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A picture of hanging files used to illustrate ...

A picture of hanging files used to illustrate an article on reacting to Freedom of Information Act requests (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As more and more people are using the Freedom of Information Act, to get sensitive documents about ufo’s, more and more documents are appearing on the internet. Obviously, it is up to us to decide if they are fake or not….. i have tried to go for the most reliable sources for this… I will be updating this link constantly with new information, when it arrives.

For documentary record of military and government involvement with ufo’s see

http://www.majesticdocuments.com it also has links to document sources, some witnesses, documentary authentication for some of the reports and other links.

Also http://www.bluebookarchive.org/ which has uncensored microfilm releases, download facility for reports and information about the documents.

rendlesham forest files which has documents new developments and comments

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

For UFO Chronology see NICAP at  http://www.nicap.org/chrono.htm (from 1800 until 1995) Also within articles, there are some books of the time that can be read online (plus a wealth of other information); recommended. NICAP= National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena. The online books that can be read online free can be found here .

A handy link to Area 51 (groom lake), can be found from the FAS (Federation of American Scientists): http://www.fas.org/irp/overhead/groom.htm It goes into detail about the imagery available, an overview of the area, handy links to other sites (some now are not working), and images of Area 51 through the years, near the bottom of the article. It seems to have been written in 2000, but still handy for anyone interested in this topic.   Imagery of groom lake can be seen here .

The Tornado case (1990) an audio cassette recording between British pilots and Dutch military air traffic control.

The French Report on UFOs and Defence : A summary ( 1999)… it is on the COMETA REPORT, and a link to it can be found here . it can also be seen here

Roswell proof up to date information on Roswell, with any new information added to the site.

The National Archives its research guide on UFOs

In English Pravda.ru there is “KGB’s secret UFO files finally made public” (the link appears to not be working as of 2012-i will endeavour to find another) which is an old source, but one i was not aware of until now (posted december 12th,2005).

It mentions the declassification of the Blue Folder…”Researchers believe the Blue Folder is an invaluable source of information” (extract from article).

CIA Freedom of information Act web results for UFO/flying saucer…. see here (242 results). Also here (43 results).

English: MoD Badge

English: MoD Badge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MOD: on UFO documents <–from 2005 for instance Part one. (it frequently changes the website, so links need finding every so often, to keep up to date). Part 2 can be found here and lastly part 3 here (link is not working). Also Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) can be found here .

Updated information concerning UFO reports made to the British
Ministry of Defence in 1998 – 2007,  has recently been added to their website……please  see here .

Also, on the MOD site go to the Disclosure Log search, found here and type in ufo or other words such as ufos,ect…. and a list will result in MOD replies and any reports. As of feruary 2008, the page displayed can be seen here (for ufo search from 2005). I will endeavour to keep changing the links, as this site is moved around on a regular basis…please let me know if links are not working…thanks.

English: MOD. Keep out, I can take a hint.

English: MOD. Keep out, I can take a hint. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

****With effect from 1 January 2009, UFO matters will be dealt with at HQ Air Command, RAF High Wycombe. The telephone number of the UFO Hotline will change to 01494 496254 for anyone wishing to report a UFO sighting to the Ministry of Defence.

This move is the result of an internal re-organisation within the Ministry of Defence and there will be no alteration to our existing policy relating to UFOs.

This again was changed…..when it was decided to upload the UK ufo files onto the National Archives website  (the most recent files from July see here for link  (periods 1965-2008) are still available free as of october 2012, but i cannot see this being so forever-the rest if you have not downloaded, are available, but for a fee.

If you were not aware, there are several records of UFO documentation on the NSA site that have been released, due to many requests for information on the subject. here

Also go to the NSA/CSS home page and in the public info box (which you need to click to activate) look for the Freedom of Information link and click it; in the search box type in ufo, and you will get a list of ufo documents-most are black marked out, but still worth a look; notice how most are probable balloons, well the bits you can read anyway.

For more NSA ufo links please go to aboutfacts.net : more UFO document links from the same site can be found here .

Also from the CIA site, “CIA’s Role in the study of UFOs, 1947-90” by Greald Haines

Official seal of City of Roswell

Official seal of City of Roswell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Air Force Freedom of information Act (America) – Frequently requested FOIA Documents– Includes the Roswell report, stealth.

A more indepth report on the Roswell incident, from the American Air Force can be found from here (also a list- here for Roswell incident).

The Air Force Historical Research Agency has a detailed document on Roswell here

The American Air Force  has a declassified section which is interesting Air Force Declassified .

Pheonix Lights ( March 13th 1997 ) an excellent report on this can be found on NUFORC.org.

Also a very informative article entitled:


by Bruce Maccabee, originally posted Sept. 30, 1998; updated to March, 2002  can be seen here ….in which he believes they were flares?

one large article against flares and other usual suspects (ie swamp gas, meteors,ect) being the cause, is Steve Lantz in “The Pheonix Lights…. Debunking the Debunkers“.

For Chicago O’Hare Airport ( November 7th, 2006) See NUFORC REPORT for info and here . Richard Dolan (ufo historian) and jon Hilkevitch (journalist from Chicago Tribune), were both interviewed on the Glenn Beck show (3rd January 2007)…..the transcript can be seen here .

Books/Articles on UFOs:

Professor Solomon ” How to make the most of a flying saucer experience

Cohenufo.org has an article called “MSNBC Article re NIDS reassessment of triangular UFO sightings” (2004).

The same site also has Author’s select cases (table of contents, including Belgium UFO flap 1989-90, Brazilian Air Force admits studying UFOs (2005) and the Rockefellar report among others ).

Nick Humphries ” The UFO guide ” (feb 1994 ).

Wilbert B. Smith ” The New science

Richard M. Dolan ” Some thoughts on J. Allen Hynek ” (2002).

Stanton Friedman Government UFO Lies ” (An illustrated lecture MUFON 2005). His other articles can be seen here .

Presidentialufo.com The white house role in crashed UFO retrievals

ufoinfo.com has The Magonia Database – A century of ufo landings (1868-1968) compiled by Jaques Vallee, scanned in by Don Allen “.

NCAS.org Project Condon cases 1 -10 NCAS.org Project Condon 11-45

NCAS.org The Condon report

Don Berliner ” UFO briefing document – the best evidence ” (1995).

Edward Ruppelt ” The report on Unidentified Flying objects ” (book, 1956).

Other Useful links/Organisations

The Alberta UFO study Group has some good ufo information on its website; including an article on Canada’s UFO History .

The International Space Sciences Organisation has”Prosaic Explanations:The failure of UFO Skepticism” by Bruce Maccabee (1999)…. a good read (quite long article).

Also by The International Space Sciences Organisation “The science of UFOs:Fact V’s Skepticism” by Richard Hall (1999), “Deceptive UFO Documents:doubt, debate and daunting questions ” foreword by Joe Firmage (1999).

For recent sightings, one place to look is the National ufo reporting centre

bufora organisation mainly to do with UK/Europe

NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena), has a wealth of information on UFOs, and is an excellent site.

CUFON (The Computer UFO Network) who “…..strive to present material relating to UFO phenomena and the search for UFO-related government documents obtained through official channels in a fair and accurate manner” (extract from webpage). Of great interest is the link to verified documents and other documents. In the special reports link, there is a good link to reading available. An article on “Do nuclear facilities attract ufos?”  is worth looking at too.

MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), also is great for ufo insights/knowledge; articles on Famous UFO cases, UFO weather maps and UFO fast facts too name but a few things on this  site.

CUFOS (Centre for UFO Studies) “The Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) is an international group of scientists, academics, investigators, and volunteers dedicated to the continuing examination and analysis of the UFO phenomenon”. Many articles can be found here. My favourites are “we know where you live?” and government ufo documents on the internet

UFO Evidence An indepth website on all things UFO; superb.

Also a map of America with recent sightings can be seen here ; should tie in with data from National UFO reprting centre. Used to be live,but now only goes up to Dec. 2010.

ufo’s at about.com with different links and info .

Archive Information from UFO Online:

Channel Island UFO sighting April 2007 https://dandare.wordpress.com/2008/08/17/channel-island-ufo-sighting-april-2007-large-report-now-available/ This has the detailed Report on this sighting…. plus below links too the event from this site.

myfox_channel4_reportThe Archive for the Stephenville sightings can be seen at https://dandare.wordpress.com/category/stephenville-ufo-sighting-2008/



Hyper.net has an absolute wealth of knowledge on the subject, and is excellent.

UFO shapes and configurations can be found here .

Nick Pope used to be in the British Government’s UFO project, within the MOD.


Stanton Friedman an inspired website, with many well thought out articles to get you really thinking (although at the moment no up to date UFO information)

The UFO chronicles mmm…what it says

PRUFOS A UK Police Reporting database for ufo sightings

an excellent video out of the blue seen below

Also a 2000 video, of Multiple Police Reports Illinois,usa (very interesting)

Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFO’s

The Secret KGB Abduction Files– UFO documentary (narrating Roger Moore)

The Phoenix Lights (2008)

Black box UFO secrets

UFO documentary Australia- Westall (1966)– interesting

Please note all video links are from google video lists, and are subject to change; they have not been added by myself.….

Night Activity (ie solar/aurora):

Space Weather Support at  Solar Terrestrial Dispatch This has links to an aurora monitor For instance, an hourly activity report here ), astro alerts, global flare reports and so on….. useful to know whats up there.

Heavens Above a vital resource if you need to know what is in the sky…ie sateillites, ect. Can give you all sorts of data, from almost any town/city

More links to be added….

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  1. Great site. Just to introduce myself. Steve Gerrard Chairman/Founder of the Southampton UFO Group since 1990. We have been in existence for 17 years in Southampton and have a large membership, our own colour magazine and much more.

    We are out there so come and find us.


  2. dandare said

    Thank you steve! i will have a look at your site and advise others to do the same…. on a side note, i lived in Winchester for 5 years, in the 1980’s, and have fond memories of the area, including Southampton, which i frequently visited.

  3. Please visit our website: http://www.ufonews.cl

  4. http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk is a newly formed site whose aim is provide a simple means for logging and reviewing UK UFO sightings on a county by county basis.The site is still in it’s early stages but we hope over time it will become a useful resource to UFO enthusiasts everywhere.

  5. dandare said

    Andy your link does not seem to work, although you do have http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk in the link, and i assume this is the site you are referring to; if so i have had a look, and think it is an excellent idea, and wish you all the best.

  6. Sam said

    this blog is about my three years close contact’s experience.

  7. siim said

    We recently published an entire magazine issue about UFO topics (UFO) from different perspectives – from humorous stories to UFO facts.


  8. Sheri said

    Great info and Great Links!! Keep up the good fight.

  9. ufo-tv.com said

    nice selection of links 🙂

  10. dandare said

    Thanks for all previous comments/feedback : )

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