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MOD releases 8 UFO files, ready to download **[info released may14th]

Posted by dandare on May 14, 2008

As is mentioned in my post here , the first batch of UK UFO files can be downloaded from the National Archives “Newly released UFO files from the UK government“(posted 14th may,2008 ) . Please make sure you download these as soon as possible, as they are free to download for now, but this will not be the case after some time.

An excellent article/post from uk-ufo.org can be seen here (well worth a look).

David clarke has “British X-filesopen at National archives” (well worth a look).

Other sources for this news   















As you can see, there is large scale interest in this by the media, and i’m sure there are more links to other newspaper, media coverage…

I’m sorry this is a brief account of what is important news from the MOD…. i am still short on time, but hope to resume blogging as soon as i can…. so sorry in advance.

I will, when i get back to a normal service, go in depth about this, and analyse and so on.

Also all sources/articles will be placed on my UK ufo sightings posting for may…. i’m afraid i have not done so yet. 

I felt it was better to have a quick page, to alert anyone who does not know that this is available. 

Sorry for gap in the post, i cannot seem to correct the problem…..



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