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UFO sightings ***From the UFO archives***No 1

Posted by dandare on May 6, 2009

Ensign of Belgian Air Force

Ensign of Belgian Air Force (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I would like to start a new feature, that of UFO sightings from yesteryear…with a brief description on this blog, and links to relevant websites, with indepth discussions.

To kick us off i will start with:

1 The Belgian Triangles

belg89Dates: November 1989 – April 1990 [Belgian Authorities recieved over 2500 reports on Triangular UFOs].

The RBAF (Royal Belgian Air Force) decided to co-operate/work with SOBEPS (Local UFO Research Group= Society Of Belgian Studies of Celestial Phenomena), with SOBEPS reporting from ground level, whilst RBAF would attempt to track and intercept.

They never intercepted them, as the UFOs were far too quick for the F-16s.

English: Belgian Air Force F-16 at the Wadding...

English: Belgian Air Force F-16 at the Waddington International Air Show 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Triangular UFOs- what were they? Explanations for this, were that the USAF, may have been testing its stealth aircraftF117A fighters and B-2 bombers.

However, F-16s can fly faster than stealth aircraft, so why no interceptions, and why were the UFOs more agile.



AN Excellent resource is from UFO Evidence see here for detailed reports on this (17 articles/documents).

A short article from About.com here

UFOs over Belgium? (at geocities) here (very good info).

What are the triangles?” by Richard Dolan 2003.

The Why files : “black triangles ” 2008

Ufologie.net (with many links and articles) ” The Belgium Flap



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UFO seen at Phoenix : 21st April 2008

Posted by dandare on April 23, 2008

UFO lights seen at Phoenix….

Here are the raw facts so far, that i know of…

  • Date : 21st April
  • Time : Around 8 pm
  • Location : North Phoenix
  • lasted approx 15-3o minutes
  • four lights…. White :also appeared red, depending on how you looked at them
  • Formation…. at first a line, then a square and also a triangle
  • Deer valley airport: did not know what they were

 There are quite a few links and videos to this…

In “mystery lights reported over Phoenix” (posted by KTAR 23rd april, 2008 ) it mentions  

A north Phoenix man told “The Arizona Republic” that he saw his neighbor launch several helium balloons with flares attached to them shortly before people began seeing the four red lights about 8 p.m.

That raised the possibility yesterday that the lights over Phoenix were sky lanterns, large objects resembling a balloon with a flame at the bottom. People use them for celebrations.

A Phoenix police chopper pilot who saw the Phoenix lights said they appeared to be flares, possibly hanging from one or more helium balloons ” (extract from article). Later on it goes on to mention

Dozens of listeners called News/Talk 92-3 KTAR just after 8 p.m. Monday, reporting they were watching the four mystery lights.

“From my position, it looked like they were just hanging, not moving at all,” said one man, who called 92-3’s “Gaydos After Dark.” He said he “absolutely” saw something” (extract from article).

Ireporter (CNN) Brad Drenning on youtube reporting on mystery lights [ also the comments to this are also interesting ]. he seems to suggest that this is not a flare?

3 different videos-phoenix red lights (it claims are a hoax ) balloons with flares attached?? also the comments are interesting reading.

“kare11.com has “Mystery over strange AZ lights may be solved” (posted 23rd april, 2008 )…short article. Also video at kare11.com see here .

azcentral.com has “Phoenix man: neighbor caused mondays’ mysterious lights” (posted 22nd april, 2008 ). Also it has “What on Earth were those lights”  it mentions

By Tuesday afternoon, there were 125,000 page views of the story on azcentral.com, 600,000 page views on the photographs and 40,000 viewings of the video.

The story was on the Drudge Report, FoxNews.com, ABC News and newspaper Web sites across the country. Almost immediately, there were theories about what the lights might be.

Perhaps they were high-altitude flares that were visible from a great distance in the clear Arizona sky.

Or maybe they were airplanes or helicopters or weather balloons.

One Phoenix man said he saw his neighbor launching small flares attached to helium balloons.

The mystery couldn’t be answered by civilian or military authorities ” (extract from article). It also has “Strange lights appear over valley again” (posted 21st april, 2008 ). Azcentral has more “UFO hunter expects more Phoenix lights” with video (22nd april, 2008 ).

At NECN extra it has a video, but with no audio at  http://www.necn.com/Boston/SciTech/UFO-sighting-in-Phoenix-/1208881093.html .

At tampabays10.com “UFO’s over Pheonix” (posted 22nd april, 2008 ) it mentions reporter Anne Ryman, who lives in Deer Valley, reported seeing four lights in a square shape that eventually became a triangular shape. The lights were moving to the east and they disappeared one by one. She said the lights were visible for about 13 minutes at about 8 p.m..

Arizona Republic

One north Phoenix resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said he saw four or five red lights lined up in a straight line and spaced apart evenly. The lights slowly moved east and became dimmer as the witness watched. He said the last light remained in the sky the longest. Then three jets came from the west and traveled in the direction of the red lights” (extract from article). Also with a video link.

Also of interest are:

abc15.com “Unexplained lights spotted above valley; were they flares? ” (with links to videos, and eyewitness acounts).

At blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com “Valley fever – Air traffic controllers who saw UFO muzzled by FAA” (posted 22nd april, 2008 ). Also, “Chopper pilot says UFOs probably balloons with flares” Posted 22nd, april 2008).

I am afraid i have not looked into this much at the moment (just skimmed the surface as it were).

Will definately try and find out more….

If you are interested in the Phoenix lights from 1997, please go to the right side of my blog; in topics i write about…. from pull down list, click on phoenix lights, and archive will be shown on page.

UPDATE: 26th

It does seem that, they were indeed road flares, attached to helium balloons… as has been pointed out in several forums such as abovetopsecret; this if true, is extremely dangerous for obvious reasons. However, if any new information is made available, i will update ASAP. For instance, there is an interesting article by the National Ledger about this …. see here for link (posted 23rd april, 2008 ) which asks some important questions. 

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Googled UFO image in Australia! what is it?

Posted by dandare on February 2, 2008

There is always merit, in checking your records/information, as this post will prove.

Some eager person spotted a triangular shaped image on the google map from Australia!  

axcessnews.com mentions in “Mystery behind Australia UFO photos

“If you take a good look at this image of the supposed Australia UFO sighting you can clearly see a shadow near the center, which is marked so you can spot it. See how the shadow leans out to the left? That’s because its a radio tower for the Emu Downs Wind Park near Badgingarra National Park.


Clive Marks, Director of the Nocturnal Wildlife Research Party Ltd from East Malvern, Victoria Australia wrote: [I am surprised that this image keeps doing the rounds as a UFO. It is a remote area antenna facility – as far as I know there has never been any mystery about it. The area has been cleared and leveled and the bright areas at the apex are just solar reflection due to soil disturbance” (extract from article).

Therefore, it proves that not all you see, is in reality what it is. 

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UFO conference (12th november 2007) video now available

Posted by dandare on January 8, 2008

 Following on from my update from the 13th november 2007 (see here for link and information), a 1hour 34 minute video is available (thanks to poster on google video for this). This video has also been added to the 13th november post as well.

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X-tra UFO videos; that might be of interest …

Posted by dandare on December 23, 2007

To start off with, we have discovery channel’s UFOs over Pheonix: Video analysts Examine a UFO sighting at:


Next we have Australia’s spectacular UFO (police were among the many witnesses). 

A photographer from Lowestoft films and takes pictures of UFOS in the U.K. sky (discovery channel)

A rather wierd one this…..This is a clip from the news in Taiwan (have no idea when though?)

From google video  Unsolved-Mysteries_Bentwaters_UFO-landing-Military-Nuclear_AirForceBase (please click link)

Interesting news documentary

Bill clinton’s UFO files (from Fox news)

UFO Documentary of Multiple Police reports in Illinois,USA (january 5th,2000)

Worlds strangest ufo stories 4 (you’re not kidding!! we are all part of the matrix, ie the film…food for thought…although i cannot seriously believe in it)

Also Worlds strangest ufo stories 1 (alien conspiracy….. to the extreme)

Giant UFO in Yukon Territory, 1996 (an interesting video**)

British UFO files

Weird UFO lights over lancashire (this is how to make lanterns look like something else).

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UFO Update

Posted by dandare on December 10, 2007

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Sorry for the lateness of the update……

The Ufo week has been reasonably quiet…. this is what i have picked up on, though.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

To start us off, in chad.co.uk (posted 4th december,2007) it mentions “What were ‘balls of fire’ spotted in skies?“.

“Witnesses have described the glowing balls zig-zagging across the sky and moving too quickly to be fireworks, planes or helicopters.” (extract from article). Now the Ashfield Paranormal Investigation Team (TAPIT) have become involved, with people calling them up with sightings as well.  Further on in the article it says “The mysterious balls were first reported in the skies above Alfreton last month, but they returned on Saturday when Warsop resident Tim Palmer spotted an unusual object at around 3.30pm”.

The article from last month, can be seen here and the TAPIT site here .

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At baltimoresun.com (posted  9th december,2007) “Bel Air man writes of UFOs in wartime“. It is about a book being published by Keith Chester, called “Strange Company: Military encounters with UFOs in WWII”.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

ufodigest.com has a very interesting article on “Mystery of the Black Triangle UFOs” (posted 7th december,2007). The most telling part of the article comes at the end (after desciptions of triangular UFOs throughout the world, with the most well known cases quickly discussed; such as in Belgium).

It says “It would be irresponsible to completely rule out that at least some recent black triangle UFOs sightings are the result of secret, manmade aircraft using technology not yet known to civilian science. But considering the history of triangle-shaped UFO sightings, we cannot escape the conclusion that there is a mystery in our skies that so far has evaded easy explanations” (extract from article).

 It also points out that trianglular ufos were around since the 1930’s at least; makes you wonder, does it not?

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At Spaldingtoday.co.uk, “Mystery lights seen over town” (posted 6th december,2007)…the town in question is indeed Spalding. I suspect these where possibly chinese lanterns, however there is not much information to go on in the article.

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In the Canadian National Newspaper, (posted last week) it mentions “Pentagon orders Senator Barry Goldwater– don’t ask questions about UFOS and Aliens“. The article is written by Clark C. McClelland, former ScO, U.S. Space Shuttle Fleet KSC (Florida 1958-1992). His site can also be found here .

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In the observer.guardian.co.uk it writes about “the many lives and loves of Shirley MacLaine ” (posted 9th december,2007). It covers not just her book, but also there is an interview, which covers most topics….. mmm it’s strange but also a bit intriguing as well.

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Website of the week:

This week i would like to alert you too http://uforth.com/ your guide to ufo shapes and configurations…..

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My UK UFO encounter in the 80’s; It changed my Life!

Posted by dandare on October 1, 2007

View Larger Map

Also for sighting in relation to salisbury

View Larger Map

I would just like to share with you, a triangular UFO sighting i saw, near Winchester in England, in september 1987…. and could not believe what happened in Belgium in 1990, as it was so similar, to what i had seen and witnessed with my own eyes.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketdiagram 1

I saw, with another witness, a triangular ufo, move slowly, with 3 white lights at each corner, low in the sky (i would say at just above tree cover height, if that helps at all)…. it stood still for a while (approx. 2-3 mins), before placed a beam of light, (very intense), on the ground, after about 5 minutes of hanging in the air (it was just getting dusk), it started sweeping the ground and moving around with what seemed like purpose; i’m not good at distances…so could not guess how close it was…but not real close. 
It then stood still again, and slowly moved up (with the beam now gone), and then in less than a second, disappeared upwards and gone….
Our reaction was of fear (i cannot tell you why), and i remember us running like hell, and there is a problem with time…we where missing about 2 hours, which also worries me abit (probably the whole event was longer than i recall).

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketdiagram 2 winchester ufo

Try telling me that was a weather ballloon, or the moon? If it was a black ops plane or alien ship/ufo ….. i really want to know the answer…..?
Facts: The event happened near winchester city centre, the near location is on the map at the start of this article); the nearest army facility is salisbury plain, and i was used to helicopters and military aircraft flying in the area (but definately not in civilian areas like this), and was used to seeing them at night.

It was roughly, 150 ft across (see diagram 1, not a brilliant diagram, but the best i could do i’m afraid), had 3 white lights on its ends (triangular), they were not pulsing, but were relatively dim, but enough to see clearly at dusk. The middle beam was at first pretty intense (and white also), but then after that initial burst dimmed, but was still pretty visable.It seemed to be gathering information as the sweeps seemed methodical. When it stood still again, the beam instantly went off, before moving up slowly, then whoosh it was up and away very quickly. There was also no noise to the UFO, but there was some static in the air, i seem to remember.

The evening was very clear, but with no full moon….

—All my friends just laughed it off.
Lets hope we find an answer to the triangular UFO…. i know one thing…that night changed alot of views on the world, for me, and to me and the witness it was no laughing matter……and believe me, whatever it is, it is out there, and should be of concern to this uk government.

In direct relation to this is the belgium sightings of 1990, and also other instances of Black triangular sightings……….some of which go much further back than the 1980’s.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Belgium UFO, 1990

Instead of writing about them here, i would like to place some excellent links to sites that go into great detail about it.

The wiki index (more about the general interest of Black triangular ufo’s)

Belgium 1990: a case for radar-visual ufos? (posted 2000, updated 2002)

The flying triangle mystery (a british report)

NIDS investigations of the flying triangle enigma (recommended, and goes into great detaiol about sightings in general, as well as craft and statistics)

Also from NIDS: black triangle sighting 2002 ; what are the triangles (there are a few more in NIDS as well, but these are the main ones).

Also at geocities Area 51….. UFOs over Belgium   (page 1); and page 2 here . (recommended reading).

Wiloughby hills, Ohio (from theblackvault.com ).

I will at a later date add to this list…

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UFO Update

Posted by dandare on September 7, 2007

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I’m afraid i have to start on a negative note…. the media and the way it portrays the ufology topic, can sometimes be described as “laughable” at best. Some (a sizable some) do not research the subject, and are all to ready to ridicule it… (although ufology, does not always help itself however).

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I give as one example, the New Statesman’s article (posted 30th august,2007) written by Ziauddin Sardur; in the article “Encounters of the fourth kind“, he starts off by saying that in the age of the internet and communication, the alien thoery is irrelevant…. and then adds sweeping statements (not backed up with anything) such as
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The Guernsey ufo sighting reported above, was not real (according to the New Statesman); what, not even a possible Unidentified Flying Object?).

“The last UFO sighting in Britain (the only one this year) was in April, in Guernsey, and – alas – it was not a real UFO” and

“People seek to explain the inexplicable through the internet – by developing virtual communities……[.] ….where they can actually take on the persona of visiting aliens. With the internet, we have become self-absorbed and inward-looking. UFOs have become irrelevant.”

The most interesting part of this article, is what was said in the comments section…. 
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Moving swiftly on, the sixth annual Mothman Festival will be held over 2 days from  september 15th – 16th in point pleasant. For details of events see here.

Rian.ru reports/claims that ufos are attacking the Ukraine.

It mentions that “UFO sightings are up across the country. But in contrast to the politicians, no ufologist claims to have all the answers”.

However, it is claimed that the reasons for this are “…[.]..there are many disco clubs in the Crimea, which are equipped with laser units. With low cloud cover, the lasers produce mysterious glow overhead.” Researchers believe that these UFO sightings might be spy planes/drones that could threaten their National Security, being sent by other coutries or by the Ukraine itself. However, they encourage people to look to the skies and report what they see. For full details of the article please see here  . There is also a video   too; although it is hardly conclusive.
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In Russian news (russia-ic.com  Posted 3rd september,2007) in the article “UFO spotted in Moscow Region sky” it tells of “Crews of two passenger aircraft, TU-134 and Boeing-737, spotted two unknown flying objects – supposedly, big balloons, in the sky of the Moscow Region”. 

“According to the Ministry of Transport, now the officers of the air traffic organization and management department are making inspection upon the fact of spotting of two unknown objects in the flying zone of the Moscow Region”.

In other news, the ParanormalReview.com (posted 3rd september,2007) mentions, “Famous rocket scientist saw Roswell spacecraft“.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

 In IndiaDaily.com (posted september 3rd,2007) “UFO crashes in Atlantic near new Jersey or a controlled experiment by the advanced extraterrestrial civilization“?  The New York post  (posted 2nd september,2007) also has the same event in “FIERY UFO BLOWS UP OFF N.J. “. It mentions that

“A mysterious giant “fireball” was spotted exploding over the ocean off the Jersey Shore last night, but officials had no idea last night what it was”.   

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Ufos were sighted in Eden (posted 5th september,2007), in which ufos were allegedly seen on several nights by more than one witness.Lastly, an interesting article in Seacoastonline.com (posted august 26th,2007) caught my eye; although it only scratches the surface, it is still revealing…it seems more people are willing to accept alien life in a private capacity, than out in the open, where they might still be ridiculed; for the article see here .   

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Trangular UFO spotted near Brussels?

Posted by dandare on September 4, 2007

At dailymotion.com there is a short video of an alleged ‘object/triangular ufo’, seen on the 24th August 2007 over Hoeillart, near Brussels…..the video link is below  http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2ukoo_ovnisequence-1_news

Not sure what to make of this….. 

UPDATE 12th September 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

There are several possible theories as to what this is…. To start with, what must be pointed out is that there is no extra witnesses to this video coverage, no media has mentioned it, not even  a small mention (more likely a telltale sign) in the local newspaper.

Also the clip is again too short, (ring any alarm bells to something similar); it also wobbles errratically at times?

It has been suggested that it could be a kite, (ie the erratic movement seen, around i think 10 secs), could be the pulling movement of the kite downwards? also possible to place lights on a kite? mmm not sure about that though? 

It could be CGI, as the majority of the time the UFO moves too smoothly in the sky?

Other problems with the video, is unrealistic movements, and the lights look man made at that. Anyone with any suggestions are welcome to comment ? 

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