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Alan barrett’s update on his ufo encounter in Fethiye (Turkey) 2007

Posted by dandare on December 7, 2012


Fethiye (Photo credit: kcsarioglu)

Alan Barrett, kindly got back in contact, after he sent me a description and photos of an encounter over Fethiye (Turkey) in 2007. I thought it appropriate that i reproduce the blog post from august 2007 below.

August 13th UPDATE

Thanks to Alan Barrett for sending in 2 photos….

As he mentions in the comment below, the “daylight photo from 6th July 2007,that contains something i did not know was there,when i took the shot.In a sequence of three photos,taken from a moving minibus(dolmus),the middle one shows something over FETHIYE town in the distance,just below the farther away mountains.This looks quite symetrical after a magnification,and is not dirt on the windscreen”.

Alan was using a Canon PowerShot A570 IS, and shot the photo at 2.38 pm.
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Looking at the photos, i am afraid the second one is far to small for a proper analysis, and even the first one is proving a challenge. On looking at this photo, i noticed what seems like reflections (after enlarging 50%), just below the telegraph poles on the left of the picture (figure 1, did not use unsharpen mask).
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The object in question, is just above the road on the right, and can be seen enlarged (figure 2- image 100% enlarged, but untouched…ie no unsharp mask,ect).
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I next sharpened the image as can be seen in figure 3 below.
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And finally, i took the part of the object, and highlighted it with colour to see if anything was picked up….figure4 below.
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My conclusions are that i’m not sure, as the image is quite small, i’m afraid; although i cannot rule out a very small chip in the window. If anyone would like to comment on these images please do.

Thank you alan for sending them in, sorry i cannot be of more help. :)

He now goes on to add, that he also used a camcorder on the same holiday, and whilst studying the film at Calis beach has possibly captured something else (whilst on a 2 week holiday). He mentions that he caught something hovering over an area close to an island about a mile away; he played the film back over a tv screen, and froze the picture (see below) several times.

calis beach2

He took a photo of the resulting image on a digital camera.The results had television lines on them,but the shape of the UFO could be described as a large bell-like object.It also moved quite a distance from the far end of the beach to its position over the island in just a few seconds.

Of course, due to the distance, it might be a bird in flight? Although not being there i cannot comment further.

What do you believe it was? can we learn anything more from this? is it a UFO?

Thank you Alan for your update, and thanks for your support for the blog…


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