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Where will science take us in the future?

Posted by dandare on August 6, 2007

A while back (well in 2003) BBC Radio 4 did a series on “where will science take us in the future“, presenting 4 programmes ….
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The first programme looks outward into space and discovers how the biggest telescopes on earth and in space can survey the Universe on the largest scales, revealing its structure and the powerful forces which shape it.”

and among other things”….are we alone in this vast cosmos or are there other life forms out there, perhaps more intelligent than ourselves and ready to communicate their secrets?”

Programme 2 is about the human brain, and how it works, and covers such subjects as how we form memories, and what makes us conscious….

Programme 3     “……. we go back to basics and investigate the nature of matter and the basic laws of physics.Just what is the Universe made of?”

Programme 4  “investigates the secrets of life. Just how did life begin? Could the incredible complexities of even the most basic lifeforms we know have begun as chance chemistry? Exactly what is life?”

Its well worth a listen…. the audio can be found here .


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Away for a while

Posted by dandare on July 9, 2007

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For 2 1/2 weeks i will be unable to post any updates,ect (from wednesday onwards)……….however, i will make sure i’ll be up to date, and send out loads of information as soon as possible…..

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Thanks for your patience, and see you soon….                  🙂

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UFO Update

Posted by dandare on July 6, 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThe Local (swedish News in English), mentions that “UFO Hunters Scour Sweden for Tips” ;they claim that 90% of sightings are explainable, but there are those that are not; there are a few examples of those that are unexplainable.

With Roswell’s 60th anniversary coming up, there is a lot of articles out there on the internet…. here’s a selection of them…… “Roswell in LA at the UFO cafe“, “UFO fest adds fuel to Roswell legend“, “Did so-called UFO cover-up have ties to port“?, “Roswell embraces UFO sightings, plans 60th anniversary festival“, “UFO fest fills Roswell hotels“.

The BBC have done an article on “Saucers in the sky” which is a very general look at the last 60 years in ufology, there is also the welsh version, here (which to me seems more interesting).

An interesting, if rather strange article “UFO : from canada to Italy and return“, is worth a read, involving an Italian immigrant and a ufo experience he had in 1967.  

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Job description: Simulated mission to mars anyone!

Posted by dandare on June 22, 2007

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The European Space Agency (ESA) is looking for suitable candidates for a simulated Mission to Mars…. in 2008/9. see here for details. The simulated mission is for 520 days with both the ESA, and Russian Institute of Biomedical Problems being involved.. they are interested in how the candidates will behave, whilst being inside a special  container in Moscow, in a confined space (to name but one constraint) …. I believe the only communication with anyone will be via radio, with a delay, to make it realistic..  

Well i suppose that would be something out of the ordinary to put on your CV, when you completed it…


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UFO blimp sighted in Salt Lake city.

Posted by dandare on June 15, 2007

An unknown object/UFO, was seen over Salt Lake City, on  the 13th june, 2007….. it was around 26 foot long, silver and was a UFO blimp….

A local Utah resident was testing the “hyper blimp”, when it got out of control….it was interesting to see eyewitnesses say it was around 100ft long; Daniel Geery, claimed it back soon after it went down. see here for article and a video of the event, on the right hand side of the article. 


See Daniel Geery’s you tube video here of the hyper blimp, being flown (radio controlled).

I believe that he tried out a new propeller, which worked much better than the last one, but unfortunately the battery ran out quicker, and he lost control of it (although i also heard that he was trying out a new battery power pack too, and that is why it lost control)….hence  what happened above.  

Also, if interested please see this link for solar powered airship, designed and flown by a teacher in Utah (clearly would not work in the UK, not enough sun).

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UFO Update (links to Aviation Audio live feeds)

Posted by dandare on June 6, 2007

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First off today (a bit late i’m afraid) …….Planet-hunters find bonanza of new solar systems (may 29th,2007).

Whilst looking around for American Aviation Air Traffic control, i came upon several Aviation Audio live feeds… at liveatc . 

There were several interesting links on this site…one in particular was an experimental link to world communication on a planet globe, with links to other aviation links in other countries.  

It does mention however….. “ NOTICE

If you link from your web site to any of these audio feeds you must give credit to LiveATC.net and
provide a prominent link to http://www.liveatc.net from your site. Direct linking without prior approval
is strongly discouraged”.

Other interesting Aviation links were found at atcmonitor , and amfly also links to airport monitor sites and inks at passur to radar airport sites available.

Canadian Air Traffic control can be found here , and

links for NASA satellite tracking, and  also other things like tracking of international space station can be found here .

I did notice the link for O’Hare airport down however….mmm.

I’ll give these a try/listen in the near future………..

for funny ufo webcam site….. try this 

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UFO balloons? what are they…

Posted by dandare on May 19, 2007

UFO balloons (or fire balloons) are a small balloon, heated by a flame below….. there are based on sky lanterns (invented by Chu Ko Liang), from China, which were traditionally made from a combination of bamboo frames and rice paper…. and they used a rag dipped in paraffin which is then lit, to get them airborne.

UFO balloons (i think commercialy started in 2005?) use a clear plastic bag (others use other material such as dry cleaner bags), and fitted below with a firelighter, held in place by wire; others have used balsa wood and drinking straws to make them, and a candle in place of the firelighter. 

A ufo balloon being lit and put into the air can be seen here on you tube…..

These balloons need to be put into the mix, when researching and collaborating UFO sightings, to confirm that it is not these that have sparked off the reported sightings…. they do have some characteristics that can help in this though…. they have a whiteish-yellow glow, although in some weather conditions, these can be orangey red, and do not move quickly (unless in a strong wind-although this could create a fire risk) and always with the wind too, obviously. 

A slightly different type can be seen in the video below

They must be used in the right weather conditions, otherwise there is a real possibility that they can catch fire to the surrounding countryside, property, etc.

The ideal conditions to use them are on cool, clear non breezy evenings… they last for around 8 to 10 minutes (but sometimes slightly longer) and can rise as far as about 1000 metres; it can also move with airstream’s as it rises. Although i have heard of some that can last for far longer (up to 40 minutes they claim) using a candle framework to keep it alight for longer…. i’m sure there are other variations too. 

Another thing is that they do not come out well on camera or video, but can be quite visual when seen real time.

So UFO followers must take this into account when considering reports of ufo’s, along with other phenomenon.

For instance, many recent accounts in the UK, could possibly fall into this category. 

Examples of this, can be seen at Southend ufo group site (2004) and give an indication of what they are like.

A recent sighting from the Archways (in London- febuary 1st 2007) could possibly be either sky lanterns or ufo balloons/fire balloons? the council admitted that a gathering let loose sky lanterns nearby; for report see here  . Although others are less sure it was this that they were seeing. Some witness footage can be seen on you tube below

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Website facelift

Posted by dandare on May 2, 2007

Over the next few days, there will be an overhall of this site….ie it will be renamed  

 UFO Online by dandare

 and this site will be reorganised, so things can be found much better, as its a bit of a mess at present.

I will also be starting a new site Liverpool 2008 (with links to liverpool leading up to it becoming European capital of culture, but with articles only once a month)…in 2008, i will be going to some of the events, and will video and show them on this blog.

The photography, and other info i’m not sure what to do with at present…..

   Please bear with me whilst i sort things out…. although if i find any ufo info, updates will endevour to put this up, as usual….. i hope to be adding more on well known ufo encounters and more links to documents on the web…   

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Best documentaries?

Posted by dandare on March 26, 2007


Whilst surfing the web…. ie whilst trying to find out about early man, and ending up looking at metal detectors for beginners links, came across this site best online documentaries and had a look through it. All these can be viewed online for free (all 445 videos)…some i have seen before, but had a look at some others.

I particularly liked under the link history, the video “viking visitors to north america”, and under (geo) politics, a programme by dispatches- called “stealing your freedom” (mmm that might be worth a blog in its own right in future, scary stuff indeed).

There are other videos listed under anthropology (so i found what i was looking for in the end), biographies, business,environment and so on.

 I hope you find something of interest.


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