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UFO seen at Phoenix : 21st April 2008

Posted by dandare on April 23, 2008

UFO lights seen at Phoenix….

Here are the raw facts so far, that i know of…

  • Date : 21st April
  • Time : Around 8 pm
  • Location : North Phoenix
  • lasted approx 15-3o minutes
  • four lights…. White :also appeared red, depending on how you looked at them
  • Formation…. at first a line, then a square and also a triangle
  • Deer valley airport: did not know what they were

 There are quite a few links and videos to this…

In “mystery lights reported over Phoenix” (posted by KTAR 23rd april, 2008 ) it mentions  

A north Phoenix man told “The Arizona Republic” that he saw his neighbor launch several helium balloons with flares attached to them shortly before people began seeing the four red lights about 8 p.m.

That raised the possibility yesterday that the lights over Phoenix were sky lanterns, large objects resembling a balloon with a flame at the bottom. People use them for celebrations.

A Phoenix police chopper pilot who saw the Phoenix lights said they appeared to be flares, possibly hanging from one or more helium balloons ” (extract from article). Later on it goes on to mention

Dozens of listeners called News/Talk 92-3 KTAR just after 8 p.m. Monday, reporting they were watching the four mystery lights.

“From my position, it looked like they were just hanging, not moving at all,” said one man, who called 92-3’s “Gaydos After Dark.” He said he “absolutely” saw something” (extract from article).

Ireporter (CNN) Brad Drenning on youtube reporting on mystery lights [ also the comments to this are also interesting ]. he seems to suggest that this is not a flare?

3 different videos-phoenix red lights (it claims are a hoax ) balloons with flares attached?? also the comments are interesting reading.

“kare11.com has “Mystery over strange AZ lights may be solved” (posted 23rd april, 2008 )…short article. Also video at kare11.com see here .

azcentral.com has “Phoenix man: neighbor caused mondays’ mysterious lights” (posted 22nd april, 2008 ). Also it has “What on Earth were those lights”  it mentions

By Tuesday afternoon, there were 125,000 page views of the story on azcentral.com, 600,000 page views on the photographs and 40,000 viewings of the video.

The story was on the Drudge Report, FoxNews.com, ABC News and newspaper Web sites across the country. Almost immediately, there were theories about what the lights might be.

Perhaps they were high-altitude flares that were visible from a great distance in the clear Arizona sky.

Or maybe they were airplanes or helicopters or weather balloons.

One Phoenix man said he saw his neighbor launching small flares attached to helium balloons.

The mystery couldn’t be answered by civilian or military authorities ” (extract from article). It also has “Strange lights appear over valley again” (posted 21st april, 2008 ). Azcentral has more “UFO hunter expects more Phoenix lights” with video (22nd april, 2008 ).

At NECN extra it has a video, but with no audio at  http://www.necn.com/Boston/SciTech/UFO-sighting-in-Phoenix-/1208881093.html .

At tampabays10.com “UFO’s over Pheonix” (posted 22nd april, 2008 ) it mentions reporter Anne Ryman, who lives in Deer Valley, reported seeing four lights in a square shape that eventually became a triangular shape. The lights were moving to the east and they disappeared one by one. She said the lights were visible for about 13 minutes at about 8 p.m..

Arizona Republic

One north Phoenix resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said he saw four or five red lights lined up in a straight line and spaced apart evenly. The lights slowly moved east and became dimmer as the witness watched. He said the last light remained in the sky the longest. Then three jets came from the west and traveled in the direction of the red lights” (extract from article). Also with a video link.

Also of interest are:

abc15.com “Unexplained lights spotted above valley; were they flares? ” (with links to videos, and eyewitness acounts).

At blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com “Valley fever – Air traffic controllers who saw UFO muzzled by FAA” (posted 22nd april, 2008 ). Also, “Chopper pilot says UFOs probably balloons with flares” Posted 22nd, april 2008).

I am afraid i have not looked into this much at the moment (just skimmed the surface as it were).

Will definately try and find out more….

If you are interested in the Phoenix lights from 1997, please go to the right side of my blog; in topics i write about…. from pull down list, click on phoenix lights, and archive will be shown on page.

UPDATE: 26th

It does seem that, they were indeed road flares, attached to helium balloons… as has been pointed out in several forums such as abovetopsecret; this if true, is extremely dangerous for obvious reasons. However, if any new information is made available, i will update ASAP. For instance, there is an interesting article by the National Ledger about this …. see here for link (posted 23rd april, 2008 ) which asks some important questions. 


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Stephenville UFO sighting 2008: looking back + latest updates (part 2 of 4)

Posted by dandare on April 17, 2008

Welcome to part 2 of Stephenville UFO sighting 2008….

The next blog entry i wrote was on the 27th january.. “Stephenville UFO debate continues”

alien tagis there no end to the excuses we’re given” (26th january,2008). It is a well written account, of what the military and people in authority are not telling us. Near the end it says:

More serious debate, has been carrying on, after the UFO sighting of january 8th).

There is an excellent article on  ufodigest.com entitled “

In all my years of doing research, I thought the Air Force had shot themselves in the foot several times, particularly with the 1997 “crash test dummies” excuse for Roswell, but I really believe they have outdone themselves with the Stephenville Texas sighting, by not accounting for ten F-16s for two weeks. How much longer will the American public have to put up with the excuses we are being given, when all we want to know is what is actually being seen by credible people who help to pay the salaries of these individuals in authority, that continue to give us lame excuses. It’s time for accountability” (extract from article).  

Challenging misimformation” (an old article, but relevant to what is going on). 


Also by Dennis Balthaser ”

Next, we have “Stephenville UFO: was the air force protecting the Presidential ranch” (posted 25th january,2008; frankwarren.com). map below.

Also at ufodigest.com is “Deeper views of Texas UFO sightings explored” (posted 25th january).

At the NatinalLedger.com “Texas UFO in Stephenville: seeing is believing” (posted 25th january,2008). It mainly runs through the events up until now, but at the end it mentions

“Some time back, I wrote that there cannot be a massive government conspiracy to keep a lid on knowledge of UFOs because our government cannot keep a secret. I’ll admit to having changed my mind.

While the bulk of the supposed sightings across the globe are probably either false alarms or hoaxes, too many of them have the ring of believability to be false. Too many people with nothing to gain by fabricating a UFO story have reported sightings in good faith. Far too many of these stories describe one or more of the same types of objects – either cigar-shaped or spherical, and either glowing from within or illuminated by banks of colorful lights” (extract from article).

Next i had a recap 29th january in “Stephenville UFO: the facts so far”

F-16 CJ (wildcat)


I thought it would be good, to correlate all the information, that has been collected on this sighting, and pull it all together, and try and see what we have? If there is anything i have missed, please alert me to this, and i’ll ammend the records. (please also see my other posts on this site for more added details).


The main sighting that sparked media interest= January 8th 2008; between 6.15pm + 4.30am (9th january). However, it seems to have also happened over several days, up to the 10th january, i believe.


 40 + in Stephenville area (including piolt/business owners/county constable). Later, as events unfold, it seems the UFO was also seen in San Antonio, Victoria + Corpus Christi (also on the 8th january). At San Antonio – cigar shaped ufo with a multitude of lights present (information from MUFON).


UFO – MOST COMMON among varied reports were;

very bright lights (lights similar to strobe lights), low and fast moving, no noise.

some accounts below:

” lights spanned about a mile long, half a mile wide….lights went from corner to corner” and that it’s speed was approx 3000 mph.

red glowing lights then white flashing lights…. dancing around appeared, reappeared. spread out in the sky, formed formation, then took off at high speed; it appeared attached.

Some suggest that ufo was chased by jets (possibly F-16s). One witness saw very bright yellow lights.


Military: No airplanes in the air that night: said ufo was an illusion caused by 2 commercial airplanes.

MUFON get involved; seems like Chicago/O’Hare airport + Pheonix lights – authorities are covering up something? what is it, is the question?

January 18th – MUFON investigators arrive at Dublin to take witness statements/accounts (in detail). Alot of media there to cover the event.

Pilot statement made to media – (Fort worth medical helicopter pilot) suggested it was flares (seems like pre-meditated disinformation to me). 

I also made checks on NASA (recent debris) database site – no man made space debris, re-entering on that date/or near that date.

Larry King show – several programmes to this event shown.

Cell phone photo – (seems to be a dog star and unrelated).

Then most significantly, 2 weeks after event, military changes its story; It says it had 10 F-16s from the 457th fighter squad training between 6 and 8pm, in Brownwoods military operating area (which it says includes Erath County).

Witnesses + MUFON says this enhances their story…as some say ufo chased by fighter planes. Many say this U- turn is a cover up?

MUFON to travel to San Antonio area to gather more eye witness accounts.

Recently it has come to light that, the Air Force could have been protecting the Presidential Ranch- edge of restricted zone (clas D air space), 16 miles SE of Stephenville. I do not understand why the local press did not pick up on this earlier? this is significant information…. i for one did not realise it was this close to Stephenville.


Whatever happened at Stephenville, the government are not telling us what the hell is going on? i’m afraid. Unless, of course they take us for being stupid.

For instance, i did a little research on F-16 combat formations…. admittedly the most useful i found was from 1996, but it gave some interesting facts. It mentioned that “the basic combat formation employed by tactical fighters is the four-ship flight. The two-ship element is the basic flight unit….. [.] there is a need for both line abreast and wedge formations” (p22). Goes into great detail, with diagrams of the different formations used. Also it says that “Adding additional four-ships to increase to 8-12 jets has been combat tested with some controversial success”. See here for source.

 So basically, this is a rarity, and not often used. SO we can conclude that this is:

  1. not one formation (very unlikely-not totally impossible, but very rare)
  2. Therefore a combination of 2 and 4 jets ….
  3. Unlikely to be all from the same base
  4. Protecting the presidential Ranch??
  5. Did the fighter jets come from further afield?   
  6. Are they responding to radar,ect
  7. Were special forces involved

 Additional information on military in texas:


  1. Brooks AFB
  2. Dyess AFB
  3. Goodfellows AFB
  4. Kelly AFB
  5. Lackland AFB
  6. Laughlin AFB
  7. Randolph AFB
  8. Sheppard AFB


  1. Fort Bliss
  2. Fort Hood
  3. Fort Sam Houston
  4. Red river Army depot


  1. NAS Corpus Christi
  2. NAS JRB Fort Worth
  3. NAS Ingleside
  4. NAS Kingsville

Also Lockhead Martin Aeronautics Company HQ (home of F-16 fighter Falcon + joint strike fighter). & miles west of Fort Worth, Texas.

Brownwood Military Operations Area (training area for fighters). 

  • There are many question and so little answers for now?

This sighting along with the O’Hare airport incident, and the Pheonix lights has got some asking “are these sightings related in any way?”  Also they seem to follow a similar pattern as far as the government/military are concerned. Cover stories tried, then hoaxing/disinformation is made to try to calm the incident down at a slightly later date ( to be honest this is so easy, it’s annoying, lol)…. it works?

Also, there are similar accounts of the ufo sighting, but there are also conflicting accounts of the ufo sighting. Why? 

Is the military hiding a black op secret plane being tested? if so, why near public? possibly to test our reaction to it, maybe? 

Also i say again

1 Why is a training exercise classified? as they will not go into operational procedures, not even the basics? Possibly because near the presidential ranch?

2 F-16s do not hover (unless i am wrong in this).

3 F-16s create sound ! and lots of it.

4 F-16s are not 1 mile wide.

Remember, all we are trying to establish here, is whether it is an UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) nothing more at this stage.

Maybe, the media should attempt to contact the F-16 pilots and ask them for a response (unlikely due to national security issues, i should imagine, but worth a try). Ask for a copy of their communications with ground controllers (AWACS). I hope they will generally put the heat up a bit, and apply pressure…. we need answers to our questions?

I’m also waiting for the Air Force, to next say that flares where used (does this sound familiar), especially using them in populated areas.

Also MUFON has had eye witness accounts, from the same time period, either side of the 8th january, in other areas, all with the similar accounts to Stephenville… were their trained F-16s all over the place? Also, did the training last for longer than january 8th? it would have had too. 

Will the Air Force hide behind classified information, and National Security, to bluff their way out of this one. Again, i say we need answers to questions? whether we will get them is another matter?

Will update on any other theories i have…. What do you think?

whats going on?

Next was…..

Stephenville UFO interviews (from you tube)

Posted by dandare on January 30, 2008

Whilst checking out the you tube sight, saw this informal video, in which people around Stephenville were interviewed about the sighting.  

Actually worth watching. (thanks to Convapics for posting it on you tube)


Stephenville ufo Texas fever (jan21st,2008 ) by CNN

Channel 8 News (23rd january,2008 )

Interview with James Shatley – MUFON (recorded at Dublin,Texas)

stephenville ufo 

UFO theories fly again (recent sightings raise questions)

Posted by dandare on January 31, 2008



An interesting article has come to light, and normally, i would just show a link and highlight some of the article; however, i think it warrants the full article here on this post: 

  UFO theories fly again

Recent ’sightings’ raise questions

By Trish ChoateMonday, January 28, 2008

WASHINGTON — Put the alien theories on hold and get the men in black a cup of coffee. You know how they like it.

Instead of beings from outer space visiting Big Country skies, the Air Force could be secretly working out the kinks in the next U-2 spy plane or B-2 stealth bomber in the skies over the Big Country.

U.S. military pilots might have been at the helm of Unidentified Flying Objects decked out with secret technology, accounting for reports from Erath, Brown and Comanche counties the past two months.

After all, the military possesses experimental technologies the public might not know about until decades after development.

“For national security reasons, of course, they’re disinclined to tell us about it,” Michael Shermer, executive director of the Skeptics Society and editor of Skeptic magazine, said.

Besides Shermer, an author of more than 20 books on secret and stealth technology, a think-tank expert and a former “Skunk Works” chief weighed in.

Among the possibilities: The government is conducting a campaign of disinformation, spreading UFO stories to cover up the truth, which is out there.

Or eyewitnesses surprised by fast-moving spheres and a gigantic “mother ship” simply saw jets from a nearby military base.

That includes the UFO sighting Jan. 8 around Stephenville, Texas, the day the Air Force said it had jets on a training mission in the area.

Either way, Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene, Texas, isn’t involved in black — classified — aircraft programs.

“We strictly deal with B-1s and C-130s here,” 1st Lt. William Powell, Dyess spokesman, said. “If it didn’t come from this base, which it didn’t, then I wouldn’t know what kind of aircraft was flying in that area on that date.”

John Pike, a defense and intelligence expert, said he believes the government has thrown up a smokescreen before, like with Area 51 in Nevada, to discredit witnesses.

“If they get people seeing lights all the time, and they don’t know what it is, one way of making the whole thing seem silly is to have people recall flying saucers,” Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, said. “And that way the whole story just kind of goes away.”

Area 51 has played a role in modern American mythology about everything from secret military technologies to alien spacecraft. Beliefs vary as to the truth about the southern Nevada location.

Back in the 1950s, the Air Force exploited the UFO scenario to divert attention from the U-2 being tested at a secret base in Nevada, said Bill Sweetman, who’s written extensively on stealth and black technology.

The U-2 was the only aircraft that could fly at such a high altitude for as long as it could, Sweetman, editor of Defense Technology International magazine, said.

“Airline pilots who didn’t know that a secret airplane was out there would see this object way up above them, and they would report it as a UFO,” he said.

Those sightings led to “Project Bluebook,” efforts to make people think they’d seen a natural phenomenon or something unexplainable — not a secret airplane, Sweetman said.

He didn’t want to hazard a guess about whether West Texans have spotted secret aircraft, but he was doubtful.

“Why would you fly it near a populated area at all?” he said.

And it’s impossible to speculate whether the Big Country UFOs were a sign of a secret program, said retired Air Force Col. Tom Ehrhardt, a former Pentagon chief of the “Skunk Works” or the Strategy, Concepts and Doctrine Division.

“That particular location for it seems improbable because, usually, we have more secure sites to do that sort of thing in than there,” said Ehrhardt, now of the nonprofit Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments in Washington.

Sites such as Area 51, he said.

“But you never want to say this isn’t one of those because I don’t have that knowledge,” Ehrhardt said.

Theories to the contrary, the UFO story hasn’t gone away yet.

“Our initial analysis is that we have at least two very promising pieces of evidence,” Ken Cherry, state director for the nonprofit Mutual UFO Network, said.

Video and still images show spheres in incredible maneuvers at high speed in the Big Country, Cherry said. Others have told MUFON of “a mother ship” a mile long and a half mile wide.

Eyewitnesses are ranchers, farmers, oilfield workers, shop owners, defense workers and others who talk of activity as far back as 30 years ago in the area, he said.

But could fast-moving spheres simply be the afterburners of 10 F-16s?

In an about face, the military said 10 F-16s from the 301st Fighter Wing at Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base were on a training mission Jan. 8 in an area including Erath County.

Maj. Karl Lewis, a fighter wing spokesman, said it was just a mistake when he first told reporters the base had no planes in the sky that day.

“I did my best to correct it as soon as possible,” Lewis said.

But the story has wings.

Washington regional correspondent Trish Choate (source can be seen here ).

Thanks must go to  Steve   for suggesting i put this in a seperate post (i agree and thank you for finding the time to suggest this to me). 

I like this article, because it asks several interesting questions?


UPDATE 2nd febuary

At analuisacid.com there is an interesting article on the Stephenville ufo sighting and it warrants a mention (see http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.analuisacid.com%2F&langpair=es%7Cen&hl=en&ie=UTF-8 for full article)

I draw you to “Byron Mitchell, a teacher from a local school in this small farming population and a partner in that volunteer MUFON air managed to interview several witnesses of this latest sighting.
According to Mitchell, 8 10 1500 m. Length and width of approximately 700, was an ovoid shape and had a set of lights that constantly changing intensity as it approached the 4 military planes to chase.
Byron Mitchell continued describing in his report: There were more than 200 witnesses who saw the object flying at low altitude, describing it as solid-metal, without marks or cracks, in one piece, apparently did not generate any sound, but others claim that they heard a slight buzz, was probably silenced by the noise of aircraft to chase” (translated extract to article) …..

It gives us some possibly new information, but am unsure as to the reliability of the source.

Again Larry King showed interest 

Latest Larry king ufo show ( 24th + 27th january 2008 )
Posted by dandare on February 2, 2008

 (as of april 2008…unfortunately these videos are now unavailable….i will endeavor to find them again, but cannot guarantee that i will…. sorry). so on to next post.
At this stage, i thought that i should add a flowchart (reminder=will need to update this; however not sure what format to take, as the information is now large).  

Posted by dandare on February 3, 2008

For those who would like the Stephenville UFO sighting as a flowchart, i have finally done one (not brilliant, and will probably update it); but it gives you bite sized information on the sighting). 


To see the full flowchart, please click on it (opens in another window), and a slightly bigger flowchart will be shown (as a bit is missing to the right). 


The Nuclear Connection Project presents the camp Hood UFO sightings

Posted by dandare on February 8, 2008



I was having a look at the excellent NICAP site (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena), and was reminded of information to past Texas ufo sightings.

In “The Nuclear Connection Project presents The Camp Hood sightings including all the Texas Blue Unknowns” the article starts with an update from september 22nd 2005:

It says

“The evidence for a UFO/Nuclear Connection grows stronger by the day. Official FBI, CIA, Army and Air Force documents establish, beyond a doubt, that UFOs have been seen and reported where uranium was mined and plutonium was manufactured (the Congo, New Mexico, The Oak Ridge, Tennessee, the Hanford Plant at Washington, the Savannah River facility at South Carolina).

 Official reports are on file of UFOs seen where bomb development took place (Los Alamos, Sandia Base) and where nuclear weapons were stored (New Mexico: Los Alamos,Manzano Mountain near Kirtland, NM, and Texas: Killeen Base ant Camp Hood.

This is the second part of that story, the Camp Hood Sightings, which we produced to include all the known cases and provided links to the full report directories and official supporting documents. The matrix for this chronology is based on the portion of the book, “The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects”, by Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, where these sightings and the story surrounding them is covered in detail. Where enough information is not available to produce a case directory, the supporting documents are provided as temporary directories” (extract from article).

It then goes on to give descriptions of sightings from november 2nd 1947, until may 25th 1995.

A few examples in this database can be seen below  :

“Aug. 4, 1965; Dallas, TX (BBU)
1:30 a.m. Man in a car saw a red and blue light, thought it came from a police car, then was passed by a huge, orange object flying at ground level. (Vallée Magonia 672)”

“Feb. 19, 1956; Houston, TX (BBU 3977)

6:07 a.m. (CST). Crew of Eastern Airlines Super Constellation saw intense white light, moving 4-5 times the speed of the airplane, evaded by the pilot. (Berliner; FUFOR Index)”

May 25, 1995; Bovina, TX
Cat 9 and 11. 10:30 a.m. Captain and First Officer of America West Airlines Flight 564 reported a large silhouetted cigar-shaped object, pulsating lights along body. An America West B-757 airliner was cruising at 39,000 feet near Bovina, Texas, en route from Tampa, Florida, to Las Vegas, Nevada. When the background clouds pulsed with lightning, they could see the silhouette of a dark, wingless, elongated cigar-like object around the strobing lights. Estimated to be 300-400 feet long. The bursts of speed were computed to be between 1,000 and 1,400 m.p.h” (extracts from article).

This data is interesting, as it proves that sightings in this area have been reported for quite a while…. the closest matches to the Stephenville sighting have been given above .

Ufo sightings from Texas, can also be seen here from 1723 until 2005… the texas sightings are mixed in with other sightings, but it is worth sifting through to look at these too.

At the same site (ufodna.com) there is an article (one among other interesting ones) called “The annual ufo cycle“ , which mentions :

“UFO sightings follow a rather consistent annual cycle, with a spike in January, another in March, then a rapid growth from May to July, and a peak through November, followed by a crash in December. This varies little from year to year as the decades go on” (extract from article)… 

To a certain respect this seems to be true, but to be honest, i might have to go and have a look and check this.

Anyway, to conclude: the Texas area seems to have had more than its fair share of ufo sightings, and the recent Stephenville ufo sighting is testament to that fact.

 Looking back into previous sightings, in the immediate surrounding area, and then the wider area of Texas as well, it can possibly help us build up a picture of  what is going on (any hotspots for instance), among other things…. of course some of the sightings are hoaxes, or IFOs and this must be taken into account as well. 

Secret military installation near Stephenville ufo sighting, Texas

Posted by dandare on February 10, 2008

Erath County is sandwiched between 2 major military airfields (of course there are others of smaller size in the vacinity also); 

  1. To the East is Carswell JRB (Joint Reserve Base)- 65 miles away
  2. To the West is Dyess AFB in Abilene -90 miles away

However, what was not known to me until recently, was that around 10-15 miles from the Stephenville UFO sightings, is a secret government military installation, not to far off state highway 144.

  • The installation is on the east side of Highway 144 between Walnut Springs, TX and Meridian, TX.
  • The whole complex is around 3,000 acres in size….
  • has a high game fence, plus an extra razor wire fence
  • there are 2 private runways; one is 6000ft long
  • gates on each highway entrance= government green gates
  • Trespassing warning signs
  • on one of the airstrips, there is nearby a tubular structure, which seems to go underground-possibly testing stealth wing designs there?

The wikipedia mentions this as:               link here

Local  item  of  interest:  Walnut Springs, 

 Texas,  Mystery  “Airport”

December 31, 2007 notes:

A few miles south of Walnut Springs, behind significant hills on the west side of the site, and dense foliage on the east side, lies what appears to be an abandoned airport. Terrain and foliage, plus relative distance from highway TX-144 on the west side, and highway TX-927 on the east side, prevent unrestricted viewing of the location.

The facility is not marked as abandoned (magenta circle with an “x” centered on the circle) on any VFR sectional, or, any other aerial navigation map, unlike other abandoned or closed airports across the world, and by ICAO convention (International Civil Aviation Organization).

However, online photography does show both “runways” on site (there is a large, main runway of about 6,000 feet in length, and a smaller, slightly fan-shaped surface of about 1,500 feet in length), marked with what appears to be FAA-standard yellow “x” markings, indicating the surfaces are abandoned runways, but are unusable, unsafe, or both.

The physical location is inside a rough triangle that is composed of the cities of Walnut Springs, Morgan, and Meridian. The latitude and longitude is N 32.02536, W -97.67854, respectively.

The mystery airport is not the Diamond Seven Ranch private airstrip, located north-northwest of Morgan.

The site is easily found on all free mapping web sites. Microsoft TerraServer USA and Google Maps have the best photography of the location yet found.

All roads leading to the location are closed with green-painted US Government gates, and “No Trespassing” signs abound. The described signage is true for the entrance from TX-927, and TX-144.

January 1, 2008 Update:

Overnight research and correspondence has provided a potential explanation for this location’s “mystery” airport.

Apparently, the site is a either a former, or still active, testing location for cross-section reflectivity of different types of ground- and aircraft-based radar. The relative proximity of the Ft. Worth, Texas, military/industrial manufacturing base may have a bearing on the facility. The facility is not a runway for aircraft, in the conventional sense.

Several similar locations can be found in California and Florida (extract from article).


There are rumours that it is an underground base; that there may be a possible link with the Montauk project.

SO could this secret government installation have something to do with what happened in the Stephenville ufo sighting… was it part of the incident, was it the incident itself, were they/are they hidding stuff at this location?

It seems there is more to this than meets the eye…..



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Stephenville UFO sighting 2008: looking back + latest updates (part 1 of 4)

Posted by dandare on April 16, 2008

I thought it would be an idea, to post all the information, on the stephenville sighting ( 2008 ), in four large parts… so you can look through them much quicker, all in four parts (otherwise 24 links= a bit bland possibly?)…. i had planned on just adding the links, but thought that i would repost them in full again, for much easier reference ( i hope!).

As i have not properly reported about what has gone on since my last post on the sighting/sightings, i thought it would be good to catch up in my last part ( part 4 ). As links to external sources are not recent, i am afraid that they may not be available now…. please bear this in mind, as they are now relatively old.  

These posts ( as they are relatively large ), will probably take time to load….please be patient. thank you. I have noticed that all Stephenville empire tribune posts: you have to login, and also pay to see the posts… ( i do have the posts archived on computer though for future reference ).   

So i started on january 17th… 


Posted by dandare on January 17, 2008

After i was alerted by Steve at ufospider.com  (thanks for that, as i missed this…. his link to this can be found here , with different videos), i’ve managed to find quite a few articles and videos to this event; it seems to be gathering momentum.

The basic facts, that i have so far found are:

Where: Stephenville, Texas

When : January 8th, 2008

Spotted by : Quite a few witnesses ( i think initially by 30-40, but might be more now, as more have come forward? ) prominent among them – pilot/business owners/county constable.

What: UFO (thats Unidentified Flying Object) – bright lights ( some suggest like strobe lights) – low flying + fast (however, various other descriptions are given too); also some say it was chased by jets.

Officials respond by saying it was possibly a plane ( due to light conditions, made it seem more extra ordinary ); some witnesses suggest a military aircraft ( unknown to the public,possibly ). Also, it seems it has caught the attentions of the  Mutual UFO Network, which plans to go there and find out more..

Below are some ( not all, by any means ) of the articles/posts/videos available… none ( of the videos ) that we know of, have the ufo in question, just their opinions on what they saw. 

Stephenville Empire Tribune “Possible UFO sighting” ( posted january 10th,2008 )    

cbc.ba mantions that “Multiple reports of ufo-like sightings in Texan town” ( 14th january,2008 ). 

nationalledger.com “Video, Texas UFO sighting: What was spotted over Stephenville?” ( posted january 15th,2008 )…. with video link near bottom of article (or see http://video.nbc5i.com/player/?id=205072  ).

SFgate.com reports that “Dozens in Texas Town report seeing UFO” ( posted january 14th,2008 ).

ITN.co.uk for video at “UFO fever sweeps texan town” ( updated january 15th,2008 ) 

KLTV 7 “UFO sighting inErath County, Texas cause speculation, consternation” ( posted 16th january,2008 ) with video link.

Postchronicle.com “Stephenville UFO sightings video: photo reward offered ” ( posted january 16th, 2008 ).

nbcsandiego.com says “Texas town buzzes over Rumoured UFO sightings” ( posted january 15th, 2008 ).

san angelo live mentions “UFO sightings in Stephenville, Texas, keep the city and nation abuzz” (posted 16th january, 2008 with a discussion with MUFON ( with podcast included **** worth listening too ). 

I will update on any further developments…. i believe MUFON will be there this saturday intervewing the witnesses? hopefully we can find out what is going on. 

On 18th january 2008:  texas ufo sighting update  

Following on from yesterday’s blog post here it seems we have, from the news articles/videos ( not extremely reliable, but all i have ):

An initial sighting on the 8th january at 6.15pm; it seems this happened over a period of 2 days? Government/military say commercial planes reflecting light, the cause?

It was moving fast ( a pilot gave an estimated speed of 3000 mph ), so unlikely lanterns, ect.

There were 40+ witnesses

Military deny that it was chased by jets ( as some report seeing? ).

So therefore, it gives us alot of questions, without any real answers yet? I hope MUFON, who arrive on saturday ( will be taking statements from witnesses from 1pm ) will be able to fill in the gaps for us all.


There are different reports of this UFO ( is it shape shifting? )…. the witnesses could be therefore seeing the same thing, but in a different form ( obviously, just speculation here ); or could it be something else?

Could they really be seeing something explained….. or an IFO ( Identified Flying Object? )

Checks on NASA’s ( recent debris ) database site, reveals that no man made space debris was re-entering around the dates mentioned.

Most report seeing a large UFO ( similarities to Guernsey UFO sighting,as in size?, In the channel islands, posssibly? ) See my link to this sighting here and here ).

Larry King live on friday will be interviewing MUFON investigators, and this will be worth watching (i hope).


Just to add… Stephenville empire tribune (archive)

http://www.empiretribune.com/articles/2008/01/11/news/news01.txt ( 11th january )

http://www.empiretribune.com/articles/2008/01/13/news/news01.txt ( 13th january )

http://www.empiretribune.com/articles/2008/01/14/news/news01.txt ( 14th january ) sorry for gap above….unable to resolve?

For more interesting information.

Also man claiming to have seen similar over Lake Travis ( not sure about this.. By MY Fox Kansas city- posted 17th january )….  I would question this photograph, as he says he did not see anything unusual in the sky at the time he took the photo?? this could be absolutely anything, i’m afraid.

Also just seen…. Pilot says he can explain Stephenville UFO sighting ( updated 17th january )… its flares??

The best thing too do here, is to keep an open mind, although we will be inundated by quite alot of mindless rubbish, i shouldn’t wonder.

UPDATE : 18th january,2008
For map of some of the sightings please see link below (tried to be as accurrate as possible).

View Larger Map

ufo online

ON the 19th jan:  Stephenville UFO discussed on Larry King (video from you tube)
Thanks to ghf4 for posting these links to the Larry King show ( they come in 4 parts ), which was aired on january 18th,2008. ( just updated late 19th january, as ghf4’s videos were taken off….thanks to lalasufo ..phew! ).

If you like, and acting as an alternative to the you tube site (if it still has problems showing the videos),see this link : http://www.livevideo.com/media/favorited.aspx?cid=9AC45C3DF3A6418BB0D9509F29A8EAE1

for all videos edited by livevideo.com (including the Larry King live show*((which is only briefly shown)) on the Stephenville ufo, but also other interviews,ect which gives a good insight into what is going on). Other alternative sites (to you tube) for the Larry King Live show will be found.

PART 1 of 4

PART 2 of 4

PART 3 of 4

Part 4 of 4

The only other fairly recent UFO sighting of that size, was in 2007, in the UK: so for interests sake i have put it on here ( apart from the size they are different ).

and also from the same sighting

Plus : Stanton Freidman talks about the 1996 yukon incident….

For those interested, it is below:

Giant UFO in Yukon Territory, 1996 ( an interesting video** )

For later shows please see link https://dandare.wordpress.com/2008/02/02/latest-larry-king-show-24th-27th-january-2008/


20th jan: MUFON visits Dublin, to talk to Stephenville UFO witnesses 

MUFON arrived saturday 18th, 2008 to talk to witnesses of the Stephenville UFO sighting which occurred on january 8th. There are conflicting reports as to how many witnesses there were, from about 50 to 200 witnesses ( i would suspect it was nearer to 50 ), to fill out questionaires and to talk about what they saw to MUFON. The hall at Dublin was full, with about 500 people, and the ever present tv cameras, and journalists.

It seems the UFO sightings, took place from 6.15pm ( january 8th,2008 ) until around 4.30am the next day ( january 9th,2008 ).

There are several good news articles that i would like to draw your attention too;

Star-Telegram.com has a good article “UFO investigators land in Dublin to quiz locals” ( 20th january 2008 ).

It mentions “Before talking to investigators, witnesses filled out forms that included questions about the object’s direction, distance and flying behavior. They were asked to sketch what they saw. Then they sat down to be interviewed by MUFON investigators for about 15 minutes each” (extract from article). It also says that MUFON will take, from a few months, up to a year, before a report will be made available.

From the same media “Maybe it came from the dog star” ( posted 20th january,2008 ); this talks mainly about a photo (taken on a cell phone), on front of the news story (star-telegram), on friday…..and it was a sun dog; 2 scientists say it is not related to the incident. This is in relation to….. “Truck driver Sean Kiel is the center of attention in downtown Dublin on Saturday. He took a photo of a strange object in the sky Jan. 8 on Interstate 20 near Cisco” (extract from article).

cbs11tv.com “Mutual UFO Network comes to Stephenville” ( posted 19th january,2008 ) Short article.

There are a couple of videos from dallas news worth having a look at:

http://www.dallasnews.com/video/index.html?nvid=210042 about MUFON at Dublin

And witness accounts at ….http://www.dallasnews.com/video/dallasnews/dmnphoto/index.html?nvid=210036

The transcripts to the Larry King show on friday 18th january 2008 can be found here .

Any more updates i will relay on UFO Online……. Thanks for visiting.

24th january: Stephenville UFO latest; Air Force:Flights of Fantasy or Chasing a Cause?

 This is the latest on the Stephenville UFO….. I will start on the media links to this first,and then add my thoughts. 

image below is of an F-15 (not F-16 sorry) that is vertical deploying flares during the day

Star-Telegram.com “Military says it had aircraft where UFOs were spotted” (posted 23rd january, 2008). A short article, the main point being: 

“Ten F-16s from the 457th Fighter Squadron were performing training operations between 6 and 8 p.m. on Jan. 8 in the Brownwood military operating area, which includes Erath County.

“”In the interest of public awareness, Air Force Reserve Command Public Affairs realized an error was made regarding the reported training activity of military aircraft,”” said today’s press release from the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth” (extract from article).

cbs5.com “Texas UFO Mystery Solved?” (posted 23rd january, 2008 ) …. “Originally, the 301st Fighter Wing at the Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base said none of its jets were in the area that night” (extract from article).

KVIA.com reports (short article) “Miltitary now says jets on training mission during mysterious lights” (posted 23rd january, 2008); similarar information to Star-Telegram above.

chron.com “Military now says jets in area of reported UFO sightings” (posted 23rd january, 2008, with more information on this article) ; of interest “”This supports our story that there was UFO activity in that area,”” said Kenneth Cherry, the Texas director of the Mutual UFO Network, which took more than 50 reports from locals at a meeting last weekend. “”I find it curious that it took them two weeks to ‘fess up. I think they’re feeling the heat from the publicity”” (extract from article).

Also from chron.com “Military says planes in area of Texas ufo reports (with video) “  (posted 23rd january, 2008). “Allen said that the planes’ training area in the Brownwood Military Operating Area that includes Stephenville’s Erath County does not include the airspace where he saw the object. Also, Jan. 8 was not the only day sightings were reported” (extract from article) and “Some residents aren’t buying it, though, saying the military’s revelation actually bolsters their claims because several reported seeing at least two fighter jets chasing an object” (extract from article).

nbc5i.com “Military offers Reason for UFO reports” (posted 23rd january, 2008 ) also with a video…. it mentions

“”I think it’s a little late … then there is a comment here about an error. The military isn’t supposed to make errors. I think it’s just a standard cover up. That is immediately what I am thinking … some kind of cover up,”” said Hudgeons. “”With the lights going around as quick as they said they were … I just don’t see them being aircraft””.

If the lights were military aircraft, Hudgeons wants to see them again, NBC 5’s Omar Villafranca reported” (extract from article).

And to add this into the melting pot at the end, an interesting article entitled “more UFO sightings reported over texas” (not sure of posting date, by axcessnews.com).

“Meanwhile, WOAI Radio in San Antonio reported that UFO sightings took place that same night over the city and were seen by dozens of witnesses. The Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, reported that accounts were coming in as far away as Corpus Christi, all identifying similar UFO characteristics as the lights seen over Stephenville earlier that night.

MUFON’s Texas chapter website carries eyewitness accounts of UFO sightings taking place the following evening and again on January 10th, reporting similar characteristics of bight lights, no sound and rapid high-speed travel” (extract from article- also warrants analysis by me, and a post soon).

dallasnews.com “Texas UFO mystery solved” (posted 24th january,2008 ) ; I have added a quite long extract from this article as it has some very good points (and brings up an old theory)….

One battle tactic used routinely by F-16s involves the ejection of flares that are intended to confuse heat-seeking missiles. The flares can be ejected several at a time, and could form a pattern of bright lights traveling across the sky.

But such activity would not match other aspects of the descriptions of the Stephenville lights. Witnesses generally described what they saw as silent, apparently changing speeds and passing over populated areas. That does not sound like a flare release, said Jay Miller, an aviation consultant and historian in Fort Worth.

For one thing, any jet that dumps flares would also be trying to get away as fast as possible.

“He’s going to be in full afterburner,” Mr. Miller said, and that’s very loud. But the jets wouldn’t be the only noise associated with flares.

“Flares don’t burn silently. They actually burn quite loudly,” he said.

Flares are also extremely hot and dangerous, and it’s highly unlikely that any drill would involve their use over populated areas, Mr. Miller said”. (extract from article). 

thelede.blogs.nytimes.com “F-16s at scene of UFO sighting in Texas” (posted 24th january, 2008 ).

There are other articles, but many are either very brief, and/or cover the same ground.

 You may well ask, what is going on? and to be honest so do i? 

To start with, what disturbs me, is the fact that the Air Force takes 2 weeks to do a U-turn and then admit that 10 F-16s were in the air; of course, the obvious question to be asked here is, were they in the air around this area (between 6 and 8pm), and if they were, were they chasing these UFOs.

 So basically, is it a cover-up story, to try to knock the stuffing out of the story; problem is, that there may be a flip side to this, and it might (hopefully) highten the story for more answers by the military.

Hudgeons (from MUFON) makes a very valid point, in that, if this was the Air Force, then there should be no problem redoing/recreating the event for all to see (would never happen mind, but i like his thinking/method).

At this point, i ask these questions……

1 Why is a training exercise classified? as they will not go into operational procedures, not even the basics?

2 F-16s do not hover (unless i am wrong in this).

3 F-16s create sound ! and lots of it.

4 F-16s are not 1 mile wide.

Remember, all we are trying to establish here, is whether it is an UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) nothing more at this stage.

Maybe, the media should attempt to contact the F-16 pilots and ask them for a response (unlikely due to national security issues, i should imagine, but worth a try). Ask for a copy of their communications with ground controllers (AWACS). I hope they will generally put the heat up a bit, and apply pressure…. we need answers to our questions?

I’m also waiting for the Air Force, to next say that flares where used (does this sound familiar), see extract from dallasnews.com (Texas ufo mystery solved, in red writing)… this all has very good questions to be asked, if the time arises, especially using them in populated areas.

Also MUFON has had eye witness accounts, from the same time period, either side of the 8th january, in other areas, all with the similar accounts to Stephenville… were their trained F-16s all over the place? I believe MUFON will soon be interviewing these witnesses too, soon.

Will the Air Force hide behind classified information, and National Security, to bluff their way out of this one. Again, i say we need answers to questions? whether we will get them is another matter?

What do you think is going on?   is it a cover-up? is it that they are hiding tested super secret stealth aircraft, with F-16s tailing it, to test the local populations reaction to it? is it an IFO (identified flying object)? Is it a UFO? are you worried that the Air Force does not seem to know where the hell (supposedly) their planes are?

Is the Air Force using flights of fantasy or chasing a cause? 

I would be very interested to hear your views.  

 ufo online

   UPDATE: 25th january 2008 

The 301st Fighter wing website can be found here  .

The Air Force Reserve command link for FOIA can be seen here with email and address to write too. Photos of F-16s can be seen here  and here.


25th january : Stephenville ufo: not just here, but in areas such as San Antonio?

It seems that the UFOs were not just confined to Stephenville, but were seen in San Antonio, Victoria and even at Corpus christi.Walter Andrus Junior, (from MUFON)mentions that on the 8th january, something else was going on at San Antonio…. a UFO was seen at Interstate 10 and Wurzbach road. They reported seeing a cigar shaped UFO, with a multitude of lights.

He then goes on to mention that MUFON, will now talk to these people as well (that is from San Antonio, Victoria and near Corpus Christi). The report of all this, looks like it will not be ready until the end of 2008 now. It does not say what the witnesses say at Victoria or near Corpus Christi?

Not sure of the relevance of this, but thought it wise to mention this on here.


 **** END OF PART ONE ****

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Isaac/Chad/CARET/california drones…what is going on? (part 2)

Posted by dandare on April 5, 2008

In part 2, i will try and discuss the drone sightings in much more detail…..(it looks like this will now be part 2 of 4…explained near end of post ).

I have tried to gain as much information, from forums such as Above top secret, and from blogs, and so on…as well as my own analysis. 

The drone photos and documents, have been creating alot more debate recently, mainly due to the hiring of 2 detectives ..    http://www.tkdavisinvestigations.com/_california_drone_investigation  . What i am not sure about, however, is why they are just looking for the location of these photos…should they not be following up on Internet information, and so on and cover all angles (maybe they are, but i am not aware of it).
fox news video below (with the 2 detectives)

Some of the immediate questions that spring to mind are:

  1. Was the whole thing a hoax (photos and documents)
  2. Was this  CGI photos?
  3. locations debate…..
  4. Was it an ARG viral campaign? did it get out of hand?
  5. Why no witnesses named/or identified?    

I would just like to add, what was first mentioned in (part 1)… which raises serious questions for points 1+2 above…… 

“At this point, i will add the link from MUFON, as it argues this is a fake  http://www.hyper.net/ufo/vs/m05-001.html  with an interesting argument; also analysis’s check the photos supplied. These were steve Neil (computer generated images for history channel) and Marc D’Antonio (owns and operates FX models)….both believe in ufos/extraterrestrials being real.

ufo online

 Of particular note in this, is the following:

“In one of the images, you can see that the faker used, something called “radiosity” to render the images. The technique allows for more realistic images and makes things look very good, as if lit by the sun in this case.  Well, in ONE of the radiosity images supposedly looking up at the ‘fake ship’ from directly below it is clear that the faker didn’t take care in setting his settings for the renderer and you can see classic “radiosity render artifacts” in the dark shadow areas of the CG craft. They show up as mottling in the shadows instead of smooth transitions.

It is what happens when you want the rendering to be finished quickly. If radiosity settings were used to make the image look absolutely real, each image could take tens of hours to render perhaps.In another shot where the craft ought to have been some distance away, it is sharp and clear as if there is suddenly no
atmospheric haze.
Finally, in one image the faker composited the craft to appear behind tree branches. This is easy to perform.

The faker used something called an Alpha map which affords you JUST this capability.Sooner or later, I will bet that a ‘video’ will emerge, and the faker is no doubt working on it but doesn’t like the results I guarantee because the radiosity renders take a long time to render per frame and in motion, he has to get all his Photoshop type filtering done on the fly within his rendering software and it isn’t as easy.When I saw this I winced at how obvious the fakery is and how utterly uneducated the coast to coast people are for falling for it.
The faker, named ‘Chad’ is a complete and total fabricator.”
I have still sent a request to the above witness Email address wishing a interview, following Mufon investigative proceedures.I plan to play this interview ‘dumb smart’ (if it ever occurs- but hope so) wishing to glean any further information if possible and post it here. It maybe possible these images submitted were hoaxed by someone else, rather than by the
witnesses themselves (names stated above).
I suspect the Coast to Coast web site appearance was a trial run before posting here in the Mufon CMS. The attached images files from Coast to Coast read in the image file text’ the name ‘McKinley’. The same witness name above in the witness report.I seriously doubt the ‘Coast to Coast’ people may even know about this authenticity issue.

As of May 16, 2007, I have not recieved any reply from these witnesses.Clearly a ‘HOAX’. Case completed, but will reopen should I recieve get a reply from the witness. (hopefully).

Very Respectfully, Steve Reichmuth” 

Obviously, no real video were forthcoming, and the e-mail was never replied too…. (for an idea of radiosity see http://freespace.virgin.net/hugo.elias/radiosity/radiosity.htm , and also here).

  Also, there has been a comparison made, with the Chad photos, to an incident in Devon (england) in 1967 (26th october, in South Devon)….did ‘Chad’ get some of his ideas from this?….. see below for video.

For a report on the incident see http://www.ufologie.net/htm/dorset67.htm and http://www.project1947.com/shg/hennessey/ufoinv4-4.htm (with diagrams)…thanks to http://www.hyper.net/ufo.html for making this information aware to me, on the website.

So there is straight away, a question as to the validity of the photos as being real… however we need more debate than this…..

On above top secret there is a mention that:  

“Within the 3D modeling software, you can actually take real life pictures and include them into the render. So If I made a 3D model of a jet, I could easily take a real picture of an airport, and place the jet at the right angle and position, and then, I can even move the lighting node placed in the 3D scene to match the picture, and when I render it, it will look almost realistic.

You can play with the render until you get it just right. So trying to debunk these drone pictures because of “lighting” can be difficult, because all the 3D artist has to do is position the light node anywhere he believes the background images light source is. Then they can simply change the settings of that light node, like brightness and contrast and color. So the object will have all the shading in the right places” (extract from above top secret forum…unfortunately lost the link to the exact post). An interesting point…..

We will come back to this later on, but moving on to point 2

Was this A CGI effects photograph

What is CGI : (Computer Generated Imagery)….as you can see from Reference.com it covers many areas (also here for basics)….. in the computer software department, for example there is lightwave 3D   maya , maxwell render  software.

….. there were some who believed that Kris Avery, a highly talented CG/3D expert, and who created the drone video, might have been involved in the photos…. but he heavily denies this.

His site is at http://www.kaptive.co.uk/index.cfm I will add a range of videos at the end of this post……. At http://io9.com/374831/cgi-artist-did-not-create-ufo-pics-++-who-did

the blogger e-mailed Kris, who confirmed that he did this to prove that it could be done, but was not the maker of the initial photos. At Open Minds Forum it mentions:

In my exchange of emails with Kris, Kris believes that some (at least… if not all) of the drone photos are CGI and explained to me why he thinks so. If Kris is the creator of the drones (which he has already denied), I am not sure why he would fight so hard to say they are fake (which would expose himself)… if he was the one behind the hoax. Just my thoughts.
There is no doubt that Kris is a very talented artist, and if anyone has the knowledge on how do this, he would be one of those people. Also, he is very aware of the limitations in the current CGI software. Exposing those limitations exposes photos that are CGI
” (extract from post in forum). 

At ufocasebook, they take a look at the photos and take another viewpoint: 

http://www.ufocasebook.com/unmannedprobeanalysis.html (done by james vinyard and Frank Valentyn).

At http://www.theparanormalreport.com/home.html  in “debunking the drones” it mentions that:

We live in the post-Photoshop world, which has proven painful for the UFO field. Anyone can hoax a UFO photograph with knowledge of Photoshop, basic camera work and editing, or CGI movie making abilities. It is imperative in light of these techniques to keep an objective viewpoint when analyzing photographs and video footage of UFO’s. At the Paranormal report, we certainly believe that some UFO’s appear to represent a superior intelligence of unknown, perhaps extraterrestrial origin, but this does not seem to be the case with the drone UFO’s” (extract from article). It also question the pixel density of the UFO compared to the rest of the picture, among other things.

At this point, i will add http://ovnis-usa.com/drone_investigation_FAQ.pdf  It is basically saying ,there is no proper proof to say that it is a hoax….. it also has a go at Above top secret for those that say it is for ‘real’ (ie posters back stab,ect) .. However, it can also be said that the other end of the spectrum can be said for Open Minds forum, that seems to have a negative response from those who believe it to be a hoax (although both moderators attempt to keep everything fair, but this can be an almost impossible task).    

Point 3…. (locations debate)….

From the Open minds forum, there is a debate about where certain drone photos were taken from….

   stephen\'s originalsee stephen\’s location photographs for an indepth disscusion on this…..this is in reference to stephen’s photos taken on the 5th june 2007: it is stated as being from the Big Basin, but it is argued that it comes from Saratoga; there are alot of photos, maps and so on to support this theory.

stephen location

 Point 4 … was it an ARG viral campaign? To start with ARG=Alternative Reality Game; see http://www.reference.com/browse/wiki/Alternate_reality_game for a definition of this. In fact, The Blair witch project (1999) was similar to ARG, but started out as almost an urban legend and ultimately a hoax, which became a movie (at the time no ARG existed of course); for viral marketing please also see  http://www.reference.com/browse/wiki/Viral_marketing .

 I mention this because quite a few believed (including myself) that it was a viral campaign… it still could be, that ultimately went wrong, or not, as the case may be. I point you to 2 links these being http://www.perplexorum.com/showthread.php?t=1725 (read both pages) and http://www.bungie.net/Forums/posts.aspx?postID=11299627&postRepeater1-p=3 for a heated debate on this.

society of the ancientsemail glyth halo3Also please see  http://hushedcasket.com/node/2060 for why “society of the ancients” is possibly significant. 


Many have tried to translate the writing on the photographs…. many to begin with thought it might be japanese, but that proved wrong; others believe that It’s no language…


It’s just fancy standard english font put into italics and made to look like an otherworldy language. You can read “Ay07+” and “+cxa+X+” on the wing. However, at the open minds forumthey have devised this…for the symbols

 Many thought it might be Klingon language, but no matches, some=font from the Matrix, but that seems not to work either.

I have decided that as this has become a rather long post, i will do 2 more posts to help with the overall drone EFFECT (as it were). The next post will be solely links to relevant forum posts/articles/ and videos to the drones. The second post will be on the document itself……and an overall conclusion.

I am not totally happy with this post, and might redo in more detail, certain parts of it….. unfortunately i am short on time and wish to get something out…. so hope this will be good enough for now. 








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Isaac/Chad/CARET/california drones…what is going on? (part 1)

Posted by dandare on March 29, 2008

I admit, that at first, i just brushed all this under the carpet (although my thoughts on what they are, has not changed), and did not really take much notice of it all. Now with the recent La times article, of 2 detectives searching for answers, i thought i would attempt to look at it myself, in more detail.

I would like to thank these forums for interesting information, and thoughts on the matter…. these are: abovetopsecret.com, unexplained-mysteries.com, unifiction.com, open minds forum… For websites: i have consulted many for more information,ect (i will try and add all of them at the end of this post).

 The first reports of the drone, was in may 2007; it appeared first, On the coast to coast website, the report appeared here—–> http://www.coasttocoastam.com/gen/page2022.html?theme=light . Also witness account there too.

Submitted May 1oth, 2007

Location, central valley of California. Later found to be Bakersfield? california.

Report date: (from camera) May 6th

But Chad reported it as being seen as early as April 2007 (on numerous occassions). See below for the photos:








I will just comment here, my first reaction to these photos…..

  1. we get a full array of profiles…close, distant (at slightely different angles)
  2. All very sharp, almost too good
  3. What are those black marks around (and close to) the drone, you can see in most of them? to me it looks suspiscious?

At this point, i will add the link from MUFON, as it argues this is a fake  http://www.hyper.net/ufo/vs/m05-001.html  with an interesting argument; also analyists check the photos supplied.

  These photos were scans of the original…..

Also, there has been a comparison made, with the Chad photos, to an incident in Devon (england) in 1967 (26th october, in South Devon)….did ‘Chad’ get some of his ideas from this?….. see below for video.

For a report on the incident see http://www.ufologie.net/htm/dorset67.htm and   http://www.project1947.com/shg/hennessey/ufoinv4-4.htm (with diagrams)…thanks to http://www.hyper.net/ufo.html for making this information aware to me, on the website.

 Second sighting:

Location: Lake Tahoe, nevada

Posted by MUFON 7013

Date of event: 5th may, 2007

Images taken on cell phone

2 photos were placed on MUFON, on 12nd May,2008 and then slightly later at UFO casebook.com at http://www.ufocasebook.com/strangecraftlaketahoe.html (see link for details).



The first time Rajinder Satyanarayana (Rajman 1977) is mentioned is on craigslist, on the 20th may, 2007. He writes “Bizarre thing in the sky in capitola, CA ….WTF is this (capitola)”. He gives us 6 photos to look at; his name is quickly removed from craigslist, so he adds his name as Rajman1977, on a flickr account, with the photos from before….. account soon hacked though.

He alleged the event took place on the 16th may, 2007

Camera used: Konica Minolta DiMAGE X

The one we are most interested with here, is the one below (again we have near and very close shots as well). 


One of the photos (seen above), is the one that the two detectives are now (in 2008) trying to trace, ie the telegraph poles location….. what i do not understand is why only the one photo…. if these draw a blank, should they not look for other clues, in the other photos, from ‘chad’ and others?


 (the photo illustration above, is one of several noted in the ufocasebook forum; it brings up some interesting problems with the photo). This, and many more problems/discussions will be written about much more fully in (part 2).

Next we have the big basin sighting, (california) 

Submitted on the 6th june 2007 ….. by Jenna L (a freelance photographer) on behalf of Stephen… although again much later, there is a debate to suggest this is not the true location at all.

Report date: 5th june 2007

Camera: Cannon Rebel XT

There were 3 photographs….. see http://ufocasebook.com/bigbasin.html for more details







Slightly later reported, but with the same reported sighting date: Big basin, california

Submitted on 16th june 2007 by someone called TY

Reported date: june 5th, 2007 (same as one above)

Sent to earthfiles.com ……. unfortunately as this is subscription based (for the archive), and i am not a member, i cannot access it.

I know there are 12 photographs, and i do have a link/photos to this but have misplaced it…. will add when found.

Isaac + the CARET documents  (posted on the internet in june 2007)

CARET = Commercial Applications Research for Extraterrastrial Report   pacl-q486-report-cover-fullsize.jpg

The CARET laboratory is in Palo Alto, CA (Isaac there from 1984-1987)

He was recruited for the CARET program.

Both an engineer  + computer scientist

the drone  

  • uses invisibility
  • Interference (not from humans) caused invisibilty to become inoperative
  • Technology= antigravity
  • symbols = software programs that self executed as a functional blueprint

Before Isaac resigned and became a ‘whistleblower’ – he managed to take out documents; these were

Q3 – 85 inventory review pacl-q385-inventory-review-fullsizes.jpg

Q4 – 86 Research report 180px-pacl-q486-photo-4-fullsize.jpg  180px-pacl-q486-photo-3-fullsize.jpg 


photo scans

linguistic Analysis Primer 180px-pacl-lang-analysis-p122-fullsize.jpg  180px-pacl-lang-analysis-p120-fullsize.jpg 180px-pacl-lang-analysis-p119-fullsize.jpg

He was concerned about safety if who he was, was known

He made it common knowledge that main source of information was to be spread through coast to coast website

This is just a rough outline of CARET and ‘Isaac’. His website can still be seen at http://isaaccaret.fortunecity.com 

So a quick recap to the 5 main sightings:

  1. chad – may 10th 2007    Bakersfield, california
  2. MUFON submitter 7013 wife – may 12th 2007   Lake Tahoe, Nevada
  3. Rajinder Satyanarayana (Flickr acccount name Rajman 1977) – may 20th 2007   Capitola, california
  4. Jenna L on behalf of Stephen – june 6th   Big Basin, california
  5. Ty – june 16th big basin, california

Actual sightings occurred on

  1. may 6th 2007
  2. may 5th 2007
  3. may 16th 2007
  4. june 5th 2007
  5. june 5th 2007

There are also allegedly other sightings going as far back as 1995? but i have not referred to them for this analysis… this can be seen at earthfiles.com

This covers part 0ne……. and is really a quick outline about the drone sightings, without going into too much detail. In part 2, i will be covering the problems/analysis/discussing the drones sightings/photos/CARET documents in more detail…. 

Websites invaluable for sources of information are:








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After renewed interest in california drones….. report of sightings + analysis..coming soon

Posted by dandare on March 27, 2008


After recent renewed interest in the california drones, seen in articles:

UFO reports draws national attention to Capitola” (mercurynews.com- 27th march, 2008)

UFO Investigation centres on Capitola” (Kcra.com- 26th march, 2008)

A UFO cold case“ (posted 18th march,2008….latimes.com)

 A similar article can be seen at upi.com “detectives seek ufo answers” (posted 18th march,2008).


And also from comments in UFO Update (34), i have decided to attempt to put together all the sightings, and analysis the drones, plus the Isaac paperwork. This will be in 2 parts (first part – the sightings themselves…. second part – the analysis and possible answers to the drone effect).

However, due to time constraints, i am not quite sure when they will be available…. although i have got through quite a bit of what will make up part 1. I would be glad of any input, and  welcome your comments.       

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Did you see the Pheonix lights nearly 11 years ago

Posted by dandare on March 13, 2008


From ABC15.com (posted 13th march,2008) for original post see here ; the full article is posted below. 

“It’s been over a decade since thousands of Valley residents reported a strange grouping of lights in the Arizona night sky.

Thursday marks the 11th anniversary of the “Phoenix Lights”.

It’s a phenomena that continues to draw questions from people around the world.

The lights of different descriptions were seen on the night of March 13th, 1997.

Some said they saw a triangular formation pass over their homes. Others saw a series of stationary lights in a long line.

The United States Air Force later identified the lights as flares from the Barry Goldwater Range, but many continue to believe differently.

Even former Arizona Governor Fife Symington reported seeing the lights, describing his encounter as a huge carpenter-square object moving over Phoenix.

Did you see the lights nearly 11 years ago? We want to hear from you. Email us your story at YouNews@abc15.com

We’ll share some of your stories Thursday morning starting at 5 a.m. on ABC15 Daybreak.

We’ll then look back at the Phoenix Lights, and try to answer some unexplained questions, Thursday at 10 p.m. on ABC15 News”.

Please also see my archived posts on the pheonix lights (with videos) at:


 (extract from december 2007 post- relevant information placed here, below)

To start off with, we have discovery channel’s UFOs over Pheonix: Video analysts Examine a UFO sighting at:





   arizona republic



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The Texas UFO Triangle

Posted by dandare on March 13, 2008

What’s this i hear you cry…. well, if you take the land between Lubbock, Alpine and Albuquerque in New Mexico (which forms a triangle), this covers canyon and desert terrain. This area also has probably 6 of the most important UFO events; and it is also, not to far from Stephenville, to the East.   

View Larger Map

Within this area, we have the 1947 Roswell incident, a whole series of car stoppages near Levelland, Texas (1957- see here and here for more details), and a police officer in 1964, who witnessed an object land with entities, in New Mexico at Socorro (see here for details).

The amount of UFO occurrances between 1947-1952 in this area, meant the government expressed grave concern, as too what was going on.

 However, alot of scientific research is/was done in this area (early atomic bomb-tests and missile sites for example are all here).

Dr Lincoln La Paz (meteor expert- see here for more), spent many a year, researching green fireballs, that behaved unlike meteors- these incidents happened frquently in the 1940’s-1950’s.


Photo (above) taken around 1.30pm (16th october,1957) whilst driving on Highway 54 (south of Alamogordo, New Mexico); photo taken by Ella Fortune. It was near the Holloman Air Force Base, and close to the site of the first atomic explosion (in 1945). There is much debate as to what this is…. some say it is a lenticular cloud (although this is disputed, due to the fact, that it reflects too much light to be a cloud), others a balloon; however, as far as i’m aware, its origin has not been  established. The UFO was hovering motionless.

Several days later, near Levelland, a whole series of sightings took place….there were car stoppages (2nd and 3rd november 1957), also similar occurrances around Sacramento Mountains.

At Orogrande, an engineer, at 1pm on 4th november (1957), lost engine/radio/lights response on his car….this happened to others on the same road, as an oval shaped UFO, was seen. However, the engineer, also endured waves of heat…..later that day, alot of his body became red/itchy.  

7th november (1957), not far from above (ie in the vacinity), 2 people in their car at 9.20am, saw a UFO, and immediately the speedometer was affected.


In 1951 (august 31st), at Lubbock, there was a photo taken of a V-shaped formation of lights. However, we now know these ‘lights’ were in fact birds (see here for more details)!

In 1952, the lights returned, and a professor, Dr Ducker, went to great lenghts to establish that they were birds, with a whole series of experiments. However, he also came to the conclusion, that not all were birds, and some were unknown.

This is just a taster, of the many UFOand IFO activities within/around this area….. also now, with the Stephenville ufo sightings just outside of this area to the East.   

 See the site http://www.nicap.org/   for many more ufo sightings, many described in detail, and an excellent site for research.  

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Angelina Joiner:3rd Officer comes forward about UFO sighting in stephenville

Posted by dandare on March 3, 2008

Recently, angelina Joiner wrote at stephenvillelights.com  about a third police officer (a former protector of Texas governors) who came forward as a UFO witness;

I have enclosed the whole article here, as i feel it is needed to be seen in its full context; with a small summary by me at the end, of the stephenville ‘flap’.

Mike Zimmerman, 62, retired from the Texas Department of Public Safety after 25 years but not before he was on Protective Detail for five Texas Governors.Zimmerman was assigned to protect Governors Briscoe, Clements, White, Richards and Bush for a period spanning 19 years.“Clements was governor twice,” he said.To date, Zimmerman may be the most credible witness to come forward to report what Erath County residents have been coming forward in droves to report since January 8 — another unidentified flying object.He said it was 6:05 a.m. on January 31 when he awoke from a peaceful slumber for a Mother Nature call. As he was returning to bed, something caught his eye through the bedroom window of his home located just past the city limits on U.S. Highway 281 South in Stephenville, Texas.“I saw three bright lights,” Zimmerman said. “Two white lights were grouped closer together and higher and the third one was closer to the horizon. That one was a was a reddish orange color.”Zimmerman shared a sketch and notes he had jotted down.But, there is more to this story…

The two white lights also were shooting out beams of white light in a pulsating strobe light effect. The reddish orange light closer to the horizon did not have beams shooting from it.

“At first I thought it might be three helicopters with really bright search lights until I noticed the beams of white lights shooting out to the side of the bright lights,” Zimmerman said.

He said he awoke his fiancée to make sure he was seeing what he thought he was seeing. The couple watched for approximately three minutes he said.

“What I saw is completely different from what Lee Roy (Gaitan) saw,” Zimmerman said. “The beams from the side weren’t as obvious as the bright big lights and they were just real quick. The whole beam would just shoot out there and just disappear. If anyone had taken a picture with a timed exposure they would have caught all of them (shooting beams) at one time. It was strange. I have never seen anything like this before at all.”

Zimmerman said the sun was rising and he’s not sure how the lights disappeared. He said he didn’t know if they became less obvious because of the sun’s light or if they just left.

“I could have turned away for a minute and they left,” Zimmerman said. “I’m not sure what happened, but I remembered looking and they just weren’t there anymore.”

Zimmerman said his home faces the northwest and his bedroom is on the back of the structure.

“I got out my compass and it indicated 115 degrees,” Zimmerman said. “So the objects would have been more to the east.”

Zimmerman said he had talked with Gaitan on January 9 so he was aware of the object Gaitan and his son had viewed on the evening of January 8.

When asked if he was able to ascertain if the objects appeared to be under intelligent control, he said he could not say because he didn’t see them move.

“I hope it’s military,” Zimmerman said. “I know they’ve got things. I could go either way (opinion of military or alien) but it was out of the ordinary and I have never seen anything like it before.”

Zimmerman said as he was watching the shooting beams he at first wondered if something could be going on at Fort Hood.

“That’s the first thought I had, but that’s a long way off and it appeared to be closer than that,” Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman estimated that with a dime held out with his arm fully extended, the objects would have been slightly larger than the dime.

He is currently employed as an officer with the Tarleton State University Police and he said he has not had another sighting, but openly confessed, “I pay more attention now and I’m watching for it.”

When asked why he waited so long to come forward, he looked thoughtful and then he said, “It was something I had to think about and it didn’t seem the same as what Lee Roy (Gaitan) saw.”

The Stephenville UFO saga continues with Zimmerman being the third officer to come forward after Erath County Constable Lee Roy Gaitan and Sheriff’s Deputy Jim Clifton” (posted 28th feb,2008).


So as we can see, the stephenville ufo “flap” was not just confined to the 8th-10th january (although the world media focused in on the 8th-10th january, 2008). MUFON and other sources of information collected, and pieced together, prove that the ‘flap’ took place over a much larger period of time. 

There is even suggestions that the starting period, was around december 2007, with sightings in Lubbock and San Antonio (although i’m not sure of this, however this must not be discounted).

However, according to reports that MUFON and other organisations recieved the following week (from the 13th – 19th january), it suggests that the activity was not letting up much.

From Stephenville, the concentration of sightings, later shifted, to other areas in its vacinity.

There are still so many more questions that need answering….. hopefully, MUFON will help fill in the gaps with more information, and answer some of the questions in April, when they report on their findings.

What do you think? does the flap have a reason or is it just random? is it human or something else? I am still searching for an answer to questions… whether we will ever find out the truth, is another story.

ufo online

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Stephenville UFO sightings: More evidence is collected

Posted by dandare on February 26, 2008

ufo online

On saturday 23rd february 2008, MUFON visited Dublin, Texas for a second time, and gathered 17 additional UFO sighting reports. Apart from a few local reporters being present, all other media was not not allowed in, due to some witnesses being intimidated by such a presence (although the history channel’s UFO hunters were present and a reporter from NY times).

According to Angelia Joiner’s article, The chief investigator, Steve Hudgeons, spoke to Ricky Sorrells for nearly 1 hour (he had been interviewed before on the 14th january by another MUFON member).

He then went on to add that through their records, from 1977 – november 2007 there were 400 sighting reports. But from november 2007 to today, there were around 150 reports.

Hudgeons said a final report will be made public, even though there are still ongoing sightings in the area… also a timeline format will be made available on the MUFON site soon, and will include a report on the david Coran video, (on 19/20 jan).

The main report will be available in April, in the MUFON journal; also a news conference will also be held too on the findings. 


From Stephenvillelights.com (posted 24th February,2008)

this article,  i have decided to reproduce in full and can be seen below….

Erath County Officer witnesses UFO

Another law enforcement officer has come forward in the strange and mysterious UFO sightings in Erath County.Sgt. Jim Clifton of the Erath County Sheriff’s Department was with Erath County Constable Lee Roy Gaitan in the early morning hours of Feb. 2 on U.S. Hwy. 377 when both saw something extraordinary in the black sky.“It was a clear night, no clouds, no moon, and a dark night,” Clifton said. “I’ve never seen anything like that before in my career. I’ve never seen any aircraft like that. The lights did not appear to be military. I was very amazed at what we saw.”Clifton said he received a call to check out an alarm at Woody’s restaurant and when he got to the eatery, Gaitan had heard the call also and was already there. The two took care of business and then Gaitan told Clifton there was something in the sky.

“He heard the alarm and got there before I did,” Clifton said. “I got in the car with him and observed this with him. It looked like it was over the Highland area to the west and it was a large object.”

Clifton said they observed the unidentified flying object through the “dash cam” in the car and could see it quite clearly with the zoom feature. He said the camera is in a permanent mount, which is stationary. So, in his eyes, the video is more than credible because shaking the camera could not be a concern.

“To your naked eye it looked like a bright light and I couldn’t really tell if it was moving, but I don’t think it was,” Clifton said. “What it looked like is difficult to describe because there is nothing to compare it to.”

Clifton said the object had a transparent or perhaps translucent appearance and it had ” a fog or vapor or cloud around it.”

Clifton said he saw colors of white, blue, and red.

“I wasn’t frightened – I was just trying to think of what it might be,” Clifton said. “I don’t have a clue. I wish I had an explanation but I can’t think of any explanation. The thing that impressed me was how big it was. It stuck in my mind.”

Clifton said he is looking at the sky more now to try and see it again. He said most people he knows are doing the same.

Clifton said he has seen a video from Canada in what he thinks was the year 2007 that is most similar to what he and Gaitan saw.

Both men said the sighting was reported to the Erath County Sheriff’s office at the time.

Now that just adds to the evidence….. What i immediately see as interesting is “the object had a transparent or perhaps translucent appearance and it had ” a fog or vapor or cloud around it.”

And the fact that he spoke of a similar video sighting from 2007 in Canada; i’ve done a quick scan for such sightings, but unless i’m missing something here, am unable to find what he is referring too….will not give up the hunt though. 


References/sources for this a post/blog entry :




I apologise for the blog entry here… i was short on time, but wanted to post it as soon as possible.

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