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UFO Update (36)

Posted by dandare on April 6, 2008

UFO Update (36)

Welcome to UFO Update……

First off we have “unidentified object flies Canterbury skies” (posted 3rd april, 2008 by stuff.co.nz ). It mentions “Teenager Andrew Wilkinson captured an apparently fiery object in the Canterbury sky on his digital camera last night” (extract from article).

Next we have “UFO sighting ‘no hoax’, experts say” (posted by southtownstar.com; on the 3rd april, 2008 )

 “The wing lights of a commercial airliner, flares tied to balloons, mistaken planets and even mass hallucination have been suggested as possible explanations for the sightings of three unidentified red lights that passed over the skies of Tinley Park in a rough V formation on the nights of Aug 21 and Oct 31 in 2004” (extract from article).

ufocon.blogspot.com talks about “The UFO indifference” (posted 29th march, 2008 ) in which it starts

“One factor that eliminates the Jacques Vallee and Mac Tonnies hypotheses that there might be co-inhabitants of the Earth who live in an isolated plane of existence or underwater as a full-borne civilization that interacts with human beings via UFOs, paranormal manifestations, et cetera is the non-interference in Earth affairs” (extract from article).

At candgnews.com “The stars come out to Southfield planetarium” (posted 2nd april, 2008 )

“The possibility of extra-terrestrial life will be examined in the last of eight unique shows in the spring season at the planetarium, which begins on April 18, at 7 p.m. The Southfield Vollbrecht Planetarium is located at 19100 Filmore, just off of Evergreen Road between 10 Mile and I-696 in Southfield” (extract from article).

Alien worlds Magazine issue 2 is out now; it is a recently created magazine, worthy of your attention; please see http://alienworldsmag.com  see here for what is in issue 2.

For links to the Roswell UFO festival planned for july 2008 please see here (just become available, with schedule).

On richardlalancette.blogspot.com “Sightings and earthquakes” (posted 2nd april, 2008 ) has something i touched on before, with the recent UK earthquake….

“Several sightings of lights appearing in the sky were reported in the days leading up to the quake, which had its epicentre near Market Rasen when it struck early on February 27.
And some believe that these could be “earthquake lights” – caused by changes in the electrical properties of the ground before a quake occurs.
There have been many similar reports of “earthquake lights” throughout history” (extract from article). 

stephendsullivan has “UFO Hunters – Hist. – Vortexes” (posted 2nd april, 2008 ) … he states at the end

“UFO Hunters is a show for true believers only; anyone looking for actual science or serious investigation should look elsewhere” (extract from article). I’m afraid i will have to agree with him on this.

At ufodigest.com “Further observations on the Chicago O’Hare Airport UFO Report” (posted 2nd april, 2008 ). It starts off with   

“I’m forwarding this post to you since it evidently didn’t make it into UFO Updates. I also sent it to Mr. Hilkevitch at the Chicago Tribune.
Perhaps you can run with the FAA part, or know someone who can.
If the statements posted by the reader are true, there’s a goldmine of information lying underneath” (extract from article).

 At seti.com “Contact: would we know if it happened?”   (posted 4th april, 2008 ) it opens with “Forgive my cynicism, but I have to ask: If we received an irrefutable ET signal, would the public ever know?” (extract from article).

ufo media.blogspot.com has “The other Skinwalker Ranch: contact” (posted 4th april, 2008 )…worth a read; the site is also recommended.

Lastly….” Increased sightings spark UFO and Paranormal Conference in Kansas City” (posted 5th april, 2008 – by prweb.com ).

“The first annual Mysteries of the Universe Conference is scheduled for June 7 in Kansas City, Missouri at the Intrigue Park Place Hotel from 8:30 am to 9:30 pm. The conference is the first of its type to be held in the area, and was sparked by the recent flurry of UFO activity in the U.S. and increased reports of paranormal activity in Kansas City” (extract from article).  


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Isaac/Chad/CARET/california drones…what is going on? (part 2)

Posted by dandare on April 5, 2008

In part 2, i will try and discuss the drone sightings in much more detail…..(it looks like this will now be part 2 of 4…explained near end of post ).

I have tried to gain as much information, from forums such as Above top secret, and from blogs, and so on…as well as my own analysis. 

The drone photos and documents, have been creating alot more debate recently, mainly due to the hiring of 2 detectives ..    http://www.tkdavisinvestigations.com/_california_drone_investigation  . What i am not sure about, however, is why they are just looking for the location of these photos…should they not be following up on Internet information, and so on and cover all angles (maybe they are, but i am not aware of it).
fox news video below (with the 2 detectives)

Some of the immediate questions that spring to mind are:

  1. Was the whole thing a hoax (photos and documents)
  2. Was this  CGI photos?
  3. locations debate…..
  4. Was it an ARG viral campaign? did it get out of hand?
  5. Why no witnesses named/or identified?    

I would just like to add, what was first mentioned in (part 1)… which raises serious questions for points 1+2 above…… 

“At this point, i will add the link from MUFON, as it argues this is a fake  http://www.hyper.net/ufo/vs/m05-001.html  with an interesting argument; also analysis’s check the photos supplied. These were steve Neil (computer generated images for history channel) and Marc D’Antonio (owns and operates FX models)….both believe in ufos/extraterrestrials being real.

ufo online

 Of particular note in this, is the following:

“In one of the images, you can see that the faker used, something called “radiosity” to render the images. The technique allows for more realistic images and makes things look very good, as if lit by the sun in this case.  Well, in ONE of the radiosity images supposedly looking up at the ‘fake ship’ from directly below it is clear that the faker didn’t take care in setting his settings for the renderer and you can see classic “radiosity render artifacts” in the dark shadow areas of the CG craft. They show up as mottling in the shadows instead of smooth transitions.

It is what happens when you want the rendering to be finished quickly. If radiosity settings were used to make the image look absolutely real, each image could take tens of hours to render perhaps.In another shot where the craft ought to have been some distance away, it is sharp and clear as if there is suddenly no
atmospheric haze.
Finally, in one image the faker composited the craft to appear behind tree branches. This is easy to perform.

The faker used something called an Alpha map which affords you JUST this capability.Sooner or later, I will bet that a ‘video’ will emerge, and the faker is no doubt working on it but doesn’t like the results I guarantee because the radiosity renders take a long time to render per frame and in motion, he has to get all his Photoshop type filtering done on the fly within his rendering software and it isn’t as easy.When I saw this I winced at how obvious the fakery is and how utterly uneducated the coast to coast people are for falling for it.
The faker, named ‘Chad’ is a complete and total fabricator.”
I have still sent a request to the above witness Email address wishing a interview, following Mufon investigative proceedures.I plan to play this interview ‘dumb smart’ (if it ever occurs- but hope so) wishing to glean any further information if possible and post it here. It maybe possible these images submitted were hoaxed by someone else, rather than by the
witnesses themselves (names stated above).
I suspect the Coast to Coast web site appearance was a trial run before posting here in the Mufon CMS. The attached images files from Coast to Coast read in the image file text’ the name ‘McKinley’. The same witness name above in the witness report.I seriously doubt the ‘Coast to Coast’ people may even know about this authenticity issue.

As of May 16, 2007, I have not recieved any reply from these witnesses.Clearly a ‘HOAX’. Case completed, but will reopen should I recieve get a reply from the witness. (hopefully).

Very Respectfully, Steve Reichmuth” 

Obviously, no real video were forthcoming, and the e-mail was never replied too…. (for an idea of radiosity see http://freespace.virgin.net/hugo.elias/radiosity/radiosity.htm , and also here).

  Also, there has been a comparison made, with the Chad photos, to an incident in Devon (england) in 1967 (26th october, in South Devon)….did ‘Chad’ get some of his ideas from this?….. see below for video.

For a report on the incident see http://www.ufologie.net/htm/dorset67.htm and http://www.project1947.com/shg/hennessey/ufoinv4-4.htm (with diagrams)…thanks to http://www.hyper.net/ufo.html for making this information aware to me, on the website.

So there is straight away, a question as to the validity of the photos as being real… however we need more debate than this…..

On above top secret there is a mention that:  

“Within the 3D modeling software, you can actually take real life pictures and include them into the render. So If I made a 3D model of a jet, I could easily take a real picture of an airport, and place the jet at the right angle and position, and then, I can even move the lighting node placed in the 3D scene to match the picture, and when I render it, it will look almost realistic.

You can play with the render until you get it just right. So trying to debunk these drone pictures because of “lighting” can be difficult, because all the 3D artist has to do is position the light node anywhere he believes the background images light source is. Then they can simply change the settings of that light node, like brightness and contrast and color. So the object will have all the shading in the right places” (extract from above top secret forum…unfortunately lost the link to the exact post). An interesting point…..

We will come back to this later on, but moving on to point 2

Was this A CGI effects photograph

What is CGI : (Computer Generated Imagery)….as you can see from Reference.com it covers many areas (also here for basics)….. in the computer software department, for example there is lightwave 3D   maya , maxwell render  software.

….. there were some who believed that Kris Avery, a highly talented CG/3D expert, and who created the drone video, might have been involved in the photos…. but he heavily denies this.

His site is at http://www.kaptive.co.uk/index.cfm I will add a range of videos at the end of this post……. At http://io9.com/374831/cgi-artist-did-not-create-ufo-pics-++-who-did

the blogger e-mailed Kris, who confirmed that he did this to prove that it could be done, but was not the maker of the initial photos. At Open Minds Forum it mentions:

In my exchange of emails with Kris, Kris believes that some (at least… if not all) of the drone photos are CGI and explained to me why he thinks so. If Kris is the creator of the drones (which he has already denied), I am not sure why he would fight so hard to say they are fake (which would expose himself)… if he was the one behind the hoax. Just my thoughts.
There is no doubt that Kris is a very talented artist, and if anyone has the knowledge on how do this, he would be one of those people. Also, he is very aware of the limitations in the current CGI software. Exposing those limitations exposes photos that are CGI
” (extract from post in forum). 

At ufocasebook, they take a look at the photos and take another viewpoint: 

http://www.ufocasebook.com/unmannedprobeanalysis.html (done by james vinyard and Frank Valentyn).

At http://www.theparanormalreport.com/home.html  in “debunking the drones” it mentions that:

We live in the post-Photoshop world, which has proven painful for the UFO field. Anyone can hoax a UFO photograph with knowledge of Photoshop, basic camera work and editing, or CGI movie making abilities. It is imperative in light of these techniques to keep an objective viewpoint when analyzing photographs and video footage of UFO’s. At the Paranormal report, we certainly believe that some UFO’s appear to represent a superior intelligence of unknown, perhaps extraterrestrial origin, but this does not seem to be the case with the drone UFO’s” (extract from article). It also question the pixel density of the UFO compared to the rest of the picture, among other things.

At this point, i will add http://ovnis-usa.com/drone_investigation_FAQ.pdf  It is basically saying ,there is no proper proof to say that it is a hoax….. it also has a go at Above top secret for those that say it is for ‘real’ (ie posters back stab,ect) .. However, it can also be said that the other end of the spectrum can be said for Open Minds forum, that seems to have a negative response from those who believe it to be a hoax (although both moderators attempt to keep everything fair, but this can be an almost impossible task).    

Point 3…. (locations debate)….

From the Open minds forum, there is a debate about where certain drone photos were taken from….

   stephen\'s originalsee stephen\’s location photographs for an indepth disscusion on this…..this is in reference to stephen’s photos taken on the 5th june 2007: it is stated as being from the Big Basin, but it is argued that it comes from Saratoga; there are alot of photos, maps and so on to support this theory.

stephen location

 Point 4 … was it an ARG viral campaign? To start with ARG=Alternative Reality Game; see http://www.reference.com/browse/wiki/Alternate_reality_game for a definition of this. In fact, The Blair witch project (1999) was similar to ARG, but started out as almost an urban legend and ultimately a hoax, which became a movie (at the time no ARG existed of course); for viral marketing please also see  http://www.reference.com/browse/wiki/Viral_marketing .

 I mention this because quite a few believed (including myself) that it was a viral campaign… it still could be, that ultimately went wrong, or not, as the case may be. I point you to 2 links these being http://www.perplexorum.com/showthread.php?t=1725 (read both pages) and http://www.bungie.net/Forums/posts.aspx?postID=11299627&postRepeater1-p=3 for a heated debate on this.

society of the ancientsemail glyth halo3Also please see  http://hushedcasket.com/node/2060 for why “society of the ancients” is possibly significant. 


Many have tried to translate the writing on the photographs…. many to begin with thought it might be japanese, but that proved wrong; others believe that It’s no language…


It’s just fancy standard english font put into italics and made to look like an otherworldy language. You can read “Ay07+” and “+cxa+X+” on the wing. However, at the open minds forumthey have devised this…for the symbols

 Many thought it might be Klingon language, but no matches, some=font from the Matrix, but that seems not to work either.

I have decided that as this has become a rather long post, i will do 2 more posts to help with the overall drone EFFECT (as it were). The next post will be solely links to relevant forum posts/articles/ and videos to the drones. The second post will be on the document itself……and an overall conclusion.

I am not totally happy with this post, and might redo in more detail, certain parts of it….. unfortunately i am short on time and wish to get something out…. so hope this will be good enough for now. 








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Interesting site for UFO data

Posted by dandare on April 3, 2008


Just a quick post, to mention that ufodna.com  is an excellent resource for UFO information….

For instance, i was searching for Fort Worth, Texas sightings…… at this sight, you can go to the alphabetical listing, and this is what i found here . Admittedly you have to scroll down a long way…. but there are entries from 1897 up until 2005 (i think it only goes up to 2006). It also has a google map location for it (if you click on the individual sightings in the list), but must only be used as a general guide, as each different sighting points to the same spot.

It also has other invaluable data/information; for instance “UFOs like lonely places” and ” the quality of UFO report data“. 


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UK UFO sightings (april 2008)…. updated regularly!

Posted by dandare on April 2, 2008

_avatar_created.gifTHis is a new feature for ufo online…. i will try and keep this up to date, with all information from the UK.


Please check back from time to time, as this will be updated regularly…   

If you see something that i have missed, please contact me (thanks).


I have also put the posts, in date order this time, as last month proved to be a bit confusing…(hence the long lists of dates at the start of every month). I will try and put a conclusion to the sightings at the end of each month as well ……  

However, as i have said before, i am not sure what value they are to any UFO research.

Many of the sightings are sensationalised, with usually alot of information missing. Please keep this in mind as you view these postings from the local and national press.

I’m afraid many also fail to follow up on their initial leads, and many reports just remain forgotten.


The sun gets in early with “Did google fool you?” (original article i was unable to find)… of course an april fool joke… but to be honest its the same as all their articles; virtually no data, no facts, ect… so normal fair there then. Also “Were you an april fool” …..mmm.   


ufodigest.com has an article entitled “Project Signal found“; it mentions  

Project SIGNAL FOUND is collaboration between Philip Mantle and the former Director of Investigations for the British UFO Research Association, and Nick Pope, the man who investigated UFOs for the British Ministry of Defence. This long-term study project looks entirely at UFO landing cases in the UK & Ireland. The idea behind it is simple. Most UFO researchers argue that the vast majority of UFO sightings can be explained in conventional terms. It is the contention of this project that UFO landings should be more difficult to misidentify than ‘ordinary’ UFO sightings” (extract from article).

The sun “UFOs: Is the truth out there?”…. notice to the right of this short article, there are all the “real” UFO photos (from past sun articles)….not.  

The granthamjournal.co.uk has “UFO video: we made it up?” This was in relation, to the post they had on the 31st march called “Video exclusive: UFOs – the proof“.

The grantham journal said it was an april fool’s joke…. nice try, but no cigar! although i thought it was on april 1st?   










In thisishampshire.net “Have UFOs come back to the South?” …short article

denbighsirefreepress.co.uk has “UFO: what the nurse saw”  (a ufo sighting from the past)


fenlandcitizen.co.uk has “UFO ‘gave me the heebie-jeebies’ ” it mentions

Andrew Warren and his son, Stephen Whitrod, spotted a series of lights in the sky over their March Road home at around 11pm as they were checking on their chickens.
Mr Warren said he initially thought the lights were from the police helicopter, but then realised there was no noise
” (extract from article).




At Edinburgh.news it has “UFO mystery in the sky at night” + a short video; it starts with

RISING eerily into the night sky, they’re unidentified, flying and orange” (extract from article); of interest is “”Mr Brennan said: “When we looked back over our shoulders we could see a succession of fiery orange lights moving across the sky. They appeared to be coming from the hills in groups of two or three, moving north very slowly and gradually burning out after about a minute“” (extract from article). Unfortunately, i feel that these sightings could have been chinese lanterns?

The westonmercury has “Alien lands his UFO in weston?” It is a short article, and not of any help? with such terms as “The little yellow man was spotted…[.]” and one look at the supposed photo, will wish you hadn’t clicked on this article in the first place.   


The Islington Gazette has “Group sets up hotline for UFOs” it mentions

The Islington Ufology and Supernatural Studies group has created the service to allow them to react quickly to sightings, such as the lights spotted over Archway last year. It claims that Islington is a “hotspot” for paranormal activity – and says seeing a UFO can be deeply troubling, requiring a couch and a sympathetic ear” (extract from article). It says at the end “To report a flying saucer or seek counselling following a “close encounter” call the hotline on 07500 346 688″ (extract from article).

 Scotsman.com.news has “Your views online“…. source: edinburgh evening news.


The Norwich Evening news 24 has “Norwich boffin: Don’t wait up for ET” it comments

Scientists at the University of East Anglia have produced a mathematical model suggesting the odds of finding new life on other planets are less than 0.01pc over four billion years, which means mankind will have died out before ET ever comes calling.
The findings are based on the time it has taken for humans to evolve compared with the remaining life span of Earth
” (extract from article). mmm…. no comment. (i do actually believe that this is an old article, around 2 years old…. i just need to find it, to confirm).



The redditch advertiser mentions “Couple chronicle close encounters” 

AFTER a close encounter of the third kind, an Alvechurch resident has spent the last 10 years researching UFOs.

John Hanson and his partner Dawn Holloway are working on a series of volumes dating from 1940 to 2008 which catalogue a day-by-day account of UFO activity in the UK.

The series, called Haunted Skies, contains an in-depth examination of UFO events as well as illustrations and interviews” (extract from article).

Blackpool gazette has “UFOs head for our bright lights” it says: “It’s the latest in a string of mysterious incidents which have seen Lancashire – and the Fylde in particular – earmarked as one of the UK’s UFO hot spots.
Stephen Morris, 44, claims he spotted a UFO hovering silently in the sky on Monday evening at 10:45pm.
Mr Morris spied the grey, triangular object heading towards the sea above houses in St.Alban’s Road, St.Annes
” (extract from article).

midweekherald.co.uk has “Aliens land UFO on roundball hill“… i have a feeling this is not all it seems (short article)…it says watch this space.


The update to the midweekherald “UPDATE: Aliens land UFO on roundball Hill” claims that “…[.] it has been confirmed that the aliens were children camping on the hill.

Their tents were pitched on the brow of roundball, providing a surreal sight for hundreds of residents below ” (extract from article)…. now thats quality reporting….. don’t you think.    



granthamjournal.com has “UFO sighted over Grantham” it mentions

A Journal reader spotted this mysterious light in the sky on Friday night.The light was the brightest thing in the sky and seemed to be hovering above Somerby Hill.




Then it split into four lights before mysteriously vanishing








” (extract from short post, with photo).



The cambs times has “Exclusive : Unidentified lights were sky lanterns released at wedding reception!” it says

A number of readers wrote in to say they had witnessed the strange lights and speculation was rife about whether they were UFOs.
But Jamie and Caroline Turnbull have cleared up the mystery saying they held their wedding reception in the garden of their Chatteris home on April 5 and released 30 sky lanterns to celebrate
” (extract from article). It also has photos of sky lanterns.

edinburghnews has “Teenager’s party blaimed for UFO mystery” it says

It has now emerged that the orange orbs, which were caught on film by walkers in the Braid Hills area, were Chinese sky lanterns let off during a teenager’s birthday party.
Several people reported seeing the lights between 8.50pm and 9pm on Saturday, April 12
” (extract from article).


The journal-online.co.uk has “UFOs over Braid Hills” it mentions :

The Braid Hills area of Edinburgh played host to some unusual visitors on Saturday night. A crowd of eyewitnesses, including several University of Edinburgh students, reported seeing strange lights hovering in the sky at around 9pm.

Lyle Brennan, 19, said: “We were trying to find our way home when we saw a series of orange lights rising very slowly into the sky. They appeared to be coming from behind the hill, drifting to a high altitude and eventually extinguishing” (extract from article).

This is Cheshire “UFOs spotted in the winsford sky” it says:

A WINSFORD man claims to have seen three unidentified flying objects in the town’s sky within a year.

The objects were seen above homes in Chesterfield Close in the town” (extract from article). Also the same article in winsfordguardian .


This month would not be complete without at least one Sun article (mmm…) In “Tourist snaps UFO in Croydon“. The photo is quite clearly a balloon, it’s sad, but then what do you expect. As one commenter of the post points out “what a load of cR*P”. Indeed.


news.scotsman.com has “Robert McNeil: Strange goings on in Morningside – that’l be the UFOs then




This is staffordshire has “MOD reveals two ufo sightings over Stoke-on-trent” Its a short article, but nothing new here i’m afraid…  

granthamjournal.com has “YOUR COMMENTS- VIDEO: glowing orange UFO caught on film” i’m afraid these look like chinese lanterns? this article has a video (although its not very impressive, i’m afraid and does not really help). what do you think? 


At seacoastonline in the stratham news (briefs) seen here , there is an entry that (in full below)

Kathleen Marden, Stratham resident and co-author of “Captured!: The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience,” will speak at the Wiggin Memorial Library on Thursday, May 8 at 6:30 p.m. Marden, who is the niece of Betty and Barney Hill, will present the story of her Aunt Betty Hill’s and Uncle Barney Hill’s 1961 UFO encounter and its fascinating aftermath, including a slide show of their encounter route, the evidence, and excerpts from their hypnosis sessions with Dr. Benjamin Simon

(taken from www.seacoastonline.com ).


The conclusion (a rough summing up) to the UK sightings will be made here within the next week.


http://www.lapisufo.com/ lapis conference on 14th june 2008…..

http://www.nowthatsweird.co.uk/fusion/news.php conference 2008   21st and 22nd june

http://www.cfz.org.uk/ conference 15th-17th August 2008 (just because its weird!) see here for further details 


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UFO Update (35)

Posted by dandare on March 30, 2008

ufo-online-soap.jpgWelcome to Update (35)….

600px-ovni.jpgtheblackvault.com has made it known (and i was not aware of this until now) that the MUFON UFO journals are available free on their site; see here about this information, and for the journals available see here. What does this mean;  both MUFON and the black vault have joined forces. 

In march 2008, both agreed to work together and make archives available for free, for anyone to look at. There are archives from 1967 up until 2007, accessable for everyone 🙂 

For instance, the december issue (2007) has an interesting article on “How MUFON handles photo and video analysis“…see page 4 onwards; and “orange balls of light” (page 5 onwards) in june’s issue (1990)… many more excellent articles/debate can be found here.      

In “man recalls UFO sighting ” (cnews.ca -across canada, 24th march,2007) he mentions

Ernest Buisse, 82, was on his parents’ farm near Redvers, Sask., in the summer of 1950 when he believes he witnessed an unidentified flying object” (extract from article).


wltx.com has “Man wonders if he caught UFO on tape” + a video (22nd march,2008).he mentions

Jeffrey Swetz of Cedar Creek says he saw it earlier this week, and picked up his camera and started rolling. He said it looked like a star but seemed much brighter ” (extract from article).

In theheraldnewonline “UFO symposium set for Tinley park ” (28th march,2008)… it says

 “A handful of red lights appeared in Tinley Park skies in 2004 and 2005, capturing the attention of dozens of residents.Some people said the lights moved or changed formation, while others said they were still” (extract from article).

In ufodigest, “No FOIA favoritism” (21st mrach,2008), it talks about

The Judicial Watch lawsuit how in front of a Federal Court involves 20,000 pages plus they have another lawsuit involving millions of pages. If JW wins their requests they will tie up the archivists at the Clinton Library for years. This will delay the UFO files from being released until after the Hillary files are processed” (extract from article).

Also from ufodigest, is “Texas law officers release diagram, description of UFO” (25th march,2008).


An Erath County, Texas, law enforcement officer has released a detailed diagram of an unidentified object seen by several officers.

The diagram and related information about the Stephenville region sighting were made available to the public today, March 25.

The drawing includes specific colors and dimensions of the object as well as related information.

The diagram and descriptions have been posted on the Web site StephenvilleLights.com ” (extract from article).

real.jpg <—(illustration not part of any of these articles)

The latimes.com has “Seeking UFOs, deep underground” (28th march, 2008)

Davenport says that of the vast majority of UFO sightings, up to 90% are explainable: weather balloons, military aircraft, satellites and the like. Many more prove to be hoaxes.

But then there’s the tiny percentage, maybe only a handful each year, where something was definitely seen — often by multiple reliable sources — and that defy explanation.
He believes that clues lie buried in these hill-sized mounds of paper that he has meticulously cataloged, if only the government or a university would do the research”
(extract from article).
In aliencasebook.blogspot.com there is an excellent post on “UFO – cold case private investigators locate chad drone photo location” (29th march, 2008).

OTHER Articles of interest

In seti.com/blog (26th march, 2008) it has “Aliens from Earth?”

In KIII TV3 (26th march, 2008) “Was it a UFO above Corpus Christi skies?

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Isaac/Chad/CARET/california drones…what is going on? (part 1)

Posted by dandare on March 29, 2008

I admit, that at first, i just brushed all this under the carpet (although my thoughts on what they are, has not changed), and did not really take much notice of it all. Now with the recent La times article, of 2 detectives searching for answers, i thought i would attempt to look at it myself, in more detail.

I would like to thank these forums for interesting information, and thoughts on the matter…. these are: abovetopsecret.com, unexplained-mysteries.com, unifiction.com, open minds forum… For websites: i have consulted many for more information,ect (i will try and add all of them at the end of this post).

 The first reports of the drone, was in may 2007; it appeared first, On the coast to coast website, the report appeared here—–> http://www.coasttocoastam.com/gen/page2022.html?theme=light . Also witness account there too.

Submitted May 1oth, 2007

Location, central valley of California. Later found to be Bakersfield? california.

Report date: (from camera) May 6th

But Chad reported it as being seen as early as April 2007 (on numerous occassions). See below for the photos:








I will just comment here, my first reaction to these photos…..

  1. we get a full array of profiles…close, distant (at slightely different angles)
  2. All very sharp, almost too good
  3. What are those black marks around (and close to) the drone, you can see in most of them? to me it looks suspiscious?

At this point, i will add the link from MUFON, as it argues this is a fake  http://www.hyper.net/ufo/vs/m05-001.html  with an interesting argument; also analyists check the photos supplied.

  These photos were scans of the original…..

Also, there has been a comparison made, with the Chad photos, to an incident in Devon (england) in 1967 (26th october, in South Devon)….did ‘Chad’ get some of his ideas from this?….. see below for video.

For a report on the incident see http://www.ufologie.net/htm/dorset67.htm and   http://www.project1947.com/shg/hennessey/ufoinv4-4.htm (with diagrams)…thanks to http://www.hyper.net/ufo.html for making this information aware to me, on the website.

 Second sighting:

Location: Lake Tahoe, nevada

Posted by MUFON 7013

Date of event: 5th may, 2007

Images taken on cell phone

2 photos were placed on MUFON, on 12nd May,2008 and then slightly later at UFO casebook.com at http://www.ufocasebook.com/strangecraftlaketahoe.html (see link for details).



The first time Rajinder Satyanarayana (Rajman 1977) is mentioned is on craigslist, on the 20th may, 2007. He writes “Bizarre thing in the sky in capitola, CA ….WTF is this (capitola)”. He gives us 6 photos to look at; his name is quickly removed from craigslist, so he adds his name as Rajman1977, on a flickr account, with the photos from before….. account soon hacked though.

He alleged the event took place on the 16th may, 2007

Camera used: Konica Minolta DiMAGE X

The one we are most interested with here, is the one below (again we have near and very close shots as well). 


One of the photos (seen above), is the one that the two detectives are now (in 2008) trying to trace, ie the telegraph poles location….. what i do not understand is why only the one photo…. if these draw a blank, should they not look for other clues, in the other photos, from ‘chad’ and others?


 (the photo illustration above, is one of several noted in the ufocasebook forum; it brings up some interesting problems with the photo). This, and many more problems/discussions will be written about much more fully in (part 2).

Next we have the big basin sighting, (california) 

Submitted on the 6th june 2007 ….. by Jenna L (a freelance photographer) on behalf of Stephen… although again much later, there is a debate to suggest this is not the true location at all.

Report date: 5th june 2007

Camera: Cannon Rebel XT

There were 3 photographs….. see http://ufocasebook.com/bigbasin.html for more details







Slightly later reported, but with the same reported sighting date: Big basin, california

Submitted on 16th june 2007 by someone called TY

Reported date: june 5th, 2007 (same as one above)

Sent to earthfiles.com ……. unfortunately as this is subscription based (for the archive), and i am not a member, i cannot access it.

I know there are 12 photographs, and i do have a link/photos to this but have misplaced it…. will add when found.

Isaac + the CARET documents  (posted on the internet in june 2007)

CARET = Commercial Applications Research for Extraterrastrial Report   pacl-q486-report-cover-fullsize.jpg

The CARET laboratory is in Palo Alto, CA (Isaac there from 1984-1987)

He was recruited for the CARET program.

Both an engineer  + computer scientist

the drone  

  • uses invisibility
  • Interference (not from humans) caused invisibilty to become inoperative
  • Technology= antigravity
  • symbols = software programs that self executed as a functional blueprint

Before Isaac resigned and became a ‘whistleblower’ – he managed to take out documents; these were

Q3 – 85 inventory review pacl-q385-inventory-review-fullsizes.jpg

Q4 – 86 Research report 180px-pacl-q486-photo-4-fullsize.jpg  180px-pacl-q486-photo-3-fullsize.jpg 


photo scans

linguistic Analysis Primer 180px-pacl-lang-analysis-p122-fullsize.jpg  180px-pacl-lang-analysis-p120-fullsize.jpg 180px-pacl-lang-analysis-p119-fullsize.jpg

He was concerned about safety if who he was, was known

He made it common knowledge that main source of information was to be spread through coast to coast website

This is just a rough outline of CARET and ‘Isaac’. His website can still be seen at http://isaaccaret.fortunecity.com 

So a quick recap to the 5 main sightings:

  1. chad – may 10th 2007    Bakersfield, california
  2. MUFON submitter 7013 wife – may 12th 2007   Lake Tahoe, Nevada
  3. Rajinder Satyanarayana (Flickr acccount name Rajman 1977) – may 20th 2007   Capitola, california
  4. Jenna L on behalf of Stephen – june 6th   Big Basin, california
  5. Ty – june 16th big basin, california

Actual sightings occurred on

  1. may 6th 2007
  2. may 5th 2007
  3. may 16th 2007
  4. june 5th 2007
  5. june 5th 2007

There are also allegedly other sightings going as far back as 1995? but i have not referred to them for this analysis… this can be seen at earthfiles.com

This covers part 0ne……. and is really a quick outline about the drone sightings, without going into too much detail. In part 2, i will be covering the problems/analysis/discussing the drones sightings/photos/CARET documents in more detail…. 

Websites invaluable for sources of information are:








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After renewed interest in california drones….. report of sightings + analysis..coming soon

Posted by dandare on March 27, 2008


After recent renewed interest in the california drones, seen in articles:

UFO reports draws national attention to Capitola” (mercurynews.com- 27th march, 2008)

UFO Investigation centres on Capitola” (Kcra.com- 26th march, 2008)

A UFO cold case“ (posted 18th march,2008….latimes.com)

 A similar article can be seen at upi.com “detectives seek ufo answers” (posted 18th march,2008).


And also from comments in UFO Update (34), i have decided to attempt to put together all the sightings, and analysis the drones, plus the Isaac paperwork. This will be in 2 parts (first part – the sightings themselves…. second part – the analysis and possible answers to the drone effect).

However, due to time constraints, i am not quite sure when they will be available…. although i have got through quite a bit of what will make up part 1. I would be glad of any input, and  welcome your comments.       

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UFO Update (34)

Posted by dandare on March 22, 2008

Welcome to UFO Update (34)………..

and a happy Easter to you all….


Inexplicata.blogspot.com (the journal of Hispanic Ufology) has “Roundup: the 2008 UFO wave of Argentina” (march 12th,2008). 

In “A UFO cold case” (posted 18th march,2008….latimes.com) investigators are searching for Raji, who allegedly photographed a UFO drone, and then disappeared on the internet… I do not know why this is being discussed or investigated, as it is a well known fact that these photos are fakes. 


 A similar article can be seen at upi.com “detectives seek ufo answers” (posted 18th march,2008).

From airshippilot.blogspot.com “UFO…no just a blimp” (posted 20th march,2008).

in blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com “Discussion on UFOs” (posted 16th march,2008) is a thought provoking post. I agree with this statement especially “In general, if someone is bent on pursuing such a frustrating subject they fall into one of three categories.

They may be digging for proof of alien life, they may be trying to uncover dark world governmental activities relating to unidentified objects, or their drive may be a combination of both, the search for proof of alien visitation and contact and the government’s hidden knowledge of that fact along with its pursuits of harnessing alien technology” (extract from article).I would, as has been mentioned before on this blog, have to fall into the ‘both’ category. The comments at the end of this article…. worth a glance. A later article by the site is also worth a look “UFOs and what to do” (posted 19th march,2008).


azcentral.com has “UFO buff explores Chandler crop circles” (posted 19th march,2008); 

It says “Polani said he regrets not being able to photograph the Chandler phenomenon from the air; the crop was harvested hours after he spotted it.
He was able to walk into the field and capture patterns of downed stalks pointing in different directions among clusters of stiff, erect plants. And he picked up a few of the damaged stalks which appeared to be burned and bent in different places
” (extract from article). For those interested, there is a good article here (by Andy Thomas on the UK 2007 crop circles).

wapakdailynews.com has “Spreading secrets” (posted 12th march,2008)… i’m afraid this was one post i missed in last weeks update.

thestar.com has an article, covering the recent Alien abduction festival “An ET invasion for a cause” (posted 21st march,2008).


In theindependent.com (santa Barbara) “Plasmatron oscillators and psionic helmets – available now!” (posted 15th march,2008). I think i’ll turn down the offer however…..

MyFox has “UFO captured on tape in Pasco” (posted 14th march,2008); it comes with a video……

The telegraph.co.uk has “Prof Michio Kaku on the science behind UFOs and time travel” (posted 20th march,2008).

But what is frustrating to scientists is that, of the thousands of recorded sightings, none has produced hard physical evidence that can lead to reproducible results in the laboratory. No alien DNA, alien computer chip or physical evidence of a landing has ever been retrieved” (extract from article)… however, it does go into some interesting theories, and possible outcomes.

Lastly, on a very serious note….. and i think an excellently made point about Tibet today comes from “Living nightmare of an alien takeover” (posted 20th march,2008)…….

It starts “You wake up to discover Britain has been taken over by aliens. The government and the royal family have fled into exile. National and local government, the army, the police, schools and universities, major banks and businesses and hospitals are now all run by aliens. They don’t speak English ” (extract from article)….it carries on with everything being destroyed…..by aliens and you can do nothing…. 

at the end it says”Then you wake up and realise it’s a nightmare. But it isn’t if you’re Tibetan. If you live in Tibet or the western provinces of China, this is what is happening. That is why Tibetan men, women and children are protesting – and dying. For them the nightmare is real” (extract from article). Sorry, this is not about UFOs, but the alien effect was a clever slant on things… on an important issue.

Also of interest:

amandala.com  (Belize) “Strange night sightings in Pan” (posted 18th march,2008)

timesonline “science fiction author arthur c. Clarke dies aged 90” (posted 18th march,2008)

restarfilms.blogspot.com “UFOs: to weird to be extraterrestrials” (posted 21st march,2008)


  UPDATE: 26th march 2008

Further to the comments below, on the california drone sightings? i am in the middle of writing up a rather long post on the drone sightings…. this is taking longer than i thought… i hope to have it on here in the very near future (2 to 3 days)…. hence, i’m afraid (as this is taking up any spare time i have) i have been unable to add any new posts.

 I have not gone away/given up,ect…… thanks for your patience.




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More UFO documentary videos of interest

Posted by dandare on March 19, 2008

Below is a selection of UFO videos of possible interest…..

Secret Canadian UFO projects (part 1 of 2)

Secret Canadian UFO projects (part 2 0f 2)

Kapustin Yar (USSR) Part 1 of 6

Kapustin Yar (USSR) Part 2 of 6

Kapustin Yar (USSR) Part 3 of 6

Kapustin Yar (USSR) Part 4 of 6

Kapustin Yar (USSR) part 5 of 6

Kapustin Yar (USSR) part 6 of 6

Next is three crop circle videos: interesting to watch 
Crop circles A to Z

Crop circles…… real or not?

How to make crop circles (says 4 of 5…but unfortunately there are no other parts to this…shame as its interesting)

Although these videos can be seen at the present time, there is no guarantee that they will be there in the forseeable future… so if videos are unable to play, then i will endeavour/do my best to find new links to this, but may not be able too. Hope this opens your mind too all possibilities…obviously, yes videos are good to watch,but ideally, if you are really interested; then to get all the facts, try to seek out documentation and papers on the subjects involved….


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Uk UFO sightings (march 2008)

Posted by dandare on March 16, 2008

276px-uk-map.pngI am following the Uk ufo sightings every month….. however, as i have said before, i am not sure what value they are to any UFO research.

Many of the sightings are sensationalised, with usually alot of information missing. Please keep this in mind as you view these postings from the local press. I will try to add updates (mainly just links to articles) at the end of this article for this month, as and when they arrive. 

 I will be adding information about MOD links, near the end of this article as well. 

Many local newspapers, are more interested in being ‘the UK hot spot’ of the year/moment,ect than anything else.

In halifaxcourier.co.uk, (posted 15th march,2008) “County is UFO hotspot“…. this was done by Virgin media with ufo data back to 1994 (study researched by Nick Pope- i would like to know where he pulled the data from; this is not added).

Therefore west yorkshire boasts, that it is the UK UFO hotspot, and i am assuming Nick Pope took data from the MOD ufo files that are readily available online; the telegraphandargus.co.uk (this is for bradford area) reaffirms this fact in “Keep your eyes to the skies” (posted 15th march,2008). However, this article claims that there were sightings in this area ….34 in the last 40 years (so 1994 as the last article suggested, is not right), and many above Bradford, apparently according to this article. From the virgin media site here , it mentions the data goes as far back as 1961.

In the dailyrecord.co.uk (scottish news) it boasts that “Lanarkshire is Scotlands UFO capital” (posted 15th march,2008). I think you can see the aims of all these articles…. again it is for the same virgin media study.

Lancashire, who probably feel a bit soar at coming third, with Yorkshire on the top of this list, still write in the lep.co.uk (lancashire news) “Lancashire is hot-spot for flying saucers” (posted 16th march,2008). At least it admits its motives, as it mentions that Nick Pope recommends Lancashire as a place to visit to possibly see ufos (or as they say”to spot a little green man”).


So are we talking bragging rights, extra tourism, and so on…. possibly; maybe, its also to sell some more papers. Also, what i find frustrating is where the data comes from…does it just come from one source, the MOD, and if so, should it also include other data; also, should there be more than one researcher on this, collorating the results?

In the granthamjournal.co.uk “Gonerby UFO sighted over Saskatchewan” (posted 13th march,2008). There is a basic drawing of the UFO, and the Gonerby sightings draws (no pun intended) parallels with a Canadian sighting at Saskatchewan, which was seen in 2005. For interest, you can also see previos UFO sightings reported by this paper here.

The same paper also has “Reader tries to pass off fake UFO picture”  (5th march,2008).

In the bedfordtoday.co.uk there are two articles in the month of march “Mysterious goings-on in luton skies leave onlookers baffled” (posted 6th march,2008) and “plenty more UFO sightings to report in Luton area” (posted 13th march,2008). The first one is  standard faire (for the local papers), and the second is a extraterrestrial versus skeptical counter argument article. For previous ufo sightings that the paper has done, see here .

In the Islingtongazette.co.uk (posted 11th march,2008) “MOD inquiry into Archway UFO mystery” , covers the sighting from a year ago, and what has happened since… It says

Now the Gazette can reveal that top level government agencies looked into the phenomenon – which many believe was nothing more than floating Chinese lanterns.
The Gazette sent a Freedom of Information request to the Ministry demanding to see every document relating to the Archway incident, as well as a total cost of the investigation
” (extract from article). 

For just a daft, alleged alien encounter see “The moment when aliens decided to land in enfield” Posted 4th march,2008 by enfieldindependant.co.uk).

For another just daft article, “Alien doctors treated my cystitis” (posted 7th march,2008), by hartlepoolmail.co.uk. I’m soo going to believe this…and the woman being interviewed is writing a book about it to boot. ………………………..next please.

I’m afraid many also fail to follow up on their initial leads, and many reports just remain forgotten.


 The MOD will soon (similar to the french)  release more UFO files for public viewing, from this spring onwards; please see my previous post for more details at     https://dandare.wordpress.com/2007/12/23/mod-to-start-releasing-ufo-files-spring-2008/ (please bare in mind that some of the links to the MOD are not working, due to them moving and adding to them, and therefore moving the links).

I have added some below for you to see…. contrary to what you may have been led to believe by the media, there is already quite a bit out online. This is just a taster of what you can see for yourself from the MOD site.

 Requests for information about UFOs recieved in january 2005 

Also UFO search results on the site here 

UFO reports 1997-2007 

UAP in the UK region

Please also take a look at http://www.uk-ufo.org/condign/index.htm which has an invaluable resource on the MOD, especially on what is coming out this spring……especially the link http://www.uk-ufo.org/condign/di55docs.html 

MORE UPDATES WILL BE REPORTED BELOW HERE  (just as links to the sites involved, unless really interesting).

 c_71_article_1039964_image_list_image_list_item_0_image.jpg (illustration of Jodrell bank, UK; not part of these articles)

UPDATE : 17th March,2008

Shropshirestar.com has “Shropshire hotspot for UFO sightings” (posted 17th march,2008) with an interactive map included. (for same virgin media poll).

thisisplymouth.co.uk “City is tops for UFO sightings” (posted 17th march,2008). slightly misleading there i feel; and yes for same poll.

Oops… almost missed this article from the bbc.co.uk (scotland/tayside and central) “MOD releases secret files on UFOs” (posted 4th march,2008).

Louthleader.co.uk has an interesting article on “More earthquake light sightings” (posted 11th march,2008). 

A follow up article (from the same paper)  “International interest for leader lightning story” (posted 17th march,2008). also has some good links to other articles on the same lines, including the timesonline ….. worth taking a note of this phenomena, as it is still relatively unknown (includes lightning reations and ball lightning). Could this account for some UFO sightings?

 UPDATE: 18th march,2008

Buryfreepress.co.uk, has “Bury named UFO ‘hot spot’ ” (posted 18th march,2008)… similar faire for virgin media poll.

Also (for same poll) eadt.co.uk- suffolk and essex online has “Suffolk ranks highly for UFO sightings” (posted 18th march,2008).

thisislincolnshire.co.uk has a further article on the earthquake lights “Did UFO lights herald lincolnshire earthquake?” (posted 18th march,2008). Is there something in this… i think there possibly could be.

UPDATE 19th march:

The granthamjournal.co.uk has “UFO could be top secret plane” (posted 19th march,2008); this is linked to, and a follow-on post to    “Gonerby UFO sighted over Saskatchewan” (posted 13th march,2008)- which was added above.

In metro.co.uk it mentions “Proof that aliens are out there” (posted 17th march,2008-almost missed this article). Again it is proof that, not all you see on google earth, is actually what you see (if you know what i mean).


Birminghammail.net has “Birmingham named ‘weirdest place’ ” (posted 14th march,2008-again almost missed).. this also includes UFOs.

UPDATE: 21st march,2008

At virginmedia.com, they pick up on the earthlights phenomena “Expert probes earthquake lights” (no date shown, but posted within the last 2 days).

The sunderlandecho.com mentions the virgin poll again (the same as those above) in “You’re not alone in County Durham” (posted 20th march,2008).

Falkirkherald.co.uk mentions “Bonnybridge UFO claim” (posted 20th march,2008) ; the witness said “By the shape of it there was no way it was a plane. It looked oval shaped with flashing lights all around it, so we got out the van to have a look.
“After hovering for a while, it then just shot up into the sky and the speed it was going was phenomenal
” (extract from article).


thisislancashire.co.uk (again on the virgin poll) has “Lancashire and the UFOs” (posted 21st march,2008).

UPDATE 25th:

yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk has a very small mention of the UFO virgin poll (4 lines), in “A barmy way to save cash” (posted 22nd march,2008)…however the rest of the article is about something completely different.

** From theargus.co.uk… one of the worst ufo sightings video Ever in “UFO caught on camera in Sussex” (posted 23rd march, 2008). The video is well, at best hillarious!   

bakewelltoday.co.uk has “UFO sighting in Peak District Village” (posted 21st march,2008…sorry only recently found). It mentions “Sightings of orange lights over Litton have left residents baffled.
Ray Frost, who reported his February 24 sighting on the internet, said: “I think it was a UFO
” (extract from article).


kentonline.co.uk , in (i think) “welcome to kent” (posted 21st march,2008), there are a whole series of different short topics discussed…. what we are after is “STRANGE happenings from crabs falling from the sky to UFOs have earned the county a place in the top 10 of the UK’s Twilight Zone Hotspots, according to Disneyland Resort Paris” (extract from article). Nothing more is added.

The eveningtimes.co.uk has that Virgin UFO poll in “Glasgows UFO Fan Club” (posted 24th march,2008)… It says “Believe it or not, Glasgow has been named the UFO capital of Scotland.

The city has stolen the title from Bonnybridge, which for decades has been abuzz with reported sightings of alien spacecraft.

Glasgow is the only location in Scotland to make the Virgin Media Files, a specially compiled list of Britain’s top 10 places for spotting UFOs” (extract from article). and….”Glasgow’s tourism and civic leaders welcomed the news that inter-galactic tourists are seemingly flocking to the city” (extract from article).
UPDATE: 27th march, 2008

From the northantset.co.uk, there are 2 short posts “UFO spotted over Corby” (26th march, 2008)….. mmmm.   

And “Latest UFO news in from India” (27th march, 2008)…..i think this short post is summed up most aptly by the only person to comment….

That’s actually an IFO. It is a male Danaid_Eggfly. See photo here:
Come on folks. Stop wasting our time with reflections, bugs, and other fake ufos. If you have something truly extraordinary then show it. Please don’t make it difficult for serious UFO researchers
“. Couldn’t have said it better.


wigantoday.net has “UFO spotted in Wigan” (27th march, 2008) amd also has a video from cell phone… to be honest could be anything? (also earlier post i noticed…virgin poll again…”We’re a UFO hotspot“-20th march, 2008 ). 

From the granthamjournal.co.uk (27th march, 2008) it has “More UFO theories“; it states near the end “He said: “You dont want to see a space craft!. It’s just not worth the many lonely nights of siliently weeping and wondering to myself BECAUSE the goverment won’t confirm what I know to be true

“I CAN’T TAKE THE LIES ANYMORE“” (extract from article).

Rest assured, i am not lonely, crying, ect just more determined to find the truth (although some quite clearly think i’m nuts/a kook,ect……oh well things are looking up).   




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