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UFO Update (33)

Posted by dandare on March 15, 2008

We start this update with a fun object…….

 bovineabductee.jpg    humanabductee.jpg   pulsatingbeam.jpg

 “the Abduction Lamp” . It is still at the concept stage at the moment, but could have potential.  

Following on from the pheonix lights article, i wrote about recently…. at azcentral.com it discusses “Retooled documentary takes look at Pheonix Lights” (posted 13th march,2008); Also, azfamily.com “still explaining Pheonix Lights 11 years later” (posted 13th march,2008).

At lovefm.com “Belmopan residents report sightings of UFOs” (posted 12th march,2008), in which “a few residents in the Belmopan area saw some bright lights over the hills in the direction of the University Heights area last night. We were told that the unidentified objects were bright fire ball like lights that came on and off for about 30 seconds at a time” (extract from article).

In the UK, the halifaxcourier.com seems to maintaining the bragging rights in “Unexplained light above Halifax helps make west yorkshire UFO hot spot” (posted 14th march,2008). The survey was done by Virgin media (in the virgin media files, under UFOs)…


 For those not in the UK, this is owned by Richard Branson…….

I’m sure some other local newspaper, will be claiming its the UK UFO hotspot, before long though….

Staying in the UK, the lutontoday.co.uk mentions “Plenty more UFO sightings to report in Luton area” (posted 13th march,2008).

It mentions “Since last week’s article about mystery lights in the skies over Luton and Houghton Regis, this newsdesk has been inundated with readers sharing their own experiences.
From witnesses, sceptics and self-professed UFO fanatics, here is a selection of the responses….
” (extract from article). 

In the Islingtongazette.co.uk (posted 11th march,2008) “MOD inquiry into Archway UFO mystery” , covers the sighting from a year ago, and what has happened since… It says

Now the Gazette can reveal that top level government agencies looked into the phenomenon – which many believe was nothing more than floating Chinese lanterns.
The Gazette sent a Freedom of Information request to the Ministry demanding to see every document relating to the Archway incident, as well as a total cost of the investigation
” (extract from article). 


In turkey, at toplumpostasi.net “UFO” (posted 12th march,2008) it mentions

The sighting of a UFO this week has excited the Turkish media with pictures appearing in both tabloid style and more serious broadsheet papers this week. The flying object was spotted in the Karaköprü area of Şanlıurfa province towards 4am on Wednesday morning” (extract from article).

It goes on to mention a turkish ufo video (no link is given to it though, so i cannot comment on it)….. however, it does mention past ufo sightings in the country, which is of more interest. 

Although the group siriusufo.org is talked about, but to me, it is not a reliable source of information on this topic. To be fair, the article is critical of sirius, saying that it is more interested in getting people to go to the ufo museum, than anything else. The article was done by Fazile Zahir…..

elpasotimes.com has “Police say object was blimp with lights” (posted 13th march,2008).

A supposed UFO spotted floating over Socorro on Wednesday night was a blimp with lights around it, a Socorro police dispatcher said” (extract from article).


 (not related to articles, although it looks more like me, on the night shift)

nugget.ca (north bay nugget) talks of “Fire balls likely meteors, astronomy researchers say” (posted 13th march,2008). It mentions “Dave Roscoe, president of the North Bay Astronomy Club, mused Monday the sightings may have been debris from a U.S. spy satellite shot down Feb. 20.

And he said Tuesday in an e-mail the website http://www.heavens-above.com is reporting it’s not unrealistic for such debris to re-enter the atmosphere three or four weeks after it broke up. Roscoe said the site also indicates this area passes through the path of re-entry once or twice a day.

Edwards, however, said debris would be moving at a much slower pace than fast-moving fire balls witnesses have described. And he said a meteor is a much more likely explanation” (extract from article).

In the new scientist “Swarm of meteorites may solve Peru impact mystery” (posted 12th march,2008)….. when it hit, there were claims it was a crashed alien craft by some…. not me, i hasten to add. dn13453-1_600.jpg

It is an interesting article, well worth a read.

Mysterious lights appear in WA sky” (posted 1oth march,2008), “THE mystery behind the lights which appeared over WA skies early this morning has been solved. The Perth Observatory says the lights were caused by a meteorite building up in the atmosphere” (extract from article). Looks more like its meteorite updates week….. than ufo updates.

Robbie Williams now,  “[…]…is planning to splash out £2.5 million on an alien observatory” (extract from article) from stuff.co.nz entitled “Robbie wants close encounter” (posted 15th march,2008).


The Associated Press has, “House for sale: non-earthlings welcome” (posted 15th march,2008).

Also of interest:- “UFO book authors to present findings” (posted 10th march,2008).


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Did you see the Pheonix lights nearly 11 years ago

Posted by dandare on March 13, 2008


From ABC15.com (posted 13th march,2008) for original post see here ; the full article is posted below. 

“It’s been over a decade since thousands of Valley residents reported a strange grouping of lights in the Arizona night sky.

Thursday marks the 11th anniversary of the “Phoenix Lights”.

It’s a phenomena that continues to draw questions from people around the world.

The lights of different descriptions were seen on the night of March 13th, 1997.

Some said they saw a triangular formation pass over their homes. Others saw a series of stationary lights in a long line.

The United States Air Force later identified the lights as flares from the Barry Goldwater Range, but many continue to believe differently.

Even former Arizona Governor Fife Symington reported seeing the lights, describing his encounter as a huge carpenter-square object moving over Phoenix.

Did you see the lights nearly 11 years ago? We want to hear from you. Email us your story at YouNews@abc15.com

We’ll share some of your stories Thursday morning starting at 5 a.m. on ABC15 Daybreak.

We’ll then look back at the Phoenix Lights, and try to answer some unexplained questions, Thursday at 10 p.m. on ABC15 News”.

Please also see my archived posts on the pheonix lights (with videos) at:


 (extract from december 2007 post- relevant information placed here, below)

To start off with, we have discovery channel’s UFOs over Pheonix: Video analysts Examine a UFO sighting at:





   arizona republic



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The Texas UFO Triangle

Posted by dandare on March 13, 2008

What’s this i hear you cry…. well, if you take the land between Lubbock, Alpine and Albuquerque in New Mexico (which forms a triangle), this covers canyon and desert terrain. This area also has probably 6 of the most important UFO events; and it is also, not to far from Stephenville, to the East.   

View Larger Map

Within this area, we have the 1947 Roswell incident, a whole series of car stoppages near Levelland, Texas (1957- see here and here for more details), and a police officer in 1964, who witnessed an object land with entities, in New Mexico at Socorro (see here for details).

The amount of UFO occurrances between 1947-1952 in this area, meant the government expressed grave concern, as too what was going on.

 However, alot of scientific research is/was done in this area (early atomic bomb-tests and missile sites for example are all here).

Dr Lincoln La Paz (meteor expert- see here for more), spent many a year, researching green fireballs, that behaved unlike meteors- these incidents happened frquently in the 1940’s-1950’s.


Photo (above) taken around 1.30pm (16th october,1957) whilst driving on Highway 54 (south of Alamogordo, New Mexico); photo taken by Ella Fortune. It was near the Holloman Air Force Base, and close to the site of the first atomic explosion (in 1945). There is much debate as to what this is…. some say it is a lenticular cloud (although this is disputed, due to the fact, that it reflects too much light to be a cloud), others a balloon; however, as far as i’m aware, its origin has not been  established. The UFO was hovering motionless.

Several days later, near Levelland, a whole series of sightings took place….there were car stoppages (2nd and 3rd november 1957), also similar occurrances around Sacramento Mountains.

At Orogrande, an engineer, at 1pm on 4th november (1957), lost engine/radio/lights response on his car….this happened to others on the same road, as an oval shaped UFO, was seen. However, the engineer, also endured waves of heat…..later that day, alot of his body became red/itchy.  

7th november (1957), not far from above (ie in the vacinity), 2 people in their car at 9.20am, saw a UFO, and immediately the speedometer was affected.


In 1951 (august 31st), at Lubbock, there was a photo taken of a V-shaped formation of lights. However, we now know these ‘lights’ were in fact birds (see here for more details)!

In 1952, the lights returned, and a professor, Dr Ducker, went to great lenghts to establish that they were birds, with a whole series of experiments. However, he also came to the conclusion, that not all were birds, and some were unknown.

This is just a taster, of the many UFOand IFO activities within/around this area….. also now, with the Stephenville ufo sightings just outside of this area to the East.   

 See the site http://www.nicap.org/   for many more ufo sightings, many described in detail, and an excellent site for research.  

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A Chronology of frequently discussed UFO & SETI related events (1877-2006) by Isaac Koi

Posted by dandare on March 11, 2008

600px-ovni.jpgIsaac Koi has done some very interesting research, and has some excellent data on UFOs… Below is a pdf file, which i find extremely interesting and helpful, even though it was written in 2006 and is a preliminary draft…. you are free to reuse this, however if you do, please make sure you read the last paragraph, as this must be added to this article/list, if used for non-commercial use only.

Please download the pdf below. You will need adobe acrobate ; for the latest free reader, go here if you are having trouble seeing the article below.

It might take a minute or so to download, so please be patient.


A Chronology of frequently discussed UFO & SETI related events (1877-2006)

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UFO Update (32)

Posted by dandare on March 8, 2008

UFO UPDATE     (32)



  We start off this week’s Update, with a nice little article, about Azerbaijan at globalvoicesonline.org (posted march 7th,2008) “Azerbaijan: death star hotel“. This country, in an attempt to win the olympic games, is trying to smarten up its act….. one of the ideas in the pipeline, is the making of a hotel, like a large death star (from Star wars) in Baku, its capital city. 

In the victoriatimescolonist (part of canada.com) “Puzzling UFO probably ‘terrestrial phenomenon’, but no one knows for sure” (posted march 5th,2008). It mentions: 

“One thing’s for sure when it comes to a mysterious object over the skies of Prince Edward Island: no one knows what it was – not even the UFO experts.

Chris Rutkowski, research co-ordinator for Ufology Research in Manitoba, said the object trailing a dark, spiralling plume behind it in January over the island is not a UFO.

But Rutkowski is at a loss to identify exactly what it was an islander captured on video and that left the entire country guessing as to its origin” (extract from article).


At boston.com “Inquiring minds try to unearth truth behind UFOs” (posted 2nd march,2008). It says: 

“While such accounts are often explained away or even ridiculed by skeptics, sightings that appear to defy descriptions of conventional aircraft fascinate Greg Berghorn, director of the state chapter of the national Mutual UFO Network, known as MUFON.

The Massachusetts group was established in 1984 and now boasts about 100 volunteer field investigators, and logs approximately 50 UFO reports annually. The vast majority can be explained as hoaxes, misidentified satellites, or even the planet Venus, said Berghorn, but three or four sightings every year are not so easy to discredit” (extract from article).

It also mentions local sightings, and other such investigations, and the problems faced by this MUFON Massachusett’s chapter. It says that  1 in 10 sightings are never reported.

Their site can be seen at http://massmufon.com/ 
alien tag

A rather different post, can be found at thejakartapost.com (posted march 6th,2008) entiutled “The truth is out there, online“.  it says that:

Aliens and UFOs might be considered as part of the meeting between science and irrationality that has grown in the United States. In Indonesia, however, UFO and alien fan clubs have blossomed with the rising use of the Internet in the past few years.

Communities of UFO hobbyists all across the country join mailing lists and exchange pictures and information on the internet. Some blog to share thoughts with anyone who happens to drop by their site.

The BETA-UFO community, which was founded by Nur Agustinus in 1997, is the largest of these forums with a total of 750 members on its Yahoo group’s mailing list. The mailing list members are scattered throughout all regions of the country ” (extract from article).


At goldcoast.com “Experts are baffled by orange UFO” (posted 7th march,2008)…..

“WHAT glows orange, scours the skyline and leaves a black plume of smoke? Annette Van Zetten is not exactly sure what she saw shooting across the Tweed skyline on Wednesday evening, but it certainly grabbed her attention as well as the police and rescue authorities” (extract from article)…..posted 7th march,2008. 

 Whilst trawling the web, i noticed this article at wlox.com, “Gautier man shares story of 1973 Alien abduction” (posted 28th feb,2008). it mentions

“Late one October night in 1973, Charles Hickson decided to go fishing on the Pascagoula River with his buddy, 19-year-old Calvin Parker. But something happened that night that would change their lives forever” (extract from article). He then goes on to explain, his ordeal and says;

“I am not trying to force anybody to believe anything. I just simply tell them what happen to Calvin and me, and they make up their own minds if they want to believe it or not” (extract from article).

Mysterious goings-on in Luton skies leave onlookers baffled” (bedfordtoday.co.uk, posted 6th march,2008).

First a mysterious red light was spotted hovering over the Luton & Dunstable Hospital at around 9pm, and then later on another light was seen in the skies above Houghton Regis” (extract from article). 

I will mention “Secret UN meetings discussing UFOs chaired by President of the general assembly” in passing, but personally i do not believe this for one moment. For instance,

“[..]…..that agreement was reached to develop an official policy of ‘openness’ to UFO reports in 2009 provided two conditions were met. Peace and stability in democratic nations was the first. The second condition was that UFO sightings would continue at present levels” (extract from article).

I’m sorry, but how stupid is this…..this will never happen (and how do you define peace…is that total peace as in no disturbances/strikes/ect)…so they are onto a winner here. Also, why these conditions? vague sensationalism……. 

UFO investigator comes home to Victoria to investigate Texas sightings” (posted 1st march,2008 – victoria advocate.com). It says:   

“In the skies over war-torn Pristina, Kosovo, on a night almost a decade ago, something unexplainable appeared over the head of a soldier with the American 82nd Airborne Division – and changed the course of his life forever” (extract from article). It later goes on to say:-  

“But it was his later experience in Kosovo that made him realize his future would involve the investigation of whatever was up there.For the past two years, Ray has been a field investigator for MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network), the largest existing organization to investigate UFOs” (extract from article).

He has recently moved to Victoria, and will be investigating UFOs in this area.


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“Take that” hints Robbie Williams, as he contemplates ending singing career, for life as a ufologist!

Posted by dandare on March 8, 2008

robbie.jpgRobbie Williams is on  strike with the EMI record label, and hints that he is about to finish his singing career to become a Ufologist.

I would usually take this news with a pinch of salt, and say “yeah right”, but this might have some substance, as i do know that he has been interested in the subject for a while, at least, probably longer.

In showbizspy.com “Robbie williams claims he has seen UFOs three times” (posted march 8th,2008). It mentions:

Singer Robbie Williams claims that he has encountered a UFO at least three times.The ‘Feel’ star – who has previously battled drug and alcohol addiction – also says he’ll quit his singing career to study aliens after his series’ of extra terrestrial experiences.

He said: “I’m stopping being a pop star. I’m going to be a full-time Ufologist” (extract from article).


The Mirror (a tabloid british newspaper), is less generous, but i bet Robbie’s used to them treating him like that; the article can be seen here . Mmm, and they are always giving us such quality news and quality investigating, not.

There are other sources, but to be honest they all say virtually the same thing.

Anyway, if he does start to investigate his interest in Ufology full time, i wish him good luck….

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Leaked David caron Stephenville UFO video…analysis

Posted by dandare on March 7, 2008

A local, David Caron captured (at Clark Field), what he believed was a UFO on video (on both 19th + 2oth january,2008); this video was leaked on the internet, at you tube, on the 5th march 2008.

The link below is to the stephenvillelights.com website where it can be seen…. the ones on you tube could be taken down anytime, therefore i have not linked to these for this reason (for now).

The video can be found at


ufo online

I have tried to collect as much information on this video from the internet, as well as some of my own theories, to try to get to the reality of what we are seeing.

I was also going to show, + see for myself, the Dorothy Izzatt case (which was on video), where it is mentioned that the sighting was similar too; unfortunately, it has been removed due to copyright claim by outside the box Productions,LLC.

The video debate centres around these main points:

  1. A laser projection?
  2. Shake and/or vibration from the camera
  3. Are we looking at the night sky?
  4. long exposure of the video camera
  5. It was Canis Majoris/Sirius

So what about  the first point…..

1. could it have been a laser projection that they captured….. it has been debated that laser shows,ect only have one colour to them; however, this is not the case any more.

These 3 are just some of many examples of what is now available, even some that can quite easily write onto large buildings. Some are more professionally made than this.

However, at this distance there would need to be some serious equipement used…no ordinary laser pen is going to be able to project the image this far, and it needs a backdrop to be able to work …even a smoky or misty night would do it, although i’m pretty sure it was neither the nights in question(although i am aware that a backdrop might not be needed ; something that ionises the air-this might not be real though).

Are there/were there any Raves around at the time of the event? could be another source. Could be the military, but to what purpose.

2. shake/vibration from the camera; david claimed that the camera was ‘quite still’, but from experience, i know this to be very differcult to achieve in reality…. sure he could have propped himself up on a wall, tree, and so on, but just from breathing, this can cause shaking….ah, just found out he propped himself up on a post on his porch.  

On a digital camera, to take a good shot without a tripod, you try to anchor/prop yourself on something, and just before you take the shot, you either breath in or out.. to get maximum quality; on a camcorder this is made more problematic.

Could the shaking/vibration have caused this effect- especially if close on the subject, as the slightest movement has much more of an impact when zooming into an object at night. Also, he was using a JVC (that is the type used) effect, night vision feature (night alive). Could this have changed the image?

3. Are we looking at the night sky; what i’m saying is, i cannot see any suggestion that we are looking into the night sky at all; for all i know it could be a tv screen? basically, there are no reference points?

4. Long exposure of the video camera;    it could be a series of pictures of a light source, using a long exposure ….. the effects of this can be similar to what we see….

5. That it was Canis Majoris/Sirius that was seen and what was on the video.

Have a look at these 2 videos on youtube  

as you can see similar results have been achieved with this video from shooting/focusing on sirius.

I must make this clear, i am not trying to debunk this video, but to show that there are problems with this video…… also for proper analysis, the original video needs to be looked at in detail (ie the frame rates,ect).
If it was sirius, i think that he was honestly mistaken, and i am not claiming that he hoaxed this at all.
I have to be honest, and say i am not sure what all this means? I have definately not taken the symbols idea as being a true message, because for instance, how do we know it was written the right way (could be back to front), and other difficult questions/issues.

Again, i say we need to analysis all data, so that we can go forward with the UFO subject… if we do not do that then we will not get anywhere.

I will be adding to this debate as time goes on, if there are any ideas out there, or possibly those that enter my mind (mmmmm…).

As far as i stand, the Stephenville UFO sightings in this area, still need much more analysis, as something is going on… 

Other sources of relevance/interest :

  UFO’s: are we alone? 

Stanton Friedman guest on Scooter McGee show PT1  

Stanton Friedman guest on Scooter McGee show PT2 (on 29th feb,2008)

Bezier Curve

A review of the  JVC GR-D290 (believed to be used by david caron) 

Patrol car videotape, news media are factors in Texas UFO case 

UFO: Uncovering a national secret 

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***Whats Coming up on UFO Online**** [any UFO ideas/topics you wish covered?]

Posted by dandare on March 6, 2008


Due to lack of time (and i want to spend some time writing and researching these posts), there are a few articles, i would like to mention, that i will be adding soon to this site.

  • The latest on the new stephenville ufo video (hopefully tommorrow)
  • UFO Updates
  • jodrell bank could be shut down, due to government cut backs (tommorrow) 
  • Latest UK sightings…. whats going on 
  • The Texas Triangle
  • Rendlesham Forest Incident (within the next 2 weeks)
  • More interesting videos (hopefully)  
  • Some more ideas are also in the pipeline

If you have any suggestions, or if you would like me to look into any ufo event/incident/ or topic then please leave a comment below, and i’ll see what i can do.


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UFOs are here! The Deyo Dairies volume 1 with Stan Deyo

Posted by dandare on March 6, 2008

After looking through videos online, the Deyo Dairies caught my eye….. The video is 1hour 24 minutes long…the video description at google mentions……. 

Featuring: Steven Spielberg, Stan Deyo, Jacques Vallee, Prof. Allen Hynek, Stanton Friedman, Margaret Mead, Ken Arnold, Betty Hill, Rev. William Gill, Klaus Nobel, RAAF Sqdn Ldr White, Ray Palmer and Colin Cameron. This amazing UFO documentary film was produced in 1977. It was way ahead of its time. Sadly, the master copies of this film and the two which followed it have been lost to the ravages of time. Only one VHS copy of it survived; so Channel 9 gave us permission to convert it to digital video in an effort to preserve it as an archive for the use of posterity. This film inspired Stan Deyo to write “The Cosmic Conspiracy” book which is the sequel to the shows. The man-made, flying saucer programs are exposed in the book and the film.

Its interesting to view (although i do not believe in Betty Hill at all – have a look and see what you think).

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Is Spielberg planning a paranormal and UFO social network?

Posted by dandare on March 5, 2008

300px-steven_spielberg_1999.jpgAccording to several sources, (many gaining some or all of their information through TechCrunch’s website), rumours are spreading, that Spielberg is planning to start a social network, around the topics of the paranormal and UFO encounters/extraterrestrial phenomena.

It seems the site will also have photos and video content, as well as other elements added too.

 However, can it add more to what already is out there? for instance, http://abovetopsecret.com ; i am not sure…. but if it goes ahead, then it might add something new, who knows.

Of course, some critics have suggested that this could be used for some sort of viral marketing of his….

The juries out on this rumour…if it goes ahead, we will see (by its content) if it is any good…. It could however have potential…  


 “Is speilberg planning a spooky social network” (posted 4th march, 2008) 

Report: Speilberg’s spooky social site” (posted 4th march, 2008) 

Spielberg to Launch UFO and Paranormal social network“? (posted 5th march, 2008)

Main source of this information “Steven Spielberg’s Ghost Town” (3rd march, 2008)

Steven Spielberg’s life can be found here .

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