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Googled UFO image in Australia! what is it?

Posted by dandare on February 2, 2008

There is always merit, in checking your records/information, as this post will prove.

Some eager person spotted a triangular shaped image on the google map from Australia!  

axcessnews.com mentions in “Mystery behind Australia UFO photos

“If you take a good look at this image of the supposed Australia UFO sighting you can clearly see a shadow near the center, which is marked so you can spot it. See how the shadow leans out to the left? That’s because its a radio tower for the Emu Downs Wind Park near Badgingarra National Park.


Clive Marks, Director of the Nocturnal Wildlife Research Party Ltd from East Malvern, Victoria Australia wrote: [I am surprised that this image keeps doing the rounds as a UFO. It is a remote area antenna facility – as far as I know there has never been any mystery about it. The area has been cleared and leveled and the bright areas at the apex are just solar reflection due to soil disturbance” (extract from article).

Therefore, it proves that not all you see, is in reality what it is. 


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