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Texas Ufo sighting gaining interest!

Posted by dandare on January 17, 2008

After i was alerted by Steve at ufospider.com  (thanks for that, as i missed this…. his link to this can be found here , with different videos), i’ve managed to find quite a few articles and videos to this event; it seems to be gathering momentum.

The basic facts, that i have so far found are:

Where: Stephenville, Texas

When : January 8th, 2008

Spotted by : Quite a few witnesses (i think initially by 30-40, but might be more now, as more have come forward?) prominent among them – pilot/business owners/county constable.

What: UFO (thats Unidentified Flying Object) – bright lights (some suggest like strobe lights) – low flying + fast (however, various other descriptions are given too); also some say it was chased by jets.

Officials respond by saying it was possibly a plane (due to light conditions, made it seem more extra ordinary); some witnesses suggest a military aircraft (unknown to the public,possibly). Also, it seems it has caught the attentions of the  Mutual UFO Network, which plans to go there and find out more..

Below are some (not all, by any means ) of the articles/posts/videos available… none (of the videos) that we know of, have the ufo in question, just their opinions on what they saw. 

Stephenville Empire Tribune “Possible UFO sighting” (posted january 10th,2008)    

cbc.ba mantions that “Multiple reports of ufo-like sightings in Texan town” (14th january,2008). 

nationalledger.com “Video, Texas UFO sighting: What was spotted over Stephenville?” (posted january 15th,2008)…. with video link near bottom of article (or see http://video.nbc5i.com/player/?id=205072  ).

SFgate.com reports that “Dozens in Texas Town report seeing UFO” (posted january 14th,2008).

ITN.co.uk for video at “UFO fever sweeps texan town” (updated january 15th,2008)

KLTV 7 “UFO sighting inErath County, Texas cause speculation, consternation” (posted 16th january,2008) with video link.

Postchronicle.com “Stephenville UFO sightings video: photo reward offered ” (posted january 16th, 2008).

nbcsandiego.com says “Texas town buzzes over Rumoured UFO sightings” (posted january 15th, 2008).

san angelo live mentions “UFO sightings in Stephenville, Texas, keep the city and nation abuzz” (posted 16th january, 2008) with a discussion with MUFON (with podcast included **** worth listening too). 

I will update on any further developments…. i believe MUFON will be there this saturday intervewing the witnesses? hopefully we can find out what is going on. 


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