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A very warm welcome to UFO Online……. I have for many years been interested in Ufology, and was deeply affected by a sighting in 1987, involving a black triangular ufo, but I am practical and open-minded, and I believe there could be several reasons to what I saw.

I therefore jumped at the chance to write a blog on Ufos, more as a hobby, and something I research when I have the time…. I do not consider myself to be a proper researcher into ufos, as time restricts this.

ufo-alert444I do believe that the way forward for ufology is to have an honest look at itself, and try to attract more disciplines; yes I do especially mean science? is this possible-maybe,but definitely not at this moment in time.


There are too many people with extreme views, closed minds, and money oriented objectives. There is sensationalism which attracts too much attention and not enough data crunching.

Media is also a big stumbling block, as they just want to sell at any cost-normally the accuracy of the events goes out the window. What is the answer-to be honest I do not know.

Background: I worked in Archaeology for over 10 years, and I think this is  the reason why I question and research a lot of things-never taking the views from one source-but trying to look at as many as possible.

I have 2 adopted dogs max and Nell, who I love to bits.

As i have been living in a few places around England, i follow quite a few sports clubs, that i have a strong bond for….

Most my family (and me) support Crystal palace football club (london club, where i grew up), i also support Bedford rugby club (after living and watching games there for 5 years), and now as I’m settled in the north West, St helens rugby league club….
I like taking photographs with a digital camera, and also (again sports) watching motor sports, but of the bike variety …motogp, british superbikes,ect.

The internet is a fantastic place, as it brings in information, ideas and so much more from all over the world to your computer…

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11 Responses to “About”

  1. Good morning!

    I just found your website via my Google Analytics. I think one article links to the translation work I have been doing with the CNES-GEIPAN UAP cases.

    Thank you for linking to the work. This is not an official work, but still remains important until the French Government decide to put funding into a translation project.

    The CNES website can be found here:
    The CNES-GEIPAN website can be found here:

    My main Blog here:

    And finally, the GEIPAN cases translation found here:

    Thank you and keep on the good work 🙂


  2. dandare said

    Thanks Richard for your comments…. i am indeed linking to your translation work, and thank you in return for all the hard work you have put in too do this… much appreciated.
    If i have time, (unfortunately limited) i will try to translate some myself.

  3. Dr.ibrahim said

    Dear Sirs,
    I visited your very nice rich web site ,I just noticed from our hbcc web site which indecated our web site also in its references many months ago.Please find out in my web site :-
    http://www.ufo-egyptian-hunter.org , more informations about UFO in area did not mentioned before,
    supported by photoes and videos ,you may add any stuff on my web site to yours ,you can add direct link to our web site.
    Many thanks again I realy injoyed the visiting to your web site ,congratulation hopping for good luck.With my best wishes and full regards to all of your working-team from Egypt.
    UFO rechearcher/investigator (Independent Ufologist)

  4. Dr.ibrahim said

    Dear Sirs,
    My comments is already on upove page.Thanks

  5. dandare said

    Thanks Dr Ibrahim for your kind words and look forward to visiting your website …. (but i will be away for 2 and a half weeks),actually i’m about to leave soon (and so this is a bit rushed).
    I apologize for the above mix up. regards.

  6. Hi Dan — Great site!

    Thought you might be fascinated by the rare convergence of UFOs and presidential politics. Yes, Jimmy Carter claimed to see a UFO, and so did Dennis Kucinich this year. Bill Richardson also said he would push for a re-examination of the Roswell investigation.

    But I guarantee few have heard of Massachusetts cab driver Jack Mabardy — a 1996 presidential candidate who argued that America is woefully unprepared for the coming alien invasion (not illegal immigrants, but ETs). We’re not prepared for a hurricane, so why would we be able to handle an attack launched from another planet?

    Check out Mr. Mabardy’s campaign warning here (narration is by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer):

  7. dandare said

    Hi and thank you for your comments Hell Drivers…..
    I have had a look at the video, and thank you for drawing my attention to this… and no i was not aware of it until now.

  8. finch said

    Are you agnostic ? 🙂

  9. Hi,
    I am letting you know about a site that has
    just posted 3 new ufo images taken in the chicago area by a pro photographer.

    the site is at rickhansen007images.com

    1 day time of 2 ufos and 1 night time of 2 ufos
    and 1 ufo sphere coming out of lake michigan

    a must see for all ufo lovers

    thanks much…

  10. Ms.Fratz said

    I saw somthing like A triangle upside down. The location was Solomons Island Md.

  11. winkleigh said

    Would be very interested to learn if anyone in Devon saw two bright orange lights in the sky flying westwards towards Dartmoor at about 11.00 pm yesterday evening.
    We have some puzzling photos and although we are skeptical, I can’t define what we saw!
    How can I publish these images for readers to respond?

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