (extract from article).


Irish Times “ Politics goes galactic at gathering of UFO believers

1224245212084_1In the banquet hall of a Hilton in suburban Maryland, there were no alien costumes. There were PhDs, ex-military men, activists and concerned citizens. They sat in on lectures with such titles as Obama and Disclosure . They browsed tables stocked with books such as Exopolitics: How Does One Speak to a Ball of Light? They talked about black budgets and quantum cosmology ” (extract from article).



UFO Digest ” UFO sighting during a famous Italian Action Movie

d-1italian-movie2009 The motion of these spheres, including one in particular that is on the right of the actor “Enrico Lo Verso” into the “d1”, is absolutely anomalous, in fact, considering the aforesaid sphere, it accomplishes direction changes, including a turning with a small relative radius,at very high speed and it is noted that no airplane identified or bird would be able to perform such maneuvers ” (extract from article).

Related Italian news to this can be found here (translated by google).

Also at ivanceci.it

In those days I was pointed out by Mr. Mario Maisto an interesting sighting occurred in 2007 during filming of the movie “Milano-Palermo: il ritorno”, played by Raoul Bova and Giancarlo Giannini ” (extract from article).
And Altro Giornale.org here

What do you think ….. is it a UFO? or is it a bird in flight? or something else.



WVEC.com ” UFOs: do you believe

”  A Virginia Beach man, Cameron Pack, says he’s gotten Virginia Beach’s UFO files. He says UFOs exist because he saw one. It was six years ago over a tree near the Virginia Beach amphitheater.
“The thing turns at a 90-degree angle, three white lights in a triangle formation,” he recalls
” (extract from article).

The Chattanoogan.com ” Roy Exum: Those Nevada UFOs

littlegreenmen But not all of them stayed quiet and, in the early 1960s, Project BLUEBOOK was started to fight the growing paranoia of an alien attack. Today there are 74,000 pages of reports housed in 37 cubic feet of files in the National Archives. Project BLUEBOOK was shut down in 1969 and, as unbelievable as this may well be to you, there isn’t one word that mentions Operation OXCART or the mysterious base called Area 51.
So, as you are once again led to believe there are not saucers that hover over our cornfields or aliens-on-ice high above the Nevada desert, you’ll be the smartest guy in the class if you don’t lose sight of the fact that, according to the CIA and the American government, a place called “Area 51” has never, ever, existed.
How does that go down with your Cherrios? If it bothers you, just remember I was more worried about the flying saucers
” (extract from article).


NJ.com with The Star Ledger …Online Videos “ Ledger Live: Morris UFO hoaxers tell their story” Video included (8 minutes 57 seconds).

Chris Russo and Joe Rudy say they launched helium balloons with traffic flares tied to them in a “social experiment” to debunk the pseudoscience of UFOs ” (extract from article).
That video can be seen below from youtube

CentralJersey.com ” PRINCETON AREA: In Hamilton, ‘Dr No’ is on the case “‘

Mr. Marcattilio picked up his “Dr. UFO” moniker by being the go-to guy for lots of ordinary people with out-of-the-ordinary questions, and also for his personal library of more than 1,200 UFO-related books and videos. He has created something like a traveling museum, too — some 75 large panels mounted with UFO photos, scientific reports, police reports, etc ” (extract from article).

American Chronicle “ UFOs, visitors are here – situation mysterious says author

Well-known author Whitley Strieber’s April 26 entry in the “Whitley’s Journal” section of his Web site provides interesting reading about “disclosure” on UFOs and visitation to Earth by other intelligent beings ” (extract from article). On a personal note, i’m afraid i do not find Whitley a credible source at all. Therefore, i cannot recommend his website…sorry.



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UK UFO sightings [April 2009] Updated regularly

Posted by dandare on April 12, 2009


I will try and keep this up to date, with all information from the UK.

Please check back from time to time, as this will be updated regularly…If you see something that i have missed, please contact me (thanks)…..

There has been an explosion of UK UFO activity this year, mainly due to the Sun (tabloid UK newspaper) who think they are the UFO EXPERTS, seeming to print anything remotely to do with UFOs (with no facts/sensationalism and mostly no TRUTH). Unfortunately, this now seems to be spreading to other National newspapers.ufo

Are they eventually going to make UFOLOGY a complete joke?

So, many of the sightings reported are sensationalized, with usually alot of information missing.

Please keep this in mind as you view these postings from the local and national press.

I’m afraid many also fail to follow up on their initial leads, and many reports just remain forgotten.


Some incidents could be UFO balloons (please see:  https://dandare.wordpress.com/2007/05/19/ufo-balloons-what-are-they/ for more details, from a previous article). There are also many other IFOs ( Identified Flying Objects they could be as well).

However, as i have said before, i am not sure what value they are to any UFO research.



ComputerWorld.com ” British UFO hacker’s supporters rally at US embassy in London

At today’s rally, McKinnon’s mother, Janis Sharp, and six other demonstrators performed a rewritten version of “Chicago,” a protest song recorded nearly 40 years ago by Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young fame. Nash granted Sharp permission to modify the song’s lyrics to focus on her son’s legal plight as well as his autism ” (extract from article).


Bournemouth Echo ” I saw a UFO over Bournemouth and i’m not crazee

DON’T accuse him of being all crazee now – but rocker Noddy Holder of Slade says he felt the noize when he had a close encounter with a UFO in Bournemouth.
The colourful star, most famous for the ubiquitous festive hit Merry Xmas Everybody, said he saw a circular flying saucer, emitting beams of light, flying over the sea while staying in the town
” (extract from article).


This is Grimsby ” UFOs or a trick of the light?

SATELLITES and space stations have both been offered as explanations for strange lights seen in the sky over North East Lincolnshire.
As reported, two people independently contacted the Grimsby Telegraph about the odd occurrences which they saw in the Laceby area
” (extract from article).




Telegraph ” UFO photographed over London


The computer engineer was able to take one shot of the object whilst it was stationary for a few seconds. He said: “Then it moved rapidly up and above at incredible speed, a comparable speed to a fighter jet at full power, so fast that panning the camera in the direction was impossible ” ” (extract from article).


BBC “ Dr Who link to UFO sighting rise ” ** (all links with 2 stars relate to same article)

Nick Pope mentions that the increase in UK sightings is partly to do with chinese lanterns becoming more popular in this country; true.

However, he then starts going way off track with comments like :

dandare_avatar_createdMr Pope, who continues his research into the phenomena of UFOs on a private basis, said he believed the revitalisation of the Doctor Who franchise had made people more open to seeing UFOs ” (extract from article).

He then states that it is being covered on Newsnight (bbc2 indepth show on the news) and the SUN (which he works at). First off, i do believe that chinese lanterns have had a large impact on UFO sightings, but Doctor Who has not….this is total rubbish.

But hang on there is more …. he mentions:

“One case that springs to mind is the recent incident at RAF St Athan when a police helicopter was apparently nearly hit by a UFO.
“Another near collision happened last year over Birmingham when the pilot had to take evasive action to avoid hitting a UFO.
“This is why their investigation is important”
” (extract from article).

I’m afraid again i have to question these sightings, that THE SUN took a particular interest in. Where are the facts, and the data for this……..They usually never seem to follow up with any more evidence, but just carry on saying its a definate UFO sighting…..or they have selective data of a sentational kind if they do follow up!

This should be retitled ” Media are the reason for UFO sightings rise

Whitehaven News ” UFO over the recre

As they were chatting, Trevor looked up and saw five orange orbs all moving in a perfect ‘W’ formulation.
“There was no explanation for it,’’ he said. “The lights were about 400-500ft in the sky, evenly spaced and there wasn’t any noise.’’ He said there wasn’t any wind and the lights were moving at speed, which could eliminate Chinese lanterns as an explanation
” (extract from article).

Shropshire Star ” Birthday boy colin scotches UFO tales ” + video.

He insisted the weird orange light reported by several people on March 10 had in fact been a Chinese sky lantern launched to celebrate his 60th birthday ” (extract from article).

Bolton News “ Lanterns shed light on UFO mystery


”  But Marjorie McCabe, who organised a 65th birthday party for her husband Terence at their Westhoughton home has shone light on the mystery.
She was planning to round off celebrations at the party with fireworks, but after searching the internet decided to mark the occasion with Chinese paper sky lanterns instead
” (extract from article).


Luton Today ” Was there a UFO above Dunton

”  One told the Chronicle: “It seemed to be a sphere containing glowing flame, orange or yellow like a sun.
“But it wasn’t a meteor or comet, it wasn’t travelling fast enough and had no tail
” (extract from article).

Chichester Observer ” Can anyone explain UFO over Chichester

”  “It was rotating on its own axis and just staying there. It was metallic silver in its appearance and looked like nothing I have ever seen.
“Everyone in the car saw it straight away and I am sure lots of other people would have seen it as well
” (extract from article).


Evening Star 24 ” Man claims red orb in wood was UFO


For 20 years Leonard Gibney has remained silent about coming face to face with what he believes was a UFO in an Ipswich wood.
But today he has plucked up the courage to come forward following a string of unusual sightings reported in The Evening Star
” (extract from article).

Daily Star ” Guess who’s causing most UFO sightings ” **

The MoD’s former UFO expert Nick Pope said: “Doctor Who and Torchwood are filmed in Cardiff, so everyone in the area has aliens on their mind.
“Doctor Who captures people’s imaginations and makes them wonder about alien life and look to the skies.
“Any strange light in the sky becomes a spaceship
” (extract from article).

Solihul News.net “ UFO mystery in Dickens Heath

STRANGE lights in the sky were spotted hovering above Dickens Heath on Saturday evening.
A group of friends, enjoying a supper party, spotted the mysterious spheres at 9.15pm. No less than four, yellow objects flew over the village before dissolving into thin air
” (extract from article).



your canterbury.co.uk  ” UFO sightings on the increase, says MOD

Information released by the Ministry of Defence shows there have been 56 recorded sightings of UFOs over the county in the last decade, with 10 last year alone.
Examples include a report of a huge disc-shaped object “approximately 20 times the size of an aeroplane” that was spotted flying above Rainham, and a bright orange upside-down light bulb shape hovering near Ashford
” (extract from article). Old news here.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus ” UFO sightings are no joke for Denise

”  Sky-watchers in Bradford, Bingley and Keighley have contacted the Telegraph & Argus with reports of up to five red or orange orbs hovering silently in the night sky before quickly disappearing.
Denise Wilson, 52, saw them circling above her home in Moorside, Daisy Hill, Bradford, when she took her dog for a night-time stroll
” (extract from article).



ufo-1Aberdeen Evening Express ” New UFO sighting in Aberdeen

At the end of last year the Evening Express revealed how a spate of readers came forward after spotting suspected UFOs – ball of light moving strangely in the sky.

Now Aberdeen-based expert Ian Taylor, who has studied UFOs for more than 50 years, claims there has been another sighting in Aberdeen ” (extract from article).


Lancashire Telegraph ” Valley’s amazing stories inspire Helmshore film-maker

helmshoredisplay”  Chris Johnson-Standley’s latest project is based on the myths he encountered in Helmshore and the surrounding area during his school years.

These include everything from haunted submerged villages under Grane’s reservoirs, UFOs flying over and a First World War tank buried beneath a Haslingden park
” (extract from article).

Watford Observer ” Former government ‘UFO expert’ to speak in Garston

”  Nick Pope, former head of the government’s UFO research project, has leant his views on crop circles, alien abductions and other happenings to numerous television documentaries, books and lectures.
He will join four other speakers at the Into the Unknown event
” (extract from article).


photo6Computer world ” Pink Floyd frontman performs on CD to back British Hacker

David Gilmour singer and guitarist for the iconic, english rock band Pink Floyd, has already recorded a song for an upcoming CD that’s now being put together to support Gary McKinnon, 43, according to Janis Sharp, McKinnon’s mother ” (extract from article).

Hamilton Advertiser “ Teacher spots UFO in sky over Hamilton

Penny Martin (52), of Little Earnock, spotted an unusual object in the sky on Saturday night about 10.15pm.
Penny described an orange-yellow object floating motionless above the houses near her home.
She said: “It was shaped rather like a balloon and in the centre there was a flickering light rather like a candle effect. To begin with I thought it was just a balloon
” (extract from article).


ufo-online-undergroundAyrshire Post “ Alloway UFOs identified

“We were surprised at how high they flew and how far they drifted.
“We actually commented that anyone seeing them and not knowing what they were could be forgiven for thinking they were UFOs.”
Brig o’ Doon Hotel has confirmed that sky lanterns were released as part of a celebration at the hotel on the Saturday night when our readers spotted orange lights in the sky
” (extract from article).

Burnley Express ” UFO mystery over Pendle

”  Luke Robinson was one of a group of eight who stayed in the Marsden Park area. He said: “At about 1- 46 a.m. I noticed a bright yellow light in the sky across the field, like the sun was rising but obviously it wasn’t, at that early hour, though it was as bright ” (extract from article).



Sunday Mercury.net ” Truth is out there… in our wacky parish

Recently released Ministry of Defence documents have rubbished many of the UFO sightings attributed to our parish in the late 70s and early 80s ” (extract from article).

News & Star ” Is this a UFO over Carlisle? ” + link to video.

One said it moved in a straight line before suddenly changing direction. It was then spotted about five minutes later and did exactly the same before disappearing at speed ” (extract from short article).


Sutton Guardian ” UFOs spotted over North Cheam

northcheamapril09pgdisplay”  Robert Rosamond, chairman of the British UFO Research Organisation, said photographic evidence needed to be examined to establish whether there was a misidentification.
At this stage, he said, the lights could be anything from a balloon to a “tangerine being thrown in the air”
” (extract from article).

Shropshire Star ” More strange lights spotted in the skies

”  One woman spotted what she called a “huge ball of white light” heading towards the ground in Broseley Wood yesterday at about 11pm.
And Louise Butcher saw a light about the size of “a cluster of stars” moving across the sky over Church Stretton at the beginning of April
” (extract from article).

The Shuttle ” Orange light in sky – more sightings

_avatar_createdWe made an appeal for information last week after John Shellis, of Birmingham Road, Blakedown, said he saw a light that looked like “a large ball” moving “quite low in the sky” at about 12.30am on Sunday, April 12 ” (extract from article).


Salford Star ” UFO spotted over Salford Precinct

precintufo081 On Tuesday night a UFO was seen blazing over Salford Precinct at around 10pm.  Eye witness, Rachel, has described it as “a bright orange light, like a fire ball moving at a steady space. It was really weird” ” (extract from short article).


Louth Leader ” Did Eurofighter scare away aliens?

In the sky looking over towards the A16 we saw three very bright lamps in the very clear sky, they were in an equally spaced formation.
As we watched a Euro-fighter came from nowhere heading towards the lamps, and they just vanished into proverbial thin air
” (extract from short article).

Strathspey & Badenoch Herald ” Nethy man spots UFO

He recalled: “I live on the western outskirts of Nethy Bridge and last Tuesday night, at about 9.45pm, I went out into the garden to the car.
“Immediately I noticed a brilliant light approaching, quite low from the east as if about to pass over the village. It was shimmering orange in colour with a deeper red glow in it also.
“It then stopped, I would guess at only about 300 feet and stayed motionless with no noise just over the edge of Abernethy Forest
” (extract from article).



Isle Of Wight County Press Online “ Did you see these UFOs ?

She said at 11.10pm on Saturday the police spotter plane, circling the south of the town, was involved in a low-altitude ‘near miss’ with three other craft ” (extract from article). However, the police suggest otherwise.




Watford Observer “ UFO sighting in Kings Langley?

He said: “I was with my girlfriend. We saw about 15 to 20 bright lights in the sky. They then started to disappear one by one. We don’t have a clue what they were” ” (extract from article).



Lancashire Evening Post ” Teenager takes video footage of UFO

lep-robert-leeming-2009april”  29 April 2009

An 18-year-old has filmed on his mobile phone an odd-shaped oibject floating in the sky above Lancashire ” (extract from article).

Mid Sussex Times ” Two UFOs spotted in Haywards Heath

TWO UFO sightings were reported in the Haywards Heath area at the weekend.
Witness Alison King said she spotted a circular object at 11.20pm on Sunday between the town and Cuckfield
..[.]…On the previous evening at 10.25pm, Chris Turner reported seeing a disc-shaped object in nearby Lindfield ” (extracts from article).

Daventry Today ” UFO sighting in Welton? ” (very short article)

Karl Taylor, 15, of Churchill Road said he saw a black object floating above Welton on Saturday night (April 25) at around 9.45pm ” (extract from article).


Chester Chronicle ” Orange UFO spotted above Chester Skies

12597678Canadian Marty Wilbur, 29, who lives in Hush House, next to The Chronicle office, was on his mobile to a friend back home when he noticed a pulsating orange light rising up in front of him to the east of the city at 9.02pm on Sunday.
Quick-thinking Marty filmed the mysterious orange glow as it tracked northwards then disappeared out of sight, possibly behind a cloud
” (extract from article).

Lochaber News ” Mystery lights spark UFO alert

Mysterious white lights have been seen above the Fort William area at around the same time it emerged that glowing orange and yellow lights in the sky were reported around Inverness ” (extract from article).

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World UFO Update [March] updated regularly

Posted by dandare on March 28, 2009

Welcome to World UFO Updates


[pic could also be entitled …oh no late with world UFO update again…EEK!!!]

Whats happened around the UFO world, in March 2009 (mainly articles that have caught my eye).

PR Newswire (not sure of date…but near start of month) ” Uncover the mystery and discover the truth july 2-5th 2009, at the amazing Roswell UFO Festival

Uncover the mystery and help discover the truth at The Amazing Roswell UFO Festival. The City of Roswell invites UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike to join in the celebration of one of the most controversial incidents in history this July 2-5, 2009. The four-day event will feature guest speakers, authors, live entertainment, family-friendly activities and possibly an alien abduction. Visitors welcome! ” (extract from article).
For the actual site see here .




The Michigan Daily ” Will Grundler: Zac Efron in space ” mmm… no comment.



The Hollywood Reporter.com ” Commentary: Race UFO story not alien to Roswell native

andy-fickman_341x182 Filmmakers are sometimes particularly well suited to tackle certain projects, and that certainly seems to be the case with Andy Fickman and “Race to Witch Mountain” ” (extract from article).

Beach Connection.net ” Watchers in the night sky

Was it a secret military prototype, the implementation of Nikola Tesla’s later theories of gravity repulsion, spawned from his confiscated notes? Perhaps. But at this late date nothing resembling it has surfaced in the news ” (extract from article).

Examiner.com “ Orange light UFOs again over TX

map1-350Two witnesses five miles north of Rising Star, Eastland County, reported a series of orange lights – appearing and disappearing, sometimes blinking. In a second report, a witness from Abilene, Taylor County, reported a similar series of orange lights appearing in a row format like the Phoenix Lights case – where one light turns on, then a second, then a third, and so forth ” (extract from article).

Gauntlet ” The truth is in the sky

What made 2008 such a hot year for spotting UFOs? While there are more reporting mechanisms (especially through the Internet) than ever before, one journalist suggested that more people are looking to the heavens, perhaps seeking some spiritual respite from the stresses of these economically challenging times ” (extract from article).


ufo digest.com ” Roswell Fireman Confesses – it was a flying saucer!


A firefighter who was with the Roswell Fire Department in 1947 has confirmed that the mysterious crash in the New Mexico desert that Summer was in fact of an unearthly craft!

The firefighter, now age 90, related stunning information to this author in a lengthy interview conducted recently. Respected Roswell author Kevin Randle also talked with the involved fireman to confirm the details of his story ” (extract from article).



Whittier Daily News ” Believers hunt for UFOs

Late last month, the group gathered in this desert casino town to discuss the truth they believe is out there. This year, that meant lectures on alien implant research, alien technology, the secret societies that “threaten to take over America” and something called “exoconsciousness.” Nearly 1,000 people attended the annual meeting ” (extract from article).

KYW Newsradio 1060 ” Bucks county UFO sightings are on the rise

Bucks County is the focus of world wide interest in unidentified flying object sightings. That’s according to local UFO enthusiasts who meet monthly in Philadelphia’s Fishtown section ” (extract from article).


Nevada Appeal.com ” Nearly 1,000 UFO hunters gather for annual meeting


Late last month, the group gathered in this desert casino town to discuss the truth they believe is out there. This year, that meant lectures on alien implant research, alien technology, the secret societies that “threaten to take over America” and something called “exoconsciousness.” Nearly 1,000 people attended the annual meeting ” (extract from article).

Review Journal.com ” Believers out there, seeking UFO truth ” (similar article to the one above ).

100MilesFreePress.net ” Our mysterious skies

parksville-beach-ufoWhen Canadians looked up, up in the sky in 2008, an unusual number weren’t able to identify what they were looking at as either a bird, a plane … or anything else.
In all, according to Winnipeg-based Ufology Research, there were 1,004 reports of unidentified flying objects across Canada in 2008, an increase of 26 per cent over 2007. Reports had been filed by witnesses with government and military agencies, police, civilian UFO groups and online UFO websites.

Vancouver Island was no exception, says Houston, B.C. based UFO researcher Brian Vike
” (extract from article).

New Strait Times Online ” Is ET calling ?

race-to-witch-mountain2009 WHEN it comes to UFOs, aliens, other-worldly abductions and matters of the inter-galactic kind, nobody is more out there than Hollywood film director Andy Fickman.

Fickman, who directed the upcoming Disney’s sci-fi family fare Race to Witch Mountain (scheduled to open in cinemas nationwide on Friday, with simultaneous release in the United States), was exposed to the extra-terrestrial world from a young age ” (extract from article).

Javno.com ” UFO spotted above Zadar, Croatia?

”  Zadar locals were disturbed by an unusual occurrence in the sky on Sunday night around 20:30 hours. As Kata Colic of Turnj told us, they saw a ball which kept changing colour and vanished in a few minutes.
According to witnesses, the unidentified flying object hovered above Sveti Petar and vanished above the island of Ugljan. Some even recorded the flying object
” (extract from article).

The Pueblo Chieftain Online ” Trinidad Rancher finds finds mutilated cow

No one is sure what killed the cow on a pasture near the Purgatoire River, but Trinidad rancher Mike Duran said he definitely finds the death unusual ” (extract from article).


Crytoworld ” Orange UFO filmed over Japan’s Osaka Airport ” As is mentioned, it seems to be a lantern.

readingeagle.com ” Jason Brudereck: No frolf involved in UFO sightings at French Creek

”  According to western Pennsylvania UFO hunter Stan Gordon, three witnesses watched a yellow sphere on Thursday.
Gordon said he interviewed two of the three witnesses, both separately. They gave similar accounts.
At 7:52 p.m., a man was at a stop sign near his house when he noticed “a solid, large yellow sphere hovering low on the horizon”
” (extract from article).

Javno.com “ PHOTO: UFO sighting over Zadar?

zadar-ufo-2009 She herself does not consider the unusual occurrence to be a “visitation” by aliens and knows there certainly must be a rational explanation of the phenomenon that can easily stimulate the imagination, creating stories of visitors from a faraway galaxy whose motives of visiting are unknown ” (extract from article).

Astronomy Now.com ” Kepler satellite mission to find Earth-sized planets


Daily Herald ” Are UFOs real? Yes, but we don’t know where they come from

Want to know if aliens are real? Check back in a few years, said Seth Shostak, senior astronomer at the California-based SETI Institute, which is supported by NASA, the National Science Foundation and private donations ” (extract from article).


The Province.com ” UFO researcher sets sight on a sasquatch

Brian Vike believes he has photographic proof that sasquatches really exist.
No, he doesn’t have a photo of a sasquatch, but he does have a photo of a very large footprint.
The UFO researcher, based in the Houston area, has developed a soft spot for the mythical furry creatures. Last Sunday, he got an excited call from Moricetown, about 90 kilometres north of Houston
” (extract from article).


iol.co.za ” Do you believe the truth is out there ?

A new survey has found that 30 percent of South Africans support the claim by Agent Fox Mulder of X-files that we are not alone… They believe that life exists on other planets.
The research, conducted by TNS Research Surveys, involved a sample of 2 000 adults, older than the age of 18, living in one of seven cities in South Africa
” (extract from article).

Los Angeles Times ” Pentagon plans blimp to spy from new heights

pentagon-blimpThe Pentagon said Thursday that it intends to spend $400 million to develop a giant dirigible that will float 65,000 feet above the Earth for 10 years, providing unblinking and intricate radar surveillance of the vehicles, planes and even people below ” (extract from article).


Digital Journal.com ” UFO formation in South Africa filmed by cops

Twenty three lights moved steadily in the night-sky of Witbank, South Africa on Friday March 6 2009 — and scores of residents in nearby Middelburg also saw them. They called in the police, who filmed the odd formation of lights on their cellphones ” (extract from article).  the video can be seen here .


Metro.us ” Investigators busy with UFO sightings

“I’m spending almost two hours a night on these sightings in Bucks County,” John Ventre of the Pennsylvania chapter of the Mutual UFO Network said last week. “This wave that [started] the second half of last year was incredible.”
Over 100 sightings since June more suited for Fox and Mulder than local police departments have attracted the attention of the Discovery and History channels
” (extract from article).


McGill Daily ” Prof talks UFO science

As Donderi explained, however, one of the major problems in the study of UFOs is that even if one establishes the reliability of eyewitness accounts to form empirical evidence, there are limits to what can be explained given our current understanding of the universe.
Dr. Albert Bregman, Emeritus Professor from McGill Psychology, for example, remarked during the question period at the end of the lecture that UFOs defy our notions of Newtonian physics
” (extract from article).



Inventorspot.com “ Morristown UFO: Close Encounter of the Jersey kind? ” (unsure of exact date of posting)



Denver Post ” Skeptical UFO investigator has feet on ground, eyes on sky

UFO field investigator Chuck Zukowski likes to think of himself as a skeptic.
He won’t throw his UFO detective gear into his truck (license plate: UFONUT) and go out to the middle of nowhere just because someone reported a few glowing orbs over a field.
“Cattle mutilations I’ll go out for, but orbs? They have to have some sort of documentation — a photo, a video,” he said recently as he pulled his Nissan Xterra up to Ute Valley Park
” (extract from article). For some reason, reposted on the 28th as ” UFO investigator finds mystery at CO Springs Park “.


Times of India “ UFO blip leaves airport officials foxed

The unidentified aircraft or object was spotted on the airport radar at 3.45 am on Th-ursday. Sources said there was only a Cathay Pacific overfli-ght scheduled for the time and in that direction. “But the fli-ght showed a separate blip. What’s more, we had communication problems with the Ca-thay Pacific pilot during the time the mystery blip was on screen,” said an air controller ” (extract from article). It tries to tie in the recent London sighting, which is not really relavent, and is almost certainly a fake anyway.



Times Of Malta ” What’s the mysterious light in the sky ?

ufo-malta2009orvenusAccording to eyewitnesses, the light is brighter than anything else in the sky and appears to hover lower than passing planes. It moves westwards generally but, according to eyewitnesses, on March 13, the light started moving erratically ” (extract from article). Later on it mentions:

Local astronomers, who have their eyes riveted to the sky, have not seen anything out of the ordinary, the vice-president of the Astronomical Society of Malta Alexei Pace said. Mr Pace, who has seen photos of the light, said it is likely to be Venus, currently the brightest object in the sky and visible as soon as the sky starts to darken after sunset ” (extract from article).

The Mercury.com.au ” UFO lights a riddle

”  UNUSUAL lights that sparked a wave of concern were probably a meteor or space junk, a Tassie UFO hunter says.
Keith Roberts said the unusual trail of lights seen speeding across the sky on Saturday afternoon was most likely a natural phenomenon.
But the source of the mystery lights remains unknown.
Police took dozens of calls about 1.30pm from people around the state who saw the lights heading south
” (extract from article).



Mirro.co.uk ” ET found on google street view ” [or not?]

e-t-on-streetview-pic-caters-image-1-992552436Next to what appears to be a beam of light there is a hazy figure shaped just like the film alien ET ” (extract from article). oh how nice! sorry will stop now…

The Pueblo Chieftain Online ” Two more cows found mutilated

doc49c9c77fd52be237541343A cow on a ranch near Walsenburg was found with its udders cut off and a calf on a ranch near Trinidad was found missing the entire center of its body as well as its ears.

A similar mutilation was discovered March 8 on a pasture near the Purgatoire River, just west of the small town of Weston. That cow was found dead by rancher Mike Duran with its udders and reproductive organs surgically removed from its body ” (extract from article).


Asia One News “ UFOs still electric hot


CRANE game machines, better known as UFOs or toy catchers, are catching on among the well-heeled and elderly here.
While those who flocked to the machines in the past were teens, amusement-arcade operators told my paper that they now see young executives, housewives and grandparents.
These people are responsible for a resurgence in the popularity of such machines, once a fad in the early 1990s
” (extract from article).

Greenwich Time ” The big boom in Stamford remains a mystery

20090326__st0327stboom01_300They were all wrong. But to this day no one knows what caused the “Stamford Boom” of Oct. 3, 1999.
In fact, the mystery has grown.
The boom shook houses near Stamford Hospital, in Hubbard Heights and downtown — and nowhere else.
Authorities ruled out earthquake, thunder, sonic boom, a gas, sewer or transformer explosion, construction blasting and meteors.
In the days that followed, it got weirder
” (extract from article).


Associated Content.com ” Why are UFO sightings laughed at and mocked ?

If you have even heard anyone discuss the issue of UFOs then you know that it is often met with a great deal of skeptics and people wanting to mock the subject. However when you look at the numbers of UFO sightings is it really that far fetched to at least be open to the notion? ” (extract from article).


New York Times ” Space shuttle lands in Florida

29shuttle600The shuttle Discovery glided to a hazy Florida landing on Saturday, leaving the International Space Station behind in orbit with a complete set of solar arrays and a repaired water recycling system ” (extract from article).


SF Gate ” Country star Merle Haggard stands tall ” in this article, there is a reference to UFOs:

dd-merle29_ph6_0499930935_tHe believes in UFOs. He thinks the government has a secret project spraying mysterious gases from planes that dehydrate the snowpack.

He doesn’t mince words. He is Merle Haggard, and he doesn’t care what you think.

He pays detractors no mind. “I rest my case in my mind by realizing that I’m intelligent and they’re stupid,” he says ” (extract from article).

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***Third instalment of Uk UFO Files by MOD available to download NOW (march 21st 2009) ***

Posted by dandare on March 22, 2009

secretfileThe third instalment of the UFO files, covering the years 1989 to 1993, are available to be downloaded online from the MOD, at the National Archives website ( seven to be made available to download over a 3 year period).

The Ministry Of Defence will make these available to be downloaded for the next month only…. then a fee will need to be paid to download them after this date. So please go and download them as soon as possible please ( i am however, working on placing the files on a downloadable site, to make available to all, but this is a work in progress).

ufo-headerThe download page is available from http://ufos.nationalarchives.gov.uk/ .

The files contain a wide range of UFO-related documents covering the years 1987–1993. If you want to find out more about close encounters over Heathrow Airport, alien abductions, stray satellites – and what the UK Government thought of it all – then this is the place to be. The files are in PDF format ” (extract from article).

A brief description of the files can be seen here .

I will also add media + video  links to this as and when available.

MEDIA Response:

BBC ” MOD took UFO sighting seriously ” (posted 22nd March, 2009)

A photo of a UFO hovering next to an RAF jet over Scotland was treated seriously, newly-released Ministry of Defence files show.
Officials briefed ministers on the sighting of a diamond-shaped object near Pitlochry, Perthshire, in 1990.
A memo suggested the media be told “no definite conclusions” could be reached
” (extract from article).

Also ” UFO files reveal close encounter

uk-ufofilesstaffs1987A boomerang-shaped object seen from an airport control tower and a woman’s encounter with an “alien” are among the secrets revealed in official UFO files.
The woman reported seeing a glowing, spherical object rise into the air in Norwich after meeting a man who said he came from a planet similar to Earth
” (extract from article).

Dr David Clarke’s post ” National Archives release UFO files #3 ” (posted 21st march, 2009)

What’s more, it’s clear from the scribbles visible on these papers that details of the individual sightings they contained were entered into a computerised database which DI55 were secretly using to search for patterns in sighting data. (See DEFE 31/176/1, pages 337 onwards). I hope to post more on this topic later ” (extract from article).

Telegraph ” Revealed: How the government probed Britain’s greatest UFO mystery ” (posted 21st march 2009)

ufo_1370335c The files also show that officials had planned to study systematically a sample of more than 100 unexplained sightings in the hope that they might be able to provide a rational explanation of what was happening. But defence chiefs subsequently blocked the move for fear it would be a public relations disaster ” (extract from article).

Telegraph “ UFO alien sketches include banana with dangling limbs ” (posted 22nd march, 2009)

ufoflying-banana_1370525c The drawings include a blue banana-shaped object with dangling human-like arms and legs, seen in London in 1989.
Another sketch, by a 65-year-old housewife, shows a circle of flashing red lights surrounding a constant red light which she saw in the early hours of June 21 1984 over Highwood, south of Uttoxeter, Staffordshire
” (extract from article).

Heraldsun.com (Melbourne) ” British defence ministry briefed on UFO sighting” (posted 22nd march, 2009)

BRITAIN’S defence ministry was so alarmed by reports of a UFO sighting nearly 20 years ago, it took the unusual step of briefing ministers, according to secret files released today ” (extract from article).

The Guardian ” New UFO secrets are revealed in MOD files ” 22nd march, 2009)

The most intriguing incident involving such a craft occurred at 9pm on 4 August 1990, at Calvine, a remote hamlet near Pitlochry in Scotland. According to the brief details released by the MoD, witnesses saw a diamond-shaped UFO hovering for about 10 minutes before it disappeared upwards at high speed. During the incident, Harrier jump jets were seen making a number of low-level passes. Colour photographs reveal both the UFO and at least one of the jets ” (extract from article).

The Times “ Is that a flying saucer? No, it’s a stealth bomber“(posted 22nd march, 2009)

At the end of the cold war, the Ministry of Defence was worried that America was developing mysterious planes but not telling its closest ally. Staff at department DI55 of the Defence Intelligence Staff logged and investigated hundreds of sightings by pilots, air-traffic controllers and private individuals who believed they had seen an alien presence ” (extract from article). Also see Times archive here .

Scotland on Sunday ” Close encounters of Pitlochry kind ” (posted 22nd march, 2009)

A former MoD official who investigated the case told Scotland on Sunday that despite strenuous efforts they could find no earthly explanation for the craft.
Witnesses reported seeing a large, diamond-shaped object hanging in the air next to a RAF Harrier above the A9 at Calvine, north of Pitlochry, on August 4
” (extract from article).

alienssCNN.com (Europe) ” Dog walker met man from another planet “(posted 22nd march, 2009)

British military investigators interviewed a woman who claimed to have met a man from another planet while she was walking her dog, newly released Ministry of Defence files have revealed.
The woman said she had been approached by a man with a “Scandinavian-type accent” dressed in a flying suit-style outfit while out walking on a sports field near Norwich, eastern England, in 1989
” (extract from article).

Worthing Herald ” MOD briefed ministers over hovering UFO ” (posted 22nd March, 2009)

A spate of UFO sightings above London were explained by the presence of an airship advertising a car, newly-released documents reveal.
The reports in 1993 were put down to the brightly-illuminated craft which was advertising the Ford Mondeo above the city
” (extract from article).

Radio Netherlands “ UK government took UFOs seriously in 1980s ” (posted 22nd march 2009) short article.

Daily Star ” OFFICIAL: UFOs landed in East Anglia ” (posted 22nd march,2009 )

Other close encounters includ a mysterious diamond object, above, seen over Calvine, near Pitlochry in Scotland, on August 4, 1990.
The UFO hung in the air next to an RAF Harrier for about ten minutes before taking off at high speed.
Military investigators were so concerned they commissioned artists to make drawings of the craft
” (extract from article).

The Australian “ UFOs or the old spy in the sky trick? ” (posted 22nd march,2009 )

The files settle a long-standing UFO conspiracy theory on the death of American fighter pilot Captain William Schaffner during an exercise over the North Sea in 1970. To the distress of his family, some have claimed that officials covered up a sinister incident possibly involving a UFO. The files include the RAF’s official inquiry into the crash, which concluded Schaffner’s Lightning fighter had brushed the sea during a delicate, low-speed manoeuvre. When he tried to eject, the cockpit canopy remained stuck because of poor maintenance, and Schaffner was believed to have drowned ” (extract from article). Similar facts to those above.

clipart_skyspace_astronauts_003The Independent “ UFO: secret records show there were almost 1,200 mysterious sightings between 1987 and 1993 ” (posted 22nd march, 2009)

The MoD said it recorded each sighting to help ministers answer questions from MPs in Parliament – but they were always kept on paper. Notes from March 1988 show that the plan for a full computerised database was spiked. A memo sent to staff said it “contravened” statements from ministers saying UFOs did not pose a threat to the UK and resources would not be diverted to investigate incidents ” (extract from article).

The Sunday Mercury ” UFO pilot death accidental says Ministry Of Defence ” (posted 22nd march, 2009)

Softpedia.com “ UK release archive UFO files ” (posted 23rd march, 2009)

uk-releases-archive-ufo-files-2Around 1992, on a coastal road in Louth, Lincolnshire, several persons witnessed what they termed a UFO sighting. Reportedly, many of them stopped their cars, and stepped out of the vehicles in order to analyze the large, triangular object that was looming overhead, and which sported three lights on its body. When the crowd got too big, the craft simply zipped away, at more than 500 mph, towards the Northwest ” (extract from article).

Daily Mail ” Aliens? No, just the pentagon playing with its latest toys ” (posted 23rd march, 2009)

article-1163909-040a9e49000005dc-93_468x516Their theory was that our American allies had been building and testing stealth aircraft and spy planes without telling us.
In fact, in many cases they were probably right.
A series of simple, almost childish drawings produced by some of the witnesses have just been released from secret files
” (extract from article).

Daily Mirror “ UFO buzzed RAF jet ” (posted 23rd march, 2009)

The star ” Defence chief’s ignoring UFOs ” (posted 23rd march, 2009)

A SHEFFIELD Hallam University lecturer says newly-released government files show the Ministry of Defence is “not in the slightest bit interested in aliens”.
David Clarke, a UFO expert and journalism lecturer, said documents released by National Archives reveal military investigators tasked with probing a huge number of possible sightings focused instead on Russian activity
” (extract from article).

Videos from previous UK UFO files released in 2008:

Previous instalment posts (from this blog) can be found from Second batch and first batch . Also first batch included in here (for media response).

Also some more background information to this can be found here .

it is interesting to see how they all respond to the news… some are predictable (and poor) others inaccurate, and uninterested, but a few are more insiteful.

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UK UFO sightings [March 2009] Updated regularly

Posted by dandare on March 16, 2009


I will try and keep this up to date, with all information from the UK.

Please check back from time to time, as this will be updated regularly…If you see something that i have missed, please contact me (thanks)…..

There has been an explosion of UK UFO activity this year, mainly due to the Sun (tabloid UK newspaper) who think they are the UFO EXPERTS, seeming to print anything remotely to do with UFOs (with no facts/sensationalism and mostly no TRUTH). Unfortunately, this now seems to be spreading to other National newspapers.

dandare_avatar_created1Are they eventually going to make UFOLOGY a complete joke?

So, many of the sightings reported are sensationalized, with usually alot of information missing.

Please keep this in mind as you view these postings from the local and national press.

I’m afraid many also fail to follow up on their initial leads, and many reports just remain forgotten.

morecambeufojan09Some incidents could be UFO balloons (please see:  https://dandare.wordpress.com/2007/05/19/ufo-balloons-what-are-they/ for more details, from a previous article). There are also many other IFOs ( Identified Flying Objects they could be as well).

However, as i have said before, i am not sure what value they are to any UFO research.

Also, it must be said that everytime the MOD release UFO sightings, the press have a field day.


Contactmusic.com ” Robbie Williams – Williams joins local UFO club ” (short article).

robbieThe former Take That singer is now a member of Swindon UFO Research, close to his home in the Cotswolds, England.
He has previously spent time stargazing from observatories in the Arizona desert, and is eager to pursue his hobby closer to home, according to British tabloid The People
” (extract from article).


Wigan Today “ Flaming UFO seen over Wigan ” (short article).

Shoreham Herald ” Silent high-speed UFOs seen over Shoreham?

Nick Middleton saw what initially appeared to be a flock of birds flying south down The Drive, Shoreham, at 2.30pm on Sunday, March 1.
However, when he looked more carefully he realised the six to 10 objects he saw were anything but birds
” (extract from article).

chris-williamsdisplayGazette & Herald ” Wiltshire UFO and ghost investigators launch paranormal hotline ” ## (refers to the same subject matter/ similar article)

”  From today a 24 hour response line is being operated by Swindon UFO Research and Wiltshire Phenomena Research for anyone those who have experienced something unusual and wish to report their experiences in a confidential manner.

A spokesman said: “A member of the response centre will return their call and offer their advice based on their knowledge of their retrospective fields of study”
” (extract from article).

Swindon Advertiser “ UFOs turn out to be chinese lanterns

img_front_pg1The glowing orbs seen hovering above Stratton on February 22 were in fact 40 Chinese lanterns released in memory of tragic Gary Lane who died after being in collision with a car in Ermin Street in October last year ” (extract from article).


Salisbury Journal ” UFO hotline launched ” ##

In the future,  they plan to extent the areas that will be covered by the hotline.

Lancashire Telegraph ” Water link to Rossendale UFO sightings ” (very short article).

Pat Regan, who was filmed for a show called UFO Hunters, which airs on the US History Channel, believes he may have found a link to the unusual activity above Rossendale ” (extract from article).

This is Local London ” Chesham UFO riddle solved ” ** (Article about same incident/ event).ufo-chinese-lantern-mysterydisplay

Three bright orange lights which seemed to disappear were spotted flying over Great Hivings by resident Ian Knight on February 14.
But they were actually Chinese glow lanterns released by Joanne Collins at a friend’s house in Berkeley Avenue – half a mile away
” (extract from article).


Strathspey Herald ” Close encounters of the Strath kind

A WHITE light which grows brighter and fades away at irregular intervals is the latest UFO to appear in the skies over Badenoch and Strathspey ” (extract from article).

This is Sussex ” Star – gazer spots bright orange UFO above Crawley

”  AN AMATEUR astronomer who was stunned to see three burning orange objects in the sky thinks they were UFOs.
Adam Smith, of Steyning Close, Northgate, was standing in his garden in the early hours of Sunday morning when he noticed the first Unidentified Flying Object passing through the sky above his house.
The 27-year-old said: “I was in my back garden having a cigarette at about 12.10am when I looked up and saw this bright orange ball.
“It looked like a satellite burning up in the atmosphere at first but it kept on going.
“It was so bright it looked like it was on fire. My girlfriend freaked out a bit because she thought a plane was on fire
” (extract from article).




Kent news ” UFO sightings on the rise above town ” (short article)

Ashford is proving a hotspot for UFO sightings.
After a recent sighting of a white orb hanging in the sky in Singleton another sighting has been made in Great Chart
” (extract from article).

Burnley Express “ UFO mystery solved

An embarrassed Mrs Derbyshire explained: “When we saw the photograph we had a chuckle to ourselves because we knew immediately the UFO was a helium balloon we had bought for Hannah’s 13th birthday. It had floated away from our house but we kept quiet ” (extract from article).

Helensburgh Advertiser ” Reports on more mystery lights spark UFO theories

She told the Advertiser: “It was too fast for a plane or a bird and I thought it might have been a shooting star.”
One theory, however, is that the mysterious light were Chinese lanterns set off to celebrate birthdays
” (extract from article).

Croydon Advertiser ” UFOs spotted over Thornton Heath

Every night the Trafford Road resident sees the unexplained orbs high above the flight path of airplanes, hovering for hours at a time ” (extract from article).





This is Local London ” Chalfont UFO call brings out five police officers ” **

The pair were soon joined in the bedroom by five officers, who were trying to work out where the flaming debris had landed.
Mrs Jones added: “I couldn’t believe it. It was a bit like the Keystone Cops. All I couldn’t help but think it was getting a bit ridiculous.
“They were getting really into it, pulling out maps and chatting on the radio to each other trying to work out what it was and where it came down.
“They obviously didn’t have much on that night.”
” (extract from article). Later on, the UFOs became IFOs (Identified Flying Objects) – chinese Lanterns, let off at a party.

Bury Free Press ” UFO mystery in Bury St Edmunds

Mystery surrounds a strange orange object that was spotted in the skies above Bury St Edmunds last week.
The oval-shaped UFO was seen by a Bury man, who did not want to be named, above Angel Hill at around 10.55pm on Thursday
” (extract from article).


Selby Times ” UFO spotters say truth is out there after Burn sighting

Ron and Delilah Jeremy were outside their Burn Lane home on Wednesday afternoon last week when they spotted a silver object moving erratically in the sky ” (extract from article).


th1_12320094100309w167ufoSpalding Today “ Could mystery object above Gedney Hill be UFO ?

TWO schoolgirls believe they saw a UFO while playing outside and are keen to know if anyone else spotted the rugby-ball shaped object in the sky on Sunday ” (extract from article).

St Helens Reporter ” More UFO sightings over St Helens

th1_113200931ufo-2A stargazer claims he spotted a UFO hovering over Victoria Park last month – and he’s got photo evidence to prove it.
The St Helens man, who asked not to be identified, says he saw a glowing disc in the sky over the North Road entrance top the park
” (extract from article).

Matlock Mercury ” UFO spotted in Wirksworth

He claims a silent craft descended from high altitude at about 60 degrees and performed a loop very close to the ground before climbing back into the air at another 60 degrees.
The object formed a ‘V’ shape in the sky
” (extract from article).

Louth Leader ” VIDEO UPDATE: Nick Pope on weird filed circle and UFO theories

th1_1232009370-ll-ufo-circle-2COULD these images of a mysterious circular impression in a field be proof aliens have visited the Louth area?
Brinkhill’s UFO spotter Eric Goring, 68, visited the Louth Leader office again this week to show us these photographs he took on his camera
” (extract from article).



Shropshire Star ” More lights baffle UFO experts

Up to 30 Shropshire sightings of mysterious spheres of light have been logged by UFO experts in the last two months – with eight recorded in the last week.
Phillip Hoyle, of the UFO Investigation and Research Unit in Shrewsbury, is conducting an investigation into the phenomenon witnessed by dozens of county residents.
Reports of orange and white glowing spheres poured in this week
” (extract from article).



Liverpool Echo ” Coastguard recieves reports of UFO-style lights in Wirral sky

WIRRAL coastguard said it received a number of reports about strange lights in the sky in Noctorum.
A spokesman said they received two calls at around 8.40pm about a burning object at high altitude that broke up into pieces.
It is thought to have been a Chinese lantern
” (Full article).


This is the West Country “ Is this UFO an intergalactic visitor?

ufo-12display”  This image was sent in by reader Phil White whose son Bret spotted it from their back garden in Crowcombe Road at around 10.30pm on Sunday.
He said: “A golden bright light came from space out of the night sky, did some pretty weird movements then sped off towards the motorway
” (extract from article).

Yorkshire Evening Post ” Our strange encounter ” (short article).


Daily Mail “ Lights in the sky: Builder on rooftop snaps four UFOs flying over London

ufomarchlondondailymailMr Burden, 40, said: ‘I was waiting for some materials to arrive so I thought I would step out onto the balcony to have a cup of tea. I was 16 floors up and I thought I would take some pictures of the view for my wife who doesn’t get to come to London much.

‘I didn’t notice anything at the time because I was focusing on getting in all the sights but when I showed Sarah that weekend she said “What are those lights in the corner?”‘
Mr Burden, from Luton, said the lights are not any kind of reflection, claiming he took the picture outside with no office lights behind him.

He added: ‘The picture clearly shows four saucers all the same size. I’ve shown loads of the guys on the building sites and they’re all amazed
” (extract from article).
I’m afraid i’m going to have to intervene here (i do not usually comment, but prefer for you to make up your own minds) , and state the obvious….. what is your gut instinct when you look at this photo; yes i’m afraid it’s a reflection of lights… you can even see where the ceiling should be.

Sorry, this is not a UFO. Next.

The News (Portsmouth) ” Mourners celebrate life of UFO authority ” with video.


This is Local London ” Meet Gunter, Purley’s own UFO hunter

cr25510-07display”  The truth is out there but perhaps closer than you think according to Gunter, a self-proclaimed UFO hunter.
Purley resident Gunter Hofer, has been researching unidentified flying objects for more than a decade.
Formerly a native of Zimbabwe, Gunter started investigating UFOs after a chance meeting with the world renowned African UFO expert, Cynthia Hind
” (extract from article).

Tavistock Today ” Is the UFO mystery solved


Get Reading ” What were lights in the sky over Tilehurst ?

A woman watched “in awe” as bright lights “like embers on a fire” flew through the sky above Tilehurst.
Now Jo Heighway wants to know if any one else spotted the suspected UFOs around midnight on Saturday
” (extract from article).

Shropshire Star ” Schoolgirl films UFO sighting ” + video.

Mail Online ” A close encounter of the blurred kind: Tourist snaps UFO cloud

article-1163330-03fe3076000005dc-358_634x502 Swooping high over snow-capped peaks against a stunning sky of blue, it looks for all the world like an invading alien saucer.
But there’s no need to run for cover or call up Mulder and Scully just yet. For the meteorologists, of course, have a more prosaic explanation
” (extract from article).


The Sun ” RAF UFO spotted by teen ” with video.


The third instalment of the UFO files, covering the years 1989 to 1993, are available to be downloaded online from the MOD, at the National Archives website ( seven to be made available to download over a 3 year period). The Ministry Of Defence will make these available to be downloaded for the next month only…

For full details please see my post here . Previous instalment post can be found from Second batch and first batch . Also first batch included in here (for media response).

Also some more background information to this can be found here .


Wales Online ” UFO sighting in Wales ” (video from this is included below.

Telegraph ” UFOs may be light show

Derek Burdon was left stunned when he took a scenic picture of the UK capital then noticed four flying saucers on the far right of the picture.
Mr Burdon took the photographs 16 floors up on the roof top of Orion House in Covent Garden in the morning
” (extract from article). Same photo as the article from the Mail on the 18th March (above).


Horncastle News ” UFO spotted over West Ashby

”  Darren Hancock, who lives in the village, told the News he witnessed a carrot shaped object moving through the skies in the direction of Coningsby.
He said he saw it at about 8pm and it was white with a greenish colour at the front
” (extract from article).

Evening Leader “ Wrexham woman thought aliens were coming after spotting UFO

A COUPLE have been left baffled by the identity of a set of strange lights they saw in the sky above their home near Wrexham on Sunday evening ” (extract from article).  Tallies with articles on the 26th and 27th (below) by the Evening Leader.


This is Wiltshire ” UFO report in Warminster

Orange orbs were spotted in the sky above Masefield Road in Warminster on Saturday night.
Police received reports from a concerned resident saying they had seen three silent orange orbs at about 1,000ft high at about 10pm
” (full article).

Whitehaven News ” UFO seen over Kells

The latest sighting occurred over Kells, Whitehaven, on Saturday March 14 when a strange light was seen in the sky ” (extract from short article).

This is Hampshire “ Strange case of the Councillor and the friendly alien wearing ballet shoes

encounterdisplay”  He said: “I was near The Works bookshop when I saw this strange woman, a humanoid walking with a penguin-like gait. She had very large prominent eyes and was twirling her hands in a circular motion.
“She seemed friendly and totally at ease with us. She wasn’t scared, she was smiling, and seemed to be enjoying herself among us. She walked very slowly up the High Street.
I remember she was very interested in the clock over Lloyds Bank. She was taking it all in
” (extract from article).

This is Croydon ” Retired train driver takes photo of UFOs flying over Croydon

Silent orange specks travelling in formation across the sky above Addiscombe have left a retired train driver wondering whether Croydon was flown over by UFOs this weekend.
The 12 eerie objects – three of which Geoffrey Dunkley caught on camera – travelled in an easterly direction between 7.45pm and 7.55pm on Sunday
” (extract from article).


Fenland Citizen ” Another Fenland UFO sighting

A man, who does not want to be named but lives in the Walsoken area, said he has gone from being a complete sceptic to being open-minded after his experience on Mothering Sunday (March 22) when he spotted a series of ‘strange orange lights’ in the sky over the Smeeth, Outwell and Emneth area ” (extract from article).

Evening Leader ” UFO sightings continue to occur in Wrexham

clipart_scifi_spaceships_003 The man said: “At first there was just one of them, then another two of these things went over our home, followed by another two.
“As they passed overhead some of them just seemed to vanish into thin air but one or two of them appeared to shoot off at high speed.”
The man’s wife said: “I really thought aliens were coming to get me
” (extract from article).


Evening Leader ” Memorial celebration solves Wrexham UFO mystery

ufo-lantern444444Now the mystery of the lights has been solved by Karen Phillips, of Wellington Road, Wrexham, who told us what so many people saw in the night sky were the Chinese lanterns – or sky lanterns – she and friends released on Sunday evening to mark the birthday of her late daughter.
Rhian Ellen Phillips, 22, died in a tragic accident when she fell from a bridge in Brisbane, Australia 11 months ago
” (extract from article).

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On this Day, 12 years ago …. The ‘Pheonix Lights’.

Posted by dandare on March 13, 2009

phoenix19971As reported by the KTAR.com ” Twelve years later, debate continues over ‘Pheonix lights’ ”  (posted 13th march, 2009). It mentions

The lights were reported March 13, 1997, during a three-hour period, between 7:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. in a space of about 300 miles, from the Nevada-Arizona line, through Phoenix, to the edge of Tucson. There were two distinct events — a triangular formation of lights seen to pass over Arizona and a series of stationary lights seen in the Phoenix area ” (extract from article).

Below i have added links and videos to this event: There were those that believe that the phenomena was of alien design, those who believed that they were military flares; others who believed they were a stealth blimp. Will we ever find out what they really were ?

For an interesting report on the Pheonix Lights please see  NUFORC.org

At approximately 6:55 p.m. (Pacific) on Thursday, March 13, 1997, a young man in Henderson, Nevada, reportedly witnessed a V-shaped object, with six large lights on its leading edge, approach his position from the northwest and pass overhead.  In his subsequent written report to the National UFO Reporting Center, he described it as appearing to be quite large, approximately the “size of a (Boeing) 747”, and said that it generated a sound which he equated to that of “rushing wind.”  It continued on a straight line toward the southeast and disappeared from his view over the horizon.

This sighting is perhaps the earliest of a complex series of events that would take place during the next 2-3 hours over the states of Nevada, Arizona, and possibly New Mexico, and which would quickly become known as the “Phoenix Lights” sightings.  It involved sightings by tens, or perhaps even hundreds, of thousands of witnesses on the ground, and it gave rise to a storm of controversy over what had caused the event ” (extract from article).

phoenixlights1997modelAlso a very informative article entitled:


by Bruce Maccabee, originally posted Sept. 30, 1998; updated to March, 2002 can be seen here ….in which he believes they were flares?

one large article against flares and other usual suspects (ie swamp gas, meteors,ect) being the cause, is steve Lantz  in “The Pheonix Lights…. Debunking the Debunkers“.

Also see Wikipedia here , The Why Files here

and also UFO Evidence here for a wealth of links and information.

Please also see my archived posts on the pheonix lights (with videos) at:


(extract from december 2007 post )

To start off with, we have discovery channel’s UFOs over Pheonix: Video analysts Examine a UFO sighting at:



(30’ish minutes long).

For the UFO seen at Pheonix in 2008 please see my post here

Please feel free to leave comments.

What do you believe was in the sky? do military flares answer the mystery? what else could it be?

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World UFO Update [February 2009] ….

Posted by dandare on March 2, 2009

Welcome to World UFO Update……


Whats happened around the UFO world, in February 2009 (mainly articles that have caught my eye).

Firstly   ….I apologize, as yet again, i am behind on the World UFO updates for Feb 2009….i will try and catch up within the next couple of days….so please come back and check for full february listings at a later date…thanks.

JAN-FEB 2009 …. Fatemag.com  ”  ” The UFO mystery caller” BY James O’Brien

An Amesbury, Massachusetts, man and his 19-year-old nephew watched a silver, metallic disk cross the skies over Interstate 95 in Byfield, Massachusetts, on a clear morning in June. As it passed over the man’s car, the object changed shape and then disappeared ” (extract from article).




PilotOnline.com ” EXPERT: Portsmouth key fob problem likely will remain mystery

Miller wondered whether the Navy might have jammed frequencies in Portsmouth. “Your guess is as good as mine,” he said. Readers who commented on the story at PilotOnline.com blamed everything from the military to UFOs to a local politician.
David Carter of Ocean View, a contractor who was working last Monday morning at the naval shipyard, said his key fob stopped working in the shipyard
” (extract from article). Definately a different type of problem to the normal incidents; does the Navy hold the key to this mystery.


alienssgothamist.com ” Mysterious northern lights spotted over NYC last Night

I saw something weird in the sky last night, and a bunch of other people did, too.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a U.F.O. person, nor do I think that’s what I saw. I’m just very curious to figure out what exactly it was. I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation of some kind ” (extract from article).


Northern Territory News ” Territory UFOs on 20 year round trip

A TERRITORY woman says strange lights spotted flying over Borroloola late last year had also been seen in the area 20 years ago.
Robyn Doddrell, 55, who now lives in Humpty Doo, was living and working in Borroloola in February 1989 when she said the bright orange lights descended on the town
” (extract from article).


BCLocalNewscom ” Aliens among us? George Noory talks UFOs

Noory hosts Coast to Coast AM, one of the most popular syndicated radio shows in North America, heard on over 500 stations. His topics are the unexplained and the paranormal, from crop circles to Bigfoot theories to UFO sightings ” (extract from article).

BCLocalNews.com ” UFO sightings: I believe there is life out there ” (with video).

book_signing_008HuntingtonNews.net ” BOOK NOTES: Author and ‘Ufologist’ Kyle Lovern reports increased UFO sightings across Tri-state since his book was published

Williamson-based author Kyle Lovern notes that he has been getting “an astonishing number” of “fresh phone calls” from people claiming to see unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and alien findings since last fall’s release of his book “Appalachian Case Study: UFO Sightings, Alien Encounters and Unexplained Phenomena” ” (extract from article).



greek-planeUFO Digest.com ” Amazing UFO incident involving Greek Air Force and Airplane “……….. other references to the same incident will be labelled with [B].

I will need to read up on all the facts, before being able to comment on this incident (will probably do a blog post on this at a later date).

A remarkable UFO incident that occurred in the skies over Athens over a year ago but was kept secret by the Greek Aviation Authority and the Greek Air Force has recently come to light and is receiving extensive media coverage in Greece ” (extract from article).


The Sun ” Amazing UFO spot file leaked[B]

The report says the captain of Olympic Airways flight 266 from Athens to London spotted an extremely unusual object moving erratically to the west of Athens.
The object was star-like in appearance however much brighter and larger with a constantly shifting shape.
Meanwhile the captains of Olympic Airways flights 730 to Kos and 700 to Rhodes reported the SAME THING
” (extract from article).

gogreece.com “ Weird Greece – A UFO in Greece ” …..  [B]


The Sun ” Little Greek men[B]

” The stunned captain reported seeing the weird, brightly-lit object after taking off from the Greek capital.
He radioed the control tower to ask if there was another plane close by
” (extract from article).

menu-canadas-ufos-the-search-for-the-unknown-library-and-archives-canada_1234980731703Daily Star ” Cover up as 3 pilots see UFO[B]

UFO fever has gripped Europe after an “alien craft” was seen by three airline pilots and military crew.
Experts believe the three-hour sighting is one of the most credible ever recorded.

Greek authorities have now been accused of trying to “hush up” the close encounter
” (extract from article).

Telegraph.co.uk ” Fighter jet scrambled after UFO follows plane from Athens[B]

Two fighter jets were sent to investigate the sighting over the Greek capital in November 2007 but the object shot up into the sky and vanished before they could get a clear view ” (extract from article).

UPI.com ” Kansas photo raises UFO questions [A]

” The object came out of the clouds really fast. It sounded kind of like a jet but much, much softer and had a whirling sound with it,” the man said. “I only got off one shot because it was really close before I realized it was something different. It went back upward, much like a jet, and was gone” ” (extract from article). I do not usually comment on many of these posts/articles (leaving it up to you to decide) , but in this case i’m going to make an exception; the photo is quite clearly a bird (possibly a crow), that has blurring in the act of taking the photo. Of course you can disagree with me if you like? other articles referring to the same sighting i will refer to with an [ A ]

kansascity.com ” Odd object photographed in skies near Wichita ” (short article) [A]

DE Void ” UFO chaser to Obama: Open the books


Chicago News Bench ” Updated x2: UFO fleet over Chicago ? Feb 8, 2009



Kane County Chronicle ” A UFO in Geneva ” (short article). In the comments, it is suggested that what they saw was Venus.

Chicago News Bench “ Chicago UFO mystery solved ” and the updated readers reaction to this can be seen here .




De Void ” Free at last

Earl Fulford was one of many who went public two years ago, in a book called “Witness to Roswell” by Don Schmitt and Thomas Carey. He was stationed at Roswell Army Air Field in 1947 when he was ordered into the so-called UFO debris field for cleanup detail ” (extract from article).


alienNew Scientist ” Alien hunt is too exciting to ignore

It sometimes seems that for the past 30 years NASA and other agencies have gone out of their way to make space exploration seem as dull as possible. It should take the opportunity to turn the tables while it still has a budget ” (extract from article).


Metro News ” A paranormal pilgrimage to the Hoia- Baciu Forest

metro-2009Dubbed the Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania, theforest first gained international attention in 1968, when biologist Alexandru Sift captured a photo of what’s said to be a disc-shaped UFO. Since then, UFOs, apparitions, abnormalities on photos, nocturnal lights and other unusual things have been regularly reported in the area ” (extract from article).


columbian.com ” Object in sky has observer stumped

Experts don’t believe what Kent saw was a UFO either, but said it’s likely space debris or a fireball, otherwise known as a brighter-than-normal meteor. The National Weather Service didn’t have reports of anyone else seeing the object ” (extract from article).

lufkindailynews09LufkinDailyNews.com “ Man claims he saw strange object in sky over LP mill

Gardner described the flying object as a large white circle with a ball on the top and a white light shining onto the ground. At first, jets could be seen flying across the sky before the object appeared, but Gardner quickly realized what he was looking at was no jet ” (extract from article).

NJ.com ” Jersey journal front and back page news for 19th Feb, 2009 ” (short post).njcomfeb09

The UFO that crashed into the roof of a Jersey City moving company was a part from a mulching machine that was being operated 1,000 yards away ” (extract from article).

The Charlotte Post “ ET, phone home?


Independent.ie  ” We are in the grip of an alien invasion, and i don’t mean the ones from Albania ” [ mentions UFO sightings are up, and gives examples; for instance from Greece, Lincolnshire + Texas. It also gives examples from Ireland].

The parallels between belief in UFOs and belief in religion are innumerable and obvious — people see or experience something which defies instant explanation and they immediately assume it fits into their belief system. And, like religion, there is no shortage of shysters out there ready and willing to relieve stupid people of their money ” (extract from article).

The Star.com “ Venus puts on brilliant performance

Venus, which is the brightest celestial body after the sun and moon, is most often mistaken for a UFO.
But Venus doesn’t move or emit colours, Poirier said. “It’s the atmosphere playing all kinds of tricks on light and it causes Venus to look as if it’s shifted or changed colour”
” (extract from article).

Daily Record.com ” Red lights not a joke

Authorities are no longer laughing at the “mysterious” red lights above Morris County. The lights, which could be flares attached to balloons, have appeared periodically all winter. The most recent sighting was Tuesday night where the lights caused some drivers to stop their cars on Route 80 to get a better look.
The idea behind the lights is to simulate UFO sightings. Those with experience in this craft have told the Daily Record that the pranks are fairly common and that they work
” (extract from article).

ufo-over-dubrovnik09Javno.com ” UFO spotted over Dubrovnik?

It is unusual that the same appearance was recorded in two consecutive photographs”

If it`s not UFO, the phenomenon is absolutely strange and interesting – Ogresta told the Dubrovacki list paper ” (extract from article).


Times Online ” Into space with camcorder – Kepler prepares to find ET’s home

On board the spacecraft, intended to be launched on March 5, will be the biggest camera ever put into space with an aperture a metre wide and a capacity of 95 million pixels to record what it sees, using the same technology that makes digital photography and home camcorders possible. Whereas ordinary cameras have detectors the size of a thumbnail, the ones used in Kepler are a square foot ” (extract from article).


The National “ Dodging debris at 700km

According to Nasa’s space debris information webpage, roughly 17,000 pieces of debris larger than 10cm orbit the Earth, and more than 200,000 pieces are believed to exist. However, there are probably more than “tens of millions” of particles smaller than 1cm in diameter which cannot be tracked.
Richard Crowther, a British space junk expert, said the resulting orbital debris would be flying around at about 750km to 800km above Earth
” (extract from article).

NECN ” Unusual light shines in Arizona’s night sky ” (including video).vlcsnap-842578

A Scottsdale resident reported seeing a light hovering over the city that could not be identified. One local astronomer said the most likely culprit is the Comet Lulin which can be seen from earth right now.
However, that comet is supposed to seen in the eastern sky. Saturday’s object was seen in the west
” (extract from article).


The National ” Aliens? Great balls of fire

Are aliens from another planet planning to settle in Argentina? The last few weeks have seen a flurry of reports in the area of what certainly seem like UFOs – that is, flying objects of an unidentified nature. Whether they are piloted by extraterrestrials is, however, quite a different matter ” (extract from article).

The Australian “ Believers demand CIA data on UFOs

High on the agenda at the 2009 International UFO Congress opening in Laughlin, Nevada, overnight will be the prospects for a breakthrough in a long and mostly frustrated quest to persuade the US Government to come clean about the CIA’s supposed contacts with extraterrestrial life over the past 50 years ” (extract from article).

Space.com ” Natural Explanation Found for UFOs

sprite-ufoTriangulation techniques have also allowed the researchers to calculate the dimensions of the sprites.
“The candles in the sprites are up to 15 miles high, with the cluster of candles 45 miles wide — it looks like a huge birthday celebration!” Price said
” (extract from article). I have an open mind, and it is good to add this as a possible explanation, but to say that its the be all and end all, is definately not true.

However, it must be said, unfortunately Space.com are writing from a biased point of view i’m afraid.

A similar article appears in EurekAlert (plus many other media outlets…too many to link here;many the same article repeated) ” A sprightly explanation for UFO sightings “.

Globe & Mail.com ” Former defence minister says UFO proof irrefutable

Hellyer believes, absolutely, that it is more “irrefutable” proof – even though he himself has yet to see a UFO no matter how often he looks up in the hopes of catching a glimpse of something unknown, perhaps unknowable.
“I haven’t seen the Taj Mahal, either,” says Hellyer.
“But I know it exists
” (extract from article). I hasten to add that he has a new book out soon, part of it is about UFOs.


Russia – IC.com ” A monument to UFO to be set up in Samara

The sculpture consisting of a “flying saucer” two “aliens” and two “space trees” will be constructed under control of the Samara’s authorities and occupy the area of 835 square meters ” (extract from article).



Examiner.com ” UFO shot straight up near Urbana, Ill

After a few shots, I turned to get back into my truck and something very very bright caught my attention out of the corner of my eye, so I turned and looked. I saw a round, oval white light in the field where I had just taken a picture ” (extract from article).

Daily Times.com ” Flying saucer spotted on Google earth

google-ufoThey followed the coordinates given by the satellite pictures, and found an abandoned water facility in woodland on the edge of a field ” (extract from article).


Courant.com “ Steps from the Turnpike, Nature with a viewsteps-from-the-turnpike-nature-with-a-view-courantcom_1236109756445

According to a history of the trail produced by the town’s parks and recreation department, there were numerous reports of UFOs over Cedar Mountain during the summer of 1965 and the fall of 1966.

Everyone who saw the objects reported the UFOs moving very slowly or bobbing up and down. A college professor eventually attributed the UFOs to lunardust, a theory at least some people doubted ” (extract from article).

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