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Readers encounters

I thought, as i am getting a few reports from readers, in the comments sections, that it would be a good idea to have them all in one area, in a permanent link at the top of all pages on this site…

Please feel free to send any sightings you have seen in, either in the comments or via e-mail (address at top on the left).

Murice Turner said

saw a emerald green light in western sky over New Orleans Louisiana on July 24, 2008. Has anyone reported a sighting of any kind during that time period? There were several people with me who all saw the same thing.


Andrew Spark:I have now heard from a few people in the area’s of nutgrove and thatto heath about a sighting of a possible UFO its been spotted by a few people and is described as a really bright orange light in the sky which seems to hover and then go up into the clouds and dissapear. I have now seen this possible UFO twice now between the hours of 10pm and 1am and am just wondering whether anyone can help me out and tell me whether it is actually a UFO or something completly different. (referring to near St Helens in Merseyside/lancashire).

Julie Norman said:
Sunday 3rd August at 10.30 p.m. we saw one bright orange light over Wordsley, West Midlands. Taken to be a sattelite initially but it seemed too bright and then curved round towards Birmingham. Flashed several times and disappeared. This was followed shortly by the appearance of three lights, in triangular formation following a similar track, again there was a flash and one by one they disappeared. Two more appeared about 10.45 p.m., same lights, same course.
Wierd, no sound, clear night with very few clouds. Aircraft visible at times but totally different. We regularly see aircraft going into and out of B/Ham and spot sattelites. Three of us saw these and have never seen anything like it before. Any ideas!!!!
Sarah Says:
9th August    11-11.30pm East Midlands Airport.
Two of us saw some 2 lights that appeared to keep changing colours, we called out the colours together as they changed, i.e. green, red, orange, blue,
We have not seen anything like this before and live just a couple of miles from the airport. At one point, we saw a plane taking off and it was on track to hit these lights, but at the last moment, seemed to move quickly under them to avoid them. We are also used to seeing helicopters and there was no noise with these lights. I tried to record this on my mobile phone, but couldn’t get it to record. Can’t explain what we saw.

 Anno said:

17th Aug 2008..BRISTOL Eastville ….me n m8 were just going to work..at 1am satnite sun morn, we both saw a flying disc at low alt,size of a bus heading north towards purdown?…it was spinning with an orange light underneath it spinning in opp direction? visibility was excellent as was a full moon n it was flying below cloud level..was very close that we could see outline of object!…no sound atall… we r NOT CRAZY N R SOUND OF MIND!…stil cant get over what we both saw???..this thing was v low!!!…almost like an hotair baloon coming in2 land?….u often see strange lites in the sky etc flashing or odd things?…this was so low we could see a spinning object!…no joke!…like something off a sci-fi movie!….did any1 see it?


Bloby said:

i was sleeping down stairs when my dad came running down saying wheres the camara (vidoe camara) i asked why he said come out and see and we looked up in the sky there it was an orange orb and we kept watching and watching and it slowly started to move in a circle nothing else just it drifting in a circle and then……. bang buqqqqqqaa shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bang bang it shot out of site like a bullet being shot out of a gun i meen weird right (july 5th saturday 2008 11:00 sometime).

TITO said : 

Hi yesterday at night round about midnight, 4 of us were walking up to my friends house, and this man passed, and said “i dont know about you but i have never seen anything like that b4 in my life” (he pointed to the sky) and it was like a glowing orange light, circular, quite large maybe half the size of the moon, it just flew or went passed, it was quite high in the sky, but we were watching it, and it seems to have been travelling quite quick, we watched it until it got right into the distance then it just vanished. I dont know if it was a UFO or some meteor, but i never seen nothing like it, i just thought i would share it with you, because im just curious, thanks Tito (sighting 12th july 2008 ). 

 Michaela said:

On July 12th, a Saturday night, in Dublin, Ireland, around midnight roughly, my friend and I saw a large orange glowing ball low down in the sky, it looked like fire but there was no visible smoke. It was moving up into the sky and kept goin for ages, passed us overhead and then it went out slowly but we could still see something faintly going into the distance. Neither of us know what it was, I asked if it could be a comet but it had not tail and it went out so I have no idea what it was but really want to know. 

Johnathan Taylor said: 

I live in houghton regis and i saw red and white lights above Houghton Hall Park (12th July 2008 at around 1:00am) move across, then back then they wobbled around and went verticly down where i could not see it anymore because it went behind a house and possibly landed in Houghton Hall Park.It was like nothing i have ever seen. It moved so smoothly and as far as i could tell made no sound.

I thought i could make out a saucer (Yes, the classic saucer) shape but it was too dark so i’m only 80% sure.

I also saw 2 very bright stars that flickerd red and white and faded on and off.



Pete said:
A similar group of 5 in No orange balls passed over Portland on 12th of July. I believe that the same group were spotted earlier at Marazion in Cornwall and later the same night over in the South East.
mike said : 
i was in twickenham sunday 15th july at about 0150 when i saw 3 orange looking flying objects fly over my head just near twickenham stadium, i never believed in ufo’s before but has totally changed my perception on this subject. after what i saw i believe there has to be some sort of life out there as what i saw could not have been human. These objects were round, lit up like a light bulb with a blue looking centre. they flew very slowly upward then just vanished. I managed to capture them on phone but tey are very small and ppl i told dont believe me. I just wonder if anyone else out there saw the same thing.
Claire said :
Last night ( 19th July 2008 ) in Bewdley, Worcs, we were sat in Garden when we saw a large satellite type thing. Then suddenly out of nowhere a long libe of ornage blotches moved in a exact line towards this satelitte thing! there were loads of them all going in the same directuion travelling at a high speed. they werent planes etc. It was approx. 11pm. Very weird, even my dad couldn’t figure it out! and he knows everything!
Incy-Cumnock said:
hi there, on sunday the 20th July 2008 at 12:15am i saw 3 lights in the sky over Cumnock 2 of the the lights were changing colour from white to green and blue the other was glowing orange the lights just hovered in the sky for over 1/2 hour then the orange lights shot horizontally across the horizon, i have never seen anything move as fast in all my life i only wish i had a camera to take a photo, i was wondering if anyone has repoted sightings.
Mary said:
My nephew last week was taking a smoke break outside his work place in Huntly Ill where he sighted not one but to ufos. He took a picture with his phone before running into the building. When he entered his work place the manager and co-workers believed he were high on drugs because he had turned white from fear. However, when he told them what had happen they checked the security video which showed the ufos and him running.
The company reported the sighting. date around 21st july?
Colin Said:
On Saturday night (26th july 2008 ) approx 8 minutes to midnight myself and my son witnessed an object very bright ( brighter than Venus which was above the southern horizon at this time ).The light appeared from the west and crossed right to left in a easterly direction , the sky was totally clear at this time.

My son who was at a party next door and outside also saw the same object, he told me that he saw the object fade and then reappear. Thought you may have other reports ?

My location is Frodsham in Cheshire, from my view point across open fields with no lighting to interfere with the view looking in a southerly direction towards south cheshire; the object moved quickly and was at an elevation of about 45 degrees.



Nicola said:  Don’t normally believe in all this stuff but myself, my mum, sister and brother all saw 5 orange/red balls flying over our house, in Stevenage. My mum was in the garden and called me to listen to this odd electrical humming noise. There was what looked like a red star in the sky and we watched it. It did not move but when another flew across from our right and joined the first, we were very confused. My sister and brother came out to see.

Then we were all shocked by a third and fourth. By the time the fourth arrived, the first one had faded out. They all went to the same spot and faded one by one. Two aeroplanes flew past (we are near Luton Airport) and by comparison, these objects were much higher and larger. After they had all disappeared we sat in the garden speculating as to what they were. Too fast to be chinese lanterns.

They stopped dead when they reached the same area. No helicopters, planes etc can stop dead after travelling at speed. Very strange. A while later me and brother heard the strange noise again and he spotted one, just past some trees, as it was returning towards us. Yet again it faded completely. Very bizaare. Maybe something military?  saturday 26th  by the way. Around 11.30pm Forgot to add that.

Jerry Cook said :
26th July 2008
Stourbridge West Midlands about 10.30 pm.Object spotted: Luminosity of a small star moving west to east. Prodeeded to carry out 3 sharp changes in dirction, these were instant and sharp (up to 40 degrees I would guess).
I know of no plane satellite or meteor that would behave in this way. The object was seen by both my wife and friend. Who both agreed to the events listed above.
The object continued to the far horizon and was lost to view, took about 3 minutes from horizon to horizon. Lack of any referance points make it hard to guage size speed or altitude.
I would be interested to hear from anyone who either witnessed this or has any idea what we saw.
For the record I have been a keen amateur astronomer since I was a kid and have up to now never seen anything up there that I could not explain. But this one’s really got me stumped!
David Grange said:
i saw this at 10:45pm on the 26th 1 came over it was round and orange and went north. and bout 12:10am another one came over changed directions and went south. now i do believe in UFO’S.
Ben Reed said: 

At approx 2230 last night there was a bright orange light which looked like it was burning over Crawley, West Sussex, ENGLAND. It was travelling at speed and heading straight towards Gatwick Airport. We watched this descend towards the East of the airport.
Possibly one of these chinese lanterns I have seen on this website, however the subsequent attendance of Sussex Police helicopter and fire engines/police heading that direction, not so sure?date 27th july  

james Clayton said:
July 27, 2008

at 10:30pmLocation: Deerpark, Herodsfoot, Cornwall.

Firstly, I don’t believe in alien spacecrafts visiting us from distant planets, I’m a qualified aeronautical engineer and believe that there is a rational explanation for all UFO sighting, however, I am at a loss for an explanation to what I saw on Sunday evening.

I saw a bright white light travelling across the sky from NW to SE directly overhead, initially I thought we must be near an airfield because it looked like a plane with its landing lights on, however it became apparent that it was very high up. It also became apparent that it was travelling very fast because it travelled the full span of the sky in the matter of a few minutes, it also swayed side to side on it’s course as if being flown by a drunk pilot.

I waited for the sound of a jet engine to confirm that it was a RAF plane but it never came, there was just complete silence.

The obvious answer would be a satellite passing over head and possibly atmospheric condition distorting the light would explain the swaying I saw, the only thing that puzzles me was the intensity of the light itself, as bright as a plane coming in to land.


Kevmc said: 

last night 3rd june roughtly about 6.30 pm i was standing in my back yard just watching the clouds when suddenly i seen a oval shape object floating through the sky it was a gold / silver colour i know in my heart it was not a plane or anything else thats on this earth the way it moved and turned from one spot to another was impossible for any aircraft to do i was a none beliver about aliens and things like that but now it has me thinking !!!! i called my partner to come and see what i was seeing but by the time she got out it had just went straight over the house and dissapeared out of sight it has left me totally confused and baffled to what ive seen .. has anyone else seen this ?????? time seen 3rd june tuesday 6.30pm north belfast northern ireland.
Ryan said:
was at the isle of wight fest and it was 1130 on sunday the 15th of june, it was the end of the fest and i was sitting down having a bite to eat by myself waiting for my friends, i was looking up at the sky and i saw 2 objectst, they were running pararel together and seemed to be flying very low, a orange yellow light like a small orb, there were flying very quickly but also seemed to glide, they turned a 90 degress right angle with out making a curve and just dissappered, i had not been drinking that day and i was not on drugs, they were not planes, i could not explain it but they were great to watch, and guess what not one person belived me, i know what i saw though, i have seen the same thing and greece in 2001,
Mike Sondgeroth said:
hi my name is mike ,i neaver told anyone about my dream i thought, back in 1996 , i went to sleep something woke me up in my dream i saw my self in a like a hospital setting with odd looking beings operating on me , taking something out of my nose,it actully hurt when they were pulling ,i was on a operating like platform with them around me , it made me scared i still remember that dream i had or i thought i had, im not making this up !!!
Dodge said:
A similar experience happened to me in 1982 when i was 11 years old. i live on the outskirts of Cardiff which has had a few ufo sightings over the years but not that many. It was approx 9pm and dark with a cloudy sky, when i took a walk to the corner shop. halfway there i glanced up and noticed a dark triangular shaped object, partially covered by the clouds with dim white lights at each corner. There was no sound and it seemed to be traveling above me as i was walking. I had always believed in ufo’s because my parents had told me of their experiences so at this point i smiled and went in the shop. I did wonder though what it was, because it didn’t seem that big. However naturally i came out a few minutes later and looked up but it was gone. Then 30 seconds later i was on my way back and there it was, as before floating above me, traveling in the opposite direction along with me. I changed direction a few times down a gully and across a field, where i suddenly felt scared, as it just changed direction with me.
 I decided to run the last bit, up the road, in the garden, in the house and got everyones attention to come out and look up. They all just made it outside to see it disappearing over the top of the house. None of my family had seen anything like this before it wasn’t really ever mentioned again. I certainly never dreamed it and all these other similar sightings over the years and the world confirm it. The black triangle with a light in the middle seems more commonplace. It changed my life also because now i am a believer and am looking forward to my next sighting if one occurs.  

10 Responses to “Readers encounters”

  1. Sarah said

    9th August 11-11.30pm East Midlands Airport
    Two of us saw some 2 lights that appeared to keep changing colours, we called out the colours together as they changed, i.e. green, red, orange, blue,
    We have not seen anything like this before and live just a couple of miles from the airport. At one point, we saw a plane taking off and it was on track to hit these lights, but at the last moment, seemed to move quickly under them to avoid them. We are also used to seeing helicopters and there was no noise with these lights. I tried to record this on my mobile phone, but couldn’t get it to record. Can’t explain what we saw.

  2. dandare said

    Thanks Sarah for your comments/encounter.. i will put it in the above encounters list, when i have some time available.

  3. I saw an yellow orange orb as a kid in the early morning my sister watched it with me for an hour it seemed to vibrate in a circle and gave of a heat like a road in hot weather, it was silent though, it must have been about 20 or 30 feet across. This was reported on unsolved mysteries by many others.

  4. Pat Clements said

    UFO’s in the South Lyon, Mi and Surrounding area 1965

    Anyone over the age of 50 should remember the rash of UFO sightings in the South Lyon Mi and surrounding areas in 1965. An article appeared that was reported in the South Lyon Herald of a Dexter area farmer and son who reported a saucers type craft landing in their field. They included a picture of the farmer and son pointing to the area where the craft landed. Man were they ever ridiculed and debunked by the Government and people in general. I too made fun of them but boy was I about to find out different. I never talked publicly about this story until recently.

    It was a weekend night in October of 65 when my brother, his girlfriend, my friend and I where on our way to Saline to a 4H dance. Rick my friend ask my brother to pull the car over to do his business, I joined him behind the car off to the side of the road. All of a sudden my friend says “Pat, what is that over the car”, to my complete astonishment as I had not noticed anything until then was a saucer shaped object that appeared to be very stealthy and matt black, you had to be looking directly at it or it blended into the night sky, the dome rose from the saucer part of it perfectly, like a French curve in balance with the craft, it was absolutely beautiful in appearance. It had a row of lights on the outer perimeter that fired off in succession like the lights of a marquee theater sign. My friend asks “Can you hear anything”, not a sound, it was just hung completely still in the night sky, like a portrait. It was about 100 feet above the car and took up all of the right of way on Pontiac trail so it had to be at least 65 feet wide. Then without making any noise it starts to move to the right and make 90 degree abrupt turns all at the same speed, it did not yawl, bank and stayed on the same plane. I was beside myself as to what I was witnessing, no human being could possibly sustain the G force in such turns. I am a licensed pilot and I can tell you the G force in that type of turn is the same as running a plane straight into the ground, at least 300 G’s of force. The human body blacks out above +9 and below -6 G’s and no one has survived a 30 G’s impact. What I saw was beyond any known human physics. I was transfixed on what I was seeing and finally called my brother and his girlfriend to come and see, shortly thereafter the saucer accelerates straight up and burned through the atmosphere much like a shooting star as it gained altitude at incredible speed then moves to the South East in the night sky with the appearance of a satellite I was left in awe. Later reports came out of Kecksburg PA of an unidentified object crashing in area seen by many people but immediately covered up by men in black suits and the military. A documentary was made of that incident. I have always wondered if that was the same craft or what, one thing for sure our government has actively covered up such occurrences and threaten peoples life’s if they talk about it. There is a lot to be learned from technology mainly control, the country with the highest developed technology controls lesser developed countries so is there any wonder why it is kept from the general public.
    We ended up at the dance and all seemed normal as a girl was lying on the dance floor moving about with some guy on top of her humping away, we called it dancing. Their were some strange people from Ann Arbor in those days. You know we did not discuss what happened on the way to the dance now I still find that somewhat ironic.
    It wasn’t two weeks later one evening when my Mom
    becomes hysterical crying for someone to come and look. She has had spastic episodes of fear in the past always during the early morning after my Dad left at 4 AM for the dairy plant to pick of a load of milk, she would imagine some man was at the door trying to gain entry into the house, it would just petrify her. I grudgingly obliged her and sure enough after crying wolf her entire life there is this ultra bright ball of light coming straight at us and then retreating, it changed in size from the size of the sun to that of a star it continued this pattern. I called the Brighton State Police Post and reported the sighting, they informed me that they were getting numerous calls but still treated me like a prankster That discussed me and I hung up, no way am I going to call a cop unless I need them. It was only a short time later when a squadron of fighter jets in formation came streaking at the object from the direction of Selfridge AFB. The object immediately zoomed off leaving the squadron in disarray. What a sight to behold and the government called it “Swamp Gas”, has anyone ever seen swamp gas like that? Something similar happened at Fatama, Portugal during WW1 that prophesized future events that the church calls an aberration or miracle. Now the quest began to understand what I witnessed in two separate sightings
    Somehow I have always had it in my head that directional gyros of a nuclear nature on the anti-matter side of things was somehow involved to power the craft. I can picture a device that spins up particles on a atomic level creating a gyroscope effect by staying directional and creating artificial gravity at the same time, thus stopping time and creating some type of gravity wave to overcome the effects of G force. By stopping and starting individual gyros you create motion and direction in a spherical direction. I have also guessed that the lights that fired off the craft might have been some type of data stream like the data on a fiber optics cable, it did not melt my brain thank goodness but I don’t know how that thought originated and did they plant something in memory? What I do know is that physics as we know it is nothing but elementary to them. Different dimensions exist for these beings beyond my comprehension. So that leads to, who exactly are they? Are we some grand experiment or are we being studied like an anthropologist would conduct on a primitive society?

    George Leaky, Margaret Meade were world renowned anthropologist they and other like them have searched for the missing link to no avail. The first walking apes appeared some three million years ago and the scientist name one of the first homo erectus “Lucy”. Although Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens existed at the same time there is no direct link genetically. Homo Sapiens appeared some 100,000 years ago. With genetic testing on a worldwide scale it can be determined our species originated from the southern plains of Africa and how they dispersed around the globe. There is no known direct link to other great apes from this planet, this dictates the possibility of seeding from a source from outside of our solar system. There is only one possible explanation if you have in faith in the bible as a book of human experiences. The Creator has always used his angels to do his biddings, they have directed prophets at times, made important announcements, destroyed cities with brimstone from heaven, more like a laser pulse I would think. Angles are made in the same likeness of God as are Human Beings. I believe we get our genetic code from the Creator using his angles, that is what gives us our soul, and therein lies our likeness. So the questions remains, what exactly is an Angel?

    The Oldest known written text on the subject of angels comes from the annals of the Hindu text. Some 4.000 years ago. (Stories from the bible are shared by Christians, Jews, Moslems and Hindu’s to name a few). It describes a war in the heavens in which Lucifer and his followers are cast out of heaven. Angels are said to be the first beings created by God, therefore created billions upon billions of years ago, they share in the knowledge of Creation itself and that is why Lucifer decides to challenge God. Ah you see there is free will in heaven too, very interesting. After much thought I concluded what I saw as an UFO was actually Angels. The Old Testament has many references to UFO’s doing the bidding of the Creator. One such reference to doing his biddings is when Moses led the Jews out of Egypt it is written that he followed an object in the sky both day and night and this object changed accordingly to increase the view ability as light conditions dictated, dark during the day and bright at night. The staff did not part the Sea, the object overhead did for the Jews to escape the pharos’s army and crashes the sea upon the Egyptians as they tried to follow. It is further written that this same object dropped “Manna” from heaven to nourish the Jewish nation in the barren dessert devoid of subsistence and sheltered them from the oppressive heat and sun with a covering cloud.
    Another reference of UFO’s in the bible is told about Elijah who is last seen being whisked away in an UFO only to be seen again centuries later at Christ transfiguration. A further example is Ezekiel and a detailed description of an encounter with a flaming wheel. Remember the highest form of technology back then was a wheel so descriptions are given from a very primitive technological viewpoint trying to describe the most advance beings in the Universe.
    Peter, James and John were with Christ at his transfiguration on a mountain top, a boiling cloud, flashing and lit in the center came rolling overhead, Christ is bathed in a brilliant pure white light and Moses and Elijah are seen talking together. The apostles were scared out of their wits and over taken by all of this, then a voice comes from the cloud stating this is my beloved son. My point is that there are many references to UFO’s in the bible and I believe that the UFO’s travel through other unseen dimensions as String theory describes. The bible also states that there are 9 choir of angels, each with separate responsibilities. So you see I believe we get our DNA from the angels and angels and UFO’s are all one and the same. Point, neither the classical viewpoint of extraterrestrial UFO’s or angels interfere with the free will of human beings, at least not as we know it.
    Scientist are feverishly at work trying to describe the unifying theory of the Universe. There are four known forces in the Physics world, Gravity, Electromagnetism, the Strong force and the Weak force. There are two mathematical models that describe these forces, Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity. When you combine these opposite polarized models you come up with string theory. String theory has developed at least seven different versions described with as many as 11 different dimensions, now that’s thinking outside of the box if you ask me. A string has been theorized with the advent of nuclear colliders. A string is described as a vibrating particle that is undetectable somehow like a vibrating violin string. They say if an Atom was the size of our solar system then a string would be the size of a tree, therefore undetectable and more like philosophy not science since it can’t be proven. Sound like faith to me. That alone points to Intelligent design from some viewpoints including mine. I hope you have not hung up on me yet, I know this is a radical interpretation but you would have to walk in my shoes to develop this notion. A string makes something or an object what it is, that is to say very essence of an atom etc… and is the physics scientist explanation for the unifying theory.

    About 10 years ago I flat lined from a staph infection that collapsed my lungs and infected my heart valves, I spent five months in the Hospital after awaking from a coma. I could hear the doctors giving up on me while in a coma state saying that I would not live until the morning so my parents had my last rites administered according to their beliefs. Can you imagine hearing that in a coma and I was not ready to kiss my ass goodbye but was completely helpless. As I laid there dying I remember fighting for each breath and taking the last one then went to the other side, somewhere in the twilight zone I was told that it was he who decided when it was your time to go. Lucky for me as I was given another chance to amend my ways but also I was given a task. Somehow it was if it were written in stone that I had to get people to nurture humanity and the environment, there was urgency for the well being of their souls and the planet, that time was of the essence. I had no idea how to accomplish this task plus I still had not figured out the encounter with the UFO, I knew they had to be connected, my death and the encounter.
    I needed to start this task that I was given and finally hear about this person who said something to a friend of mine about my Father who had recently died, she came from out the blue and hit the nail on the head about my Father and my friend’s husband. She said “ Tell Duane the Frank is OK”. She had no idea who my friend was or who my Dad was. I write the Medium a story of my death experience and encounter with the UFO’s. About 2 weeks later I get an invitation to attend Angel University at no charge as a guess. Man did life change for me again in a big way. She called herself Rev Carrey, she wore no shoes so as to stay grounded to the earth from high frequency vibrations as she claimed.. I recognized her as an Earth angle, one who takes human form. She singles me out and first ask me the question do you see the numbers 1-11, 11-11 often, I told her that it was driving me crazy to encounter the number 11-11 all of the time, She tells me because I was sensitive to the spiritual world I would see these numbers often, She then presents some flowers to me and tells me to read them and tell the person next to me something about themselves . I laugh and tell this nice looking lady that she needs to eat cheerios more often, I felt kind of bad after saying that and the next day I apologize for being a wise ass, she said “Pat when you said that my jaws dropped as I used to be a model and ate a handful of cheerios as a snack to keep my shape“. Damn did that surprise me. She still looked the part, I hope she did not take it as being to fat because she was not that at all. The thing that was truly amazing was when the Rev. Carrie describes the natural spirits of the world that the Creator placed here. She mentioned the native Americans and their reverence for the natural spirits and suggested that we had something to learn from them. She tells me about fairies, I’m thinking “oh sure” but I am listening, “they are just little things no more than 3 inches or so tall and they are the most beautiful beings that you can imagine. They fly around unseen, they vibrate at a different frequency so you don’t see them and are attracted to flowers and house plants and natural settings, they like to live in small shelters” and she suggested that you buy fairy houses to attract them and keep indoor plants in your house for the therapeutic value of co habitation. She then tells me to concentrate on a group of flowers, I did and to my complete astonishment a fairy appears from nowhere just as beautiful as she described that they would be, very colorful with reds, yellows green and blue shades, the fairy darts with her wings just buzzing around and then as suddenly as she appeared she just vanished into another dimension. My God I could barely believe what I just witnessed but I did. There were other incredible things that she talked about and some of it happened after I got home in the evening. That whole experience was nothing more than an affirmation for what I knew to be true and was told as much. I was shown how much more exists than people generally accept and that science and the creator actual go together. It is OK with me if you think I lost my marbles, I can assure you that is not the case. Everything that I have said about my experiences are true and would give my life rather than deny it, you may not agree with the conclusions that is you own free will.

    For the first time in my life after going to Angel University, the pieces fit, the encounter, what angels are, the death experience. I have met an earth angel and will do my best to Condemn war, greed, anger, environmental destruction, give protection to the helpless, deception, the list goes on, for example a two mile thick brown cloud make up of polluted particles is now threatening the planet, I suggest you type in “BROWN CLOUD” on your computer to view this as seen from space and remember what the earth looked like during the moon landings. If that does not blow your socks off then you are a sick person. Our coastal cities are being destroyed by hurricanes intensified by global warming, California and the west are being burned to the ground for same reason. The brush fires used to be once in a lifetime occurrence now they are annual according to veteran firefighters. Fallen angels exist and animal mutilations are an example or their existence for some ritual they practice. I like you have been placed here to learn something that can only be learned in human form so when we return to the maker who is all knowing we are better souls for it. We earn our way to heaven through learning moralistic values of right and wrong, I follow in the footsteps of the fisherman. I believe that judgment day is upon us. What a way for me to learn that.

    You may ask why doesn’t main stream religion acknowledge what I am suggesting, all I can say to that is power corrupts, come on the Pope has seven personal body servants. The multitude of religious entities and sub divisions within those entities thrive on making a living with petty differences and protect their own domain. It should be interesting to note that the Vatican stated that there is nothing to fear from an UFO, they should be treated with utter respect. The Vatican has also claimed that the earth was the center of the universe and the Vatican was the center of civilization, they preached that for centuries until science proved otherwise. I by no means have changed anything in the bible only a different perspective of exactly what it states than what you are used to being preached about. There are way too many oddities in the world for example, the Peruvian picture graphs carved into the desert by an ancient civilization that can only be viewed from high above. The pyramids exact orientation to North and pointing to Orion where a new galaxy is being formed, creation itself, I have seen artwork of the heavens touched by the finger of God. . The pyramids are built on the exact center of the globes landmass at the only place possible with enough bedrock to support the enormous weight of the million of stone blocks There are sightings with pictures and drawings over course of the centuries of strange objects in the sky. Legends of crystal skulls and actual museum specimens with the silicone capacity to store all of the worlds data in the skulls, the objects have scientist puzzled. Corruption, Deception and Greed have total control of our system, the corporate elite have given themselves a Thirty Billon dollars bonus in the US with bail out money while President Bush gives an extravagant dinner party at White House for G 20 partners Global greenhouse and ecological destruction on a massive scale with the fastest rate of specie extinction in the history of the world is now in progress and probably to late to reverse momentum it may already be irreversible, you are witnessing the end of life as we know it. There is no political will to correct the situation. The situation will become desperate and desperate people do desperate things, make sure your soul is right and speak out.
    Pat Clements http://www.wclements29@sbcglobal.net
    Nurture Humanity and the Environment.

  5. Ms Wallace said

    Ms Wallace Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    November 25, 2008 at 2:54 am
    On the 22/11/08 7:30pm As My 13yr Old Lad along with his Mate, were walking over Limkill Bank, towards bentlee ! in Stoke On Trent, they were suddenly drawn to a very bright light!, up in the sky!. It wasn’t an till it flew over their heads, did my son notice! how wide & round in shape it looked!, Whilst moving very slowly past them, My Son managed to see the base of disc shape object!; He described Green & Red Lights around its Base! with a Powerful Orange Beam in the center! His Mates mobile phone had a full Battery! But Went Completely Dead! when he tried to take a photo of it! Then again on 23/11/08 Walking past the same area! This Time With My Sons Mates Brother! All Three Lads said it was much too far away to see its shape but lights were noticeable, towhich both brothers at this point tried to take a photo of its lights but both their mobiles went dead! later this same evening the whole of this area & hanley had a power cut ! twice during an hr of my son & mates sighting i do now believe to have been a UFO!.

  6. Donna said

    Saturday 6th December 2008.

    We were in Hartlebury, Worcestershire. About 10:30pm. Saw bright orange orb in sky towards Bewdley. It was stationary for some time, then rose in the air and was then joined by two more orbs. They formed a triangle moving across the sky, then suddenly vanished. Almost straight away, two more rose into the sky. Followed by a further three, forming another triangle, which moved irregularly before vanishing. Clear sky and no sound. It was really eerie!

  7. Mrs. Harvey said

    On the evening of December 20th 2008, I set off to walk my two small dogs taking the same route I have for the past eight (8) years in Bensonhurst, New York. As evening approached I recall becoming more and more obsessed with the time, stopping to glance at the clock more frequently than ever. However, my will wanted to complete sewing-up the last stitches to my home-made Holiday gifts. As soon as I finished, I looked up and noted it was 11:55PM. Immediately, I put things aside, leashed my two dogs, and buckled-up for their belated walk. I took special care walking, since the previous day snow had hardened with the sudden blast of cold we recieved throughout New York City that day. By the time I reached the end of the block I suddenly became aware of how desolate my ENTIRE sorrounding appeared. By this I mean that there was ABSOLUTELY NO SOUND. Not a car, not a twig, not even my stepping over the hardened icy snow. I didn’t give it a second thought, on account that I felt it was a combination of the time and the freezing cold. I made a left and just as I reached the first of a line of trees, my two small dogs began looking from side-to-side (180 degrees) as if feeling, but not able to see something there. As I stood there underneath the tree holding tight to my dogs, I heard the wind picking-up and no longer felt the cold. I felt compelled to look up and noted a (greish) mushroom-shape cloud high-up but directly above the tree. Just as I looked-up at this cloud and strongly felt something was about to happen, my eyes became distracted by the movement of the few scattered “clear” clouds that were passing-by. Quick questions passed my mind and I thought “This isn’t right.” And for some reason I said “May the warring Angels of God protect us.” Then, a rare angry strenght took over me as I crossed the street and heard myself (unexpectedly) say outloud: “No one, but no one, can touch me but the Lord my God and savior.” boy, I must have skided-down that long street because before I knew it, I had reached the Avenue without looking back. I made a right turn and could see my home at the end of the block. Then, just as I made the turn towards home, I looked up and saw a lit-orb-like object shoot off across the now clear sky at incredible speed dissappearing less than half-way (something like a shooting-star, except it did not reached the horizon before it dissapeared).
    Has anyone had similar experience, ever? During December 20th 2008?
    Please share with me.
    Thank you.

  8. Caroline said

    On 18 January 2009 at approximately 7PM a bright white light (which looked exactly how Venus does in size and brightness) was seen by several people high in the sky, approximately above the A57 in North Anston (near junction 31 of the M1). I looked through some binoculars at the light to see it was a perfect white circle. It was slowly bobbing up and down, sometimes dropping slowly quite far down the sky and rising up again. After about an hour the light started to fade and disappear then reapear again several times before disappearing completely (I am unsure if this was due to cloud or not).

  9. carl said

    i keep seeing yellow and orange orbs flying out from the summer triangle constellation the diamond shaped one it looks really weired and nothing on this earth can move like that at such a height

  10. emily said

    on the 5th of october 09 i was sat in my friends garden and we was having a drink, the sky was perfectly clear,and the moon was very bright i looked up and a orange glowing ball looked like it was on fire was heading our way,i said to my friend whats that! we both sat staring into the distance as it moved closer,then all of a sudden it shot backwards towards the moon and stopped glowing and looked like a black ball,then it dropped and dissapeard this was seen in clifton nottingham they way the object moved was unlike any plane i have seen, did any body else notice this, i cant help but think im going mad!!

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