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“The pale blue dot”-by Carl Sagan- (you tube video)

Posted by dandare on February 5, 2008

I thought i would post this you tube video here, as it just gets you thinking……and wondering.  It lasts just over 5 minutes. We are here: the pale blue dot   

The Pale Blue Dot: above : As told by Carl Sagan through some of the uploaders favorite films set to the music of Mogwai… i think it is very well done (some of my favorite films are here too).

see here for more about him.

This video shows us how small we are in the universe, among other things, and it makes you ponder about life/what if,ect ?


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UFO videos definately worth watching (more to follow)

Posted by dandare on January 23, 2008

Probably the most outstanding documentary on ufo’s “out of the blue” (a must watch video)   Please be aware that the page might take a while to load, due to the amount of videos on here…however, they probably will be fine…lol 

UFO The greatest story ever denied : a half decent video, however quite a few, must have ufo incidents are missing..

The secret NASA transmissions- the smoking gun : this will be debated for a long time? makes you wonder though.

Segment from ABC’s Peter Jenning’s broadcast of “UFOs: seeing is believing” (2005).

Dan Ackroyd and UFOs on CNN (june 9th,2006); he shares his views on UFOs- he inspires you to know more. (not sure after this interview- extra footage not of interest to me). The whole thing is just over 9 mins though.

Dan Ackroyd Unplugged on UFOs : a must watch video, which will get you thinking.

The case for NASA UFOs (part 2) unable to find part 1 : ufos captured on ultra-violet sensitive cameras, worth watching.

Fastwalkers : ufo and alien disclosure (2006) some of the interviewers are questionable? some inaccuracies, and some over the top remarks…. however, still worth watching; just keep this in mind though

Stan Friedman on UFO Frauds and Bob Lazar (2001)

UFOs and ETs encounter with 62 children in South Africa,1994 (on right hand side, is links to read about this) length of video 4minutes… (have no background information on this, so will read up on it)

UFO over montreal downtown- Canada (1990) video 1; picture quality not excellent, and a bit jeaky but worth watching; multiple witnesses (some suggest northern lights) 

Video 2

Although these videos can be seen at the present time, there is no guarantee that they will be there in the forseeable future… so if videos are unable to play, then i will endeavour/do my best to find new links to this, but may not be able too. Hope this opens your mind too all possibilities…obviously, yes videos are good to watch,but ideally, if you are really interested; then to get all the facts, try to seek out documentation and papers on the subjects involved…. I will be over the coming months try to add links to reliable sources….

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UFO conference (12th november 2007) video now available

Posted by dandare on January 8, 2008

 Following on from my update from the 13th november 2007 (see here for link and information), a 1hour 34 minute video is available (thanks to poster on google video for this). This video has also been added to the 13th november post as well.

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Seti@home needs you!!

Posted by dandare on January 5, 2008

Astronomy.com mentions that  “Volunteers needed to process data” (posted 3rd january 2008).

It mentions that “The longest-running search for radio signals from alien civilizations is getting a burst of new data from an upgraded Arecibo telescope, which means the SETI@home project needs more desktop computers to help the data” (extract from article). It later goes on to say that

“”The next generation SETI@home is 500 times more powerful then anything anyone has done before,” says project chief scientist Dan Werthimer. “That means we are 500 times more likely to find ET than with the original SETI@home” (extract from article).

For all the info see http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ 

Please also see here for another article. 

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UFO Update

Posted by dandare on December 30, 2007

Hello and welcome to the last Update of 2007…. hope you all had a great christmas and i wish you all a happy new 2008.

So what’s been going on, in the last week…. from the ufo front.


There is a new magazine coming out called “Alien Worlds“, and it will be on sale in febuary 2008 (thats in the UK…not sure about elsewhere). At the online website (see above link), there is also a wealth of information (including a forum). 

ufo online

At thecomet.net  (dated 27th december 2007), “Andrew’s started so he’ll finish” . Andrew (11 years old), was in a tv quiz called junior mastermind (BBC), and his chosen subject was the Roswell incident…..


From icwales.co.uk “UFOs are seen as a joke but it’s almost a certainty they exist” (posted 29th december,2007).  It mentions that : 

“Echo reporter LAURA WRIGHT delves into South Wales’ very own X Files…

SIGHTINGS of unidentified flying objects have soared in the last month, with at least two a week seen by airline pilots in South Wales “. Later on it adds

“And only four days ago, on the night of Christmas Day, a couple saw spherical orange lights in the sky above their home in the capital” (extracts from the article).


Again in Wales, in the dailypost.co.uk  (posted 29th december 2007) “Berwyn UFO puzzle to be solved at last“. The article is interesting due to this statement :

“Although the MoD would not confirm categorically the incident – widely dubbed the “Welsh Roswell” – would be in the documents, it said a large amount of material would be released. An MoD spokeswoman said: “There is no date set but it will be published next year. “It is going to take time because there are a lot of handwritten documents. (extract from article).


At CBC News “Couple films mystery dark spiral ” (posted 28th december,2007); they say

“I mean I didn’t think it was a UFO or anything but to me I thought something was in trouble, but it was going so slow. I mean it was at least a half an hour from the time we first spotted it till it went out of sight.” (extract from article).


At satellite -CATV News “UFO hits NASA satellite in space” (posted 27th december,2007).  “An unknown object apparently collided with a satellite with NASA Langley Research Center connections in November, sending several broken pieces flying into orbit” (extract from article.


At the daily news.lk “Extraterrestrial life” is worth a quick read (not sure when written, but within the last week), it is the second post down.

Website of the week:

Dr David Clarke 

Also of interest:

UFO casebook” (icWales-posted 29th december,2007)

Why shouldn’t there be something else out there ” (ic Wales again- 29th december,2007).


Until 2008……… Update wishes you all a happy new year……….

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UFO Update

Posted by dandare on December 10, 2007

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Sorry for the lateness of the update……

The Ufo week has been reasonably quiet…. this is what i have picked up on, though.

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To start us off, in chad.co.uk (posted 4th december,2007) it mentions “What were ‘balls of fire’ spotted in skies?“.

“Witnesses have described the glowing balls zig-zagging across the sky and moving too quickly to be fireworks, planes or helicopters.” (extract from article). Now the Ashfield Paranormal Investigation Team (TAPIT) have become involved, with people calling them up with sightings as well.  Further on in the article it says “The mysterious balls were first reported in the skies above Alfreton last month, but they returned on Saturday when Warsop resident Tim Palmer spotted an unusual object at around 3.30pm”.

The article from last month, can be seen here and the TAPIT site here .

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At baltimoresun.com (posted  9th december,2007) “Bel Air man writes of UFOs in wartime“. It is about a book being published by Keith Chester, called “Strange Company: Military encounters with UFOs in WWII”.

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ufodigest.com has a very interesting article on “Mystery of the Black Triangle UFOs” (posted 7th december,2007). The most telling part of the article comes at the end (after desciptions of triangular UFOs throughout the world, with the most well known cases quickly discussed; such as in Belgium).

It says “It would be irresponsible to completely rule out that at least some recent black triangle UFOs sightings are the result of secret, manmade aircraft using technology not yet known to civilian science. But considering the history of triangle-shaped UFO sightings, we cannot escape the conclusion that there is a mystery in our skies that so far has evaded easy explanations” (extract from article).

 It also points out that trianglular ufos were around since the 1930’s at least; makes you wonder, does it not?

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At Spaldingtoday.co.uk, “Mystery lights seen over town” (posted 6th december,2007)…the town in question is indeed Spalding. I suspect these where possibly chinese lanterns, however there is not much information to go on in the article.

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In the Canadian National Newspaper, (posted last week) it mentions “Pentagon orders Senator Barry Goldwater– don’t ask questions about UFOS and Aliens“. The article is written by Clark C. McClelland, former ScO, U.S. Space Shuttle Fleet KSC (Florida 1958-1992). His site can also be found here .

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In the observer.guardian.co.uk it writes about “the many lives and loves of Shirley MacLaine ” (posted 9th december,2007). It covers not just her book, but also there is an interview, which covers most topics….. mmm it’s strange but also a bit intriguing as well.

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Website of the week:

This week i would like to alert you too http://uforth.com/ your guide to ufo shapes and configurations…..

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UFO Update

Posted by dandare on November 25, 2007

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Greetings to this weeks update………The website Unexplained Mysteries has a nice article on “Defining Ufos in Turkey” (posted 23rd november,2007). It mentions that the recent ufo sightings in november, where covered by the major newspapers; it also goes into a brief dialogue about past Turkish sightings. Also, mentioned in todayszaman.com, (posted 23rd november,2007) is “defining unidentified flying objects in turkey“.

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In thisishertfordshire.co.uk ,”the Mystery lights explained” (posted 22nd november,2007)….. and you’ve guessed it, the cause put out by the paper is lanterns.

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Similarly, the Copenhagen Post mentions that a ufo sighting, was also lanterns in “UFOS: the truth was out there” (posted 21st november,2007).

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In thisisgloucestershire.co.uk “Silent lights are a Ufo puzzle” (posted 22nd november,2007)…the witness mentions seeing a bright red light moving across the sky, followed by others.

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ripleyandheanornews.co.uk has “UFO sightings over the town ” with “unexplained orange lights sighted for a second time over Ripley” (posted 20th november,2007).

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The American Chronicle has a piece on “Desire to Debunk” (posted 23rd november,2007).

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In thepilot.com “Teens Report spotting ufo” (not sure when posted but within the last week), in which they report that “it was fizzling, falling like it was on fire”. However, at the time of the sighting, the leonid meoteor showers had reached their peak, which could be easily seen with the naked eye.

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From chichester.co.uk, “RAF did send fighters up” (posted 21st november,2007); the sighting was actually observed on the 4th october, 2007 over Felpham seafront, “….with unofficial confirmation from the Ministry of Defence that two RAF planes were sent up to investigate the phenomenon”. They were shaped like two round football shaped objects, that changed into “multi-faceted diamond shaped discs”; they observed that RAF fighter planes were soon in the area ten minutes later.

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 At the tpmcafe.com “More young people believe in UFOs than read a daily newspaper” (posted 19th november,2007). 

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In the canadian national newspaper, “Gnostics reveal why christians deny UFOs and extraterrestrials contacts with humanity” (posted 19th november,2007).

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In inexplicata.blogspot.com, “Argentina: UFO in SE Buenos Aires Province” (posted 22nd november,2007). This took place on 18th november,2007, when fishermen saw a “powerful light aimed at the windshield of the vehicle”, and used a cellphone to take video; however, it is of poor quality due to it being nighttime and pitch black.

Other news of interest:

UFO sightings reports” at about.com

Cool tool: Emblems from the Pentagon’s black world

Do black budget trillions support a secret american space program?” Earthfiles.com

Exopolitics: Discipline of choice for public policy issues concerning extraterrestrial life” ufodigest.com

***(new feature) recommended website of the week:

blackholesandastrostuff     for a wealth of knowledge on the topic, an excellent site well worth a visit. 

Projects in the pipeline:

A look at uk ufo sightings  in 2007 + ufo sightings around omaha (a history of).

 These will be out within the the next month or so…. if there is anything you would like me to look into, please put your suggestions below in the comments.  

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UFO Update

Posted by dandare on November 9, 2007

Welcome to UFO updates 

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After pressure on Clinton to release files, under the FOIA, they have finally come out. In http://www.nysun.com/ (posted 9th november,2007) “Clinton library releases files on ufos“. A listing of the new files can be seen at   http://www.clintonlibrary.gov/textual-foia.html#0313 . The UFO information =  FOIA 2006-0492-F…. (i must add this is only a list of what is on there).

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At wilshireandwashington.com (posted 7th november,2007) “Shirley MacLaine “”terrific”” that Kucinich Admits seeing ufo“.

Shirley MacLaine shares her mind
Shirley MacLaine shares her mind
  (Video from NBC- the today show).

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CBS has a short video on “ufos and the white house” at

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From PRWEB.com (posted 7th november,2007) “Pilots to tell their UFO stories for the first time” . The original source is from http://www.freedomofinfo.org/ (see this link for more. It will be held at the National Press Club, on the 12th november,2007, 11am.

Those to give evidence will be

Fife Symington, Former Arizona Governor, Moderator

Ray Bowyer, Captain, Aurigny Air Services, Channel Islands

Rodrigo Bravo, Captain and Pilot for the Aviation Army of Chile

General Wilfried De Brouwer, former Deputy Chief of Staff, Belgian Air Force (Ret.)

John Callahan, Chief of Accidents and Investigations for the FAA, 1980’s (Ret.)

Dr. Anthony Choy, founder, 2001, OIFAA, Peruvian Air Force

Jean-Claude Duboc, Captain, Air France (Ret.)

Charles I. Halt, Col. USAF (Ret.), Former Director, Inspections Directorate, DOD I.G.

General Parviz Jafari, Iranian Air Force (Ret.)

Jim Penniston, TSgt USAF (Ret.)

Dr. Claude Poher, Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales, founder, French GEPAN

Nick Pope, Ministry of Defence, UK, 1985-2006

Dr. Jean-Claude Ribes, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France, 1963-98

Comandante Oscar Santa Maria, Peruvian Air Force (Ret.)

“Representatives from France, England, Belgium, Chile, Peru, Iran and the US will call for the US Government to join in an international dialogue and re-open its investigation – which the Air Force shut down over 30 years ago – in cooperation with other governments currently dealing with this unusual and controversial phenomenon” (extract from article). I hope this not alot of hype, with little substance, although those involved above, are good witnesses to ufo sightings/phenomena. We will have to see.

*** update to this (posted today) from CNN relating to this meeting “Symington: I saw a UFO in the Arizona sky“….**** Also it seems, following on from the Larry King show last night (9th november), that “……this is just to establish the fact that the phenomenon is real and it’s happening worldwide” (extract from transcript of the show).

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At http://www.nasa.gov/     “scientists discover record fifth planet orbiting nearby star” (posted 6th november,2007). For anybody interested (mmm, slightly on the same subject….) in meteor showers, with information and a calendar of when and where see here  . To see video go here

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The toowoomba chronicle mentions that ” Number of UFO sightings out of this world ” (posted 5th november,2007);  “There is something alien in the skies around Toowoomba; the region has become a hot spot for unidentified flying objects (UFOs), and is leading the State in reported sightings” (extract from article).

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From http://www.iol.co.za/ it states “Local say aliens; sceptics say beer ” (posted 5th november,2007). “Nevertheless, he has heard lots of tales, for example of an Aboriginal woman who was chased by a UFO.””It is a flat disc with a blue dome. It has been sighted around Alice Springs a couple of times. It chased this lady into town. She saw it again up at Wycliffe Well,”” he said…..[.]” (extract from article).

More sightings are given in this article about Wycliffe Wells in Australia, but there are sceptical thoeries for this also ….. of the beer kind. The same thing is also commented on here .

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A new UFO website dedicated to Warminster, UK has been started see here . It has a wealth of information already, and will be adding to this…. To find out what it is all about, check this site out.

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At http://www.klas-tv.com/  “I-Team: Area 52, the secret sister ” (posted 9th november,2007).

“Some of the greatest and most secretive airplanes in history have been developed in the Nevada desert, most of them at the now-infamous base known as Area 51. It turns out Area 51 has a sister facility — Area 52 — and it’s a place with secrets of its own” (extract from article).  

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Interstellar: A Film About Amateur Astronomy And The Search For Extra-terrestrials, by Bill Knell

Posted by dandare on November 6, 2007

written By: Bill Knell

If there is one thankless hobby or job in this world, it’s Amateur Astronomy. Amateur Astronomers are under-funded, underrated and always taken for granted. Yet these little giants of space science are always willing to stretch the bounds of our scientific knowledge without the need to work within the restraints of some established scientific theory or database. Despite the unappreciated nature of this endeavor and often finding themselves at odds with the scientific establishment, Amateur Astronomers are responsible for some of the most significant milestones achieved in Astronomy.

Keiichiro Okamura, a Japanese amateur astronomer, was responsible for some of the best photos ever taken of Halley’s Comet using just his telescope without the aid of computer-enhanced photography. Berto Monard of South Africa was recently honored by NASA after he became the first amateur astronomer to discover an afterglow of a gamma-ray burst, the most powerful explosion known in the Universe. Both were largely ignored or even belittled in the early years of their work.

Michael Oates is a British amateur astronomer that pioneered the technique of using advanced photo-processing techniques to search NASA’s SOHO archives for previously missed comets. Australian amateur astronomer Robert Owen Evans holds the all-time record for visual discoveries of supernovae. America’s own Clyde W. Tombaugh, began his career as an Amateur Astronomer and later discovered Pluto after being hired by Lowell Observatory in 1928.

It took years for Oates to get noticed. Evans is a Minister of the Uniting Church in Australia that has forty visual discoveries of supernovae to his credit, but was initially criticized when he began his work in the 1950s. A young and under-appreciated Clyde W. Tombaugh found his niche at Lowell Observatory. It was founded by Percival Lowell, a businessman, author, mathematician and amateur astronomer that found himself up against the scientific community after sketching what he claimed where canals on Mars. Scientists and Astronomers still argue about what may be artificial structures on the Martian surface.

Enter John Lenard Walson. He is an amateur astronomer who developed a system for photographing and video taping near earth and deep space objects. These objects appear to be huge spaceships or mega-structures built by unknown intelligences. I became aware of Walson through a fabulous new film entitled Interstellar. The film is yet another wonderful creation from eclectic filmmaker Jose Escamilla. UFO researchers and enthusiasts appreciate his work on several films which have documented the evidence for Alien visitations. Jose has once again brought forth a though-provoking, visual work of art that informs as well as it entertains.

Walson represents a new generation of twenty-first century amateur astronomers that have moved beyond merely searching for planets. Unlike most of their professional colleagues, they do not choose to ignore signs of other life in the universe. Instead, they look for and document evidence for those signs. Carl Sagan once summed up the twentieth century attitude of most Astronomers by saying, “I’m looking for stars, moons and planets. I’m not looking for E.T. That’s not tangible science.”

John Lenard Walson’s contraption is unique and his methods as yet unproven, however, he has a substantial body of amazing images. He also has some fans in the scientific community. Astronomers and others from Academia have visited this photographic wunderkind and left impressed with his techniques. Sadly, his work may be the best-kept secret in Amateur Astronomy. I certainly haven’t seen anything about him in the main stream media. However, I believe that will change as the new film from Jose Escamilla takes hold on TBLN.

Interstellar showcases his work and helps make the vast distances of space seem a bit less expansive and empty. The film runs for thirty minutes and is a must-see for anyone interested in space science and the search for extra-terrestrials. It’s fresh air to people like me that have had to endure years of constant skepticism by the majority of Astronomers. Most cannot or will not give credence to any evidence that proves the existence of life outside of our own. Those that tip their hat to the idea of other forms of life in the universe turn right around and claim that it’s just not capable of visiting us.

If astronomers, scientists and the news media are skeptical of John Lenard Walson, he’s in good company. Like the pioneers of astronomy that came before him, Walson is destined to change the minds of many. I hope his work and the film that has done such a masterful job of documenting it will do more than that. It’s my desire to see the direction of astronomy move away from ignoring evidence for extra-terrestrial life forms and back into the business of investigating it.

It wasn’t that long ago that scientists and astronomers believed that the universe was more than just a gathering of lifeless heavenly bodies. Some felt it was “teeming with life.” It’s always been my feeling that a few key scientists and astronomers owing their grants and careers directly or indirectly to government funds or intervention sold out. Being already skeptical by nature, they sold out their profession and lead others along by their influence to a place far removed from the assumption of life other than human in the far reaches of space.

The work of John Lenard Walson and ground-breaking filmmakers like Jose Escamilla provides hope for a more objective tomorrow among scientists, astronomers and the media. Having watched the film, I am not a fan because I research UFOs. I am a fan because no one has given me reason to doubt the amazing images I see recorded from the modest telescope lens of J. L. Walson. Watch and make up your own mind. You can read more about the film and view a trailer at http://Interstellar.UFOguy.com

About the Author:

Bill Knell is a popular Speaker, Author and Consultant. Featured in the Wall Street Journal and NY Times; seen on CNN, NBC Nightly News and Fox; heard on Mancow and Howard Stern; consultant to films like War of the Worlds and Independence Day. Visit www.UFOguy.com

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UFO Update

Posted by dandare on October 21, 2007

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Hands up who distrusts their government….. it does not matter which nation i’m talking about! American, British, Dutch or whoever! According to a recent poll in Boston Now (posted 16th october,2007), it suggests a growing distrust in the Federal government (in the US, but could be applied to alot of governments whatever nation). 

In this article, it refers to 9/11, the killing of JFK, covering up the existance of ET? 

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In Stuff.co,nz (posted 17th october,2007) the ufo is possibly identified? A mysterious object seen in the sky about 2 months ago probably was a commercial aeroplane (the conclusion of Bill Weir, an amateur Astronomer). UFO Focus New Zealand has classified this as a UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) due to the fact there was no scheduled aircraft in the area.

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According to Buzzle.com (posted 19th October,2007), “Latest Reports: Latest UFO Sightings” It says…………….

“Do the UFO reports that come out every now and then in the news have any credibility? According to UFO research done by scientists, it is highly probable that some of the UFO sightings do have truth in them. Here is a brief discussion, along with the reports of some recent UFO sightings” (extract from article).

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Fortean times UK, has a fascinating article written by Andy Roberts (dated october 2007) about “A saucerful of Secrets“, in which he relates to 1967, and the way things where percieved in the UK ….”Step back 40 years to the heady days of 1967 as Andy Roberts explains how the Summer of Love was in part shaped by the hippie movement’s fascination with flying saucers” (extract from article). Posters and Rock bands added to this image, enhanced and added too by what was being smoked; of course there were other factors as well.

In courierPress.com “UFO network meeting saturday” (posted 18th october,2007) in which, “Strange lights are still flashing above the Midwest, so Jerry Sievers and his friends with the Mutual UFO Network of Indiana are getting together again to try to figure out why” (extract from article).

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In the washingtonpost.com “In the Orbit of UFO Enthusiasts” (posted 21st october,2007) mentions that members “Operating in a Galaxy of Doubt, Disbelief and Dismissal, UFO Buffs Make Their Case That . . . We Are Not Alone” (extract from article). Several of the members are asked general questions, and some have some interesting responses too.

In Worcester Magazine.com “It came from beyond“, (posted 18th october,2007), Robert Hastings’ (UFO researcher) opinions are made known,  and it stems back to 1967 and what he saw……….later in the article he mentions that..  
“I am not condemning any government agency for its policy of secrecy regarding UFOs, says Hastings, “but I believe that the American people should be given the facts.” (extract from article) ……….and i totally agree; however, i feel that we will never get the truth, unless we can really add sustained pressure? 

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In PHYSORG.com “Gossip more powerful than facts in shaping opinion: study” (posted 16th october,2007). It starts off with “Gossip may do more to shape a person’s opinion than facts they know to be true, even when the chit-chat contradicts the evidence…..[.]” This was a study by German researchers.

At Seti.org “Inauguration Day for Alien Signal-Hunting Telescope” (posted 11th october,2007)..The Allen they are referring to is Microsoft’s co-founder. It goes on to mention that….

 “Eventually, the ATA will start a massive campaign to examine approximately a million nearby star systems. That’s a thousand times more than all those carefully scrutinized in the past” (extract from article).

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At vnunet.com “British boffins float flying saucer” (posted 16th october); could these one day replace helicopters…. on the video evidence from gizmomdo.com   , they have a long way to go yet… but it’s a start. Interestingly though, this is only the first stage of developments, with them recieving grants from the department of business (UK), and the US Department of Defence.

In thisisexeter.co.uk “MYSTIFIED PAUL CLAIMS TO HAVE SEEN UFO IN THE SKY ” (posted 15th october,2007); 

“He said: “The thing I saw was glowing orange and it kind of jumped to the right as it travelled and kept on going in the same direction.” (extract from article). 

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In wscountytimes.co.uk, they cut to the bold heading of ” ‘UFO’ spotted” (posted 12th october,2007).

The event took place in Rusper (near Hosham) on the 5th october…..  “Minutes after seeing what appeared to be a meteorite, a group of ten to 13-year-olds say they saw a strange fast moving object with flashing lights” (extract from article).

In Aero-news.net (posted 15th october,2007) “Hobbyist Gleefully Fools SoCal Residents With ‘UFO’ ” .

“A radio control model airplane hobbyist has a strange sense of humor that has people looking to the skies over Southern California” (extract from article).

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In thisisplymouth.co.uk, it posted on the 16th october,2007… ” STRANGE SIGHTS THAT LIT UP THE NIGHT SKY” . It mentions  old reports of UFO sightings from the past in the local area.

Other interesting articles that you might like to have a look at are:

Is there life on a moon of Saturn? (posted in The Observer, 14th october,2007),

Transformation Through Extraterrestrial Contact” (posted – American Chronicle, 19th october),

Tunguska Party-Time in Siberia in 2008 ” (posted in russia-ic.com, 16th october,2007),

Humanoid Dies In Sweden” (posted by ufodigest.com, 17th october,2007).

secret flying objects 1” (posted 15th october? 2007 by iDNEZ.CZ)

secret flying objects 2” (posted 16th october,2007 by iDNEZ.CZ)

secret flying objects 3” (posted 17th october,2007 by iDNEZ.CZ).

Lastly, in the sussexexpress.co.uk “Alien UFOs mystery solved”  (posted 18th october,2007) ; this is in relation to the sighting at Uckfield…again it seems the real reason was a wedding celebration, with the red orbs, in fact being chinese lanterns. 

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