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UFO’s in central Texas (Hill County)? or something explainable!

Posted by dandare on January 22, 2008

An article caught my eye, whilst trawling the internet for more ufo information, and i’m not sure what to make of it.

It comes from the KXXV-TV news channel entitled “UFO sighting in hill country” (posted january 21st,2008). There is also a link (at the top) to a video (date on the video, january 19th,2008).

The guy who took the video mentioned that “he’s recorded nearly a hour and half of lights fluttering the sky. At first they appeared out of thin air, changing size, color and even positions” (extract from article).

“He also states, that he saw the same thing a week before…. The news channel therefore talked to the sheriff’s department, and they confirmed that they also saw the lights, and were not sure what they were either. They are to look into this.



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