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Close encounters with UFOs….on Larry king tonight.

Posted by dandare on November 9, 2007

On Larry king tonight  ….”Close encounters with UFOs! Is national security on the line? High-ranking government and military officials from around the world have seen what you won’t believe! They’re here…and so is Shirley MacLaine with her own unique take!” (extract from article). 9pm ET .

Will update with link to transcript to the show later.

Cartoon by Tbloom (Dean Turnbloom)
(click here to view)

Tbloom (Dean Turnbloom)
Nov 8, 2007


UPDATE (10th november,2007):

A transcript of the show can be found here .

Also for the show see below: (1 of 4)

(2 of 4)

(3 of 4)

(4 0f 4)

Thanks to Christiangeo for link to this on you tube (not sure how long this will be on you tube….). 

Overall, i thought the show itself was not bad, but it gave us no new information on the UFO phenomemon….. I’m just afraid that the lunatic fringe of Ufology, will take this to another level entirely, and we will be back to square one again. Oh well….  


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